Sparking An Ethnic Conflict is an EPRDF policy: Ermias Legesse

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SEATTLE – Former Communications Minister Ermias Legesse tells a crowd in Seattle that pitting one ethnic group against the other in Ethiopia is one of the leading EPRDF principles. He also said keeping Ethiopians in dire poverty so that they would starve perpetually is another guideline of the ruling party. He said the architect of all the heinous principles was the late Meles Zenawi.


  1. I do not here any new information. All this talk remind me the joke my grand mother told me when I was a little girl. The big cat killed too many mousses and they afraid to get out of their hole, one day discussed how to earn their freedom, every one of them have an idea, unable to come with one conclusion, finally one young member said ” Well I have an idea, see if we put a bell around the cat’s neck we can hear him before he attach us” all agreed, and admired him for his brilliant idea, however the old mouse said ” I have a question my children, WHO IS GOING TO PUT THE BELL ON CAT’s NACK? NO ANSWER!!!!

    • Mekdelawit
      You are right that we should not waste much of our time and energy slicing and dicing the current political problem that our beloved country has faced, but it is important to keep in mind the old adage that understanding the problem is half the solution. How can we collaborate if we don’t share a clear understanding of the problem and proposed solutions?
      I think the first step in solving any problem is to understand the basic elements of the problem: what is the problem, who has the problem, how is the problem currently being solved, and to what extent are the current solutions acceptable in addressing the problem?
      I’m sure that those who actively listened Ato Ermias Legesse’s messages could not only get answers to these and other fundamental questions, but also start to realize the importance of collective efforts to solve the problem.

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