South Sudan Gov’t Says Ethiopia No more Suitable to Host Peace Talks Since Ethiopia Needs Its Own Peace Talks

South Sudan regime spokesman and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Michael Makuei Lueth captured on camera threatening to expel Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission from South Sudan(Photo: file)

Mar 20th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudan government said Ethiopia has its own problems to solve rather than hosting South Sudan’s warring parties to solve their problems. This come after the IGAD mediation is set to discuss South Sudan’s civil war next week.

According to the South Sudanese’s information minister Michael Makuei Leuth, the government “want the venue of our peace talks to be changed because we don’t want our peace talks to be suspended because of the problems in Ethiopia” he told Radio Tamazuj on Monday.

Makuei proposed that “The talks can be hosted either by Djibouti or Kenya and Uganda, but Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan are out of question.”

He said “As you know very well that the issue of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister who is also the chairperson of IGAD has not yet been solved.”

In February, the IGAD suspended the peace talks after the opposition and the government failed to reach a deal over issues regarding the governance and security arrangement. Government also refused to sign provision which would see ceasefire violators prosecuted. ceasefire violators prosecuted.

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Peace talks is expected to take place in late March between the government the Opposition coalition.

Source: Nyamilepedia

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  1. South Sudan warring factions have being going to Addis for peace talk, with Ethiopian government as mediator, for over 4 years with ever worsening results. The total incompetency of the mediator, Ethiopian government, has played a huge role for the worsening chaos in south Sudan. Since the leaders of Ethiopian government are illiterate, criminals, thieves, looters, devoid of compassion and empathy, they are 110% unfit not only to be mediators but also for holding any job including government job. My advise for South Sudan warring factions is not never ever hold your meeting in Addis again unless the current government is overthrown and replaced by a democratic government of the people, for the people and by the people. THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULT.
    Moreover, tyrannical/criminal TPLF contributed a great deal to civil war in South Sudan. TPLF pushed and pushed South Sudan to declare their independence from Sudan prematurely before they finishing all their ducks in a row, crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s in preparation for formation of new government. TPLF aim was to take over the reconstruction and rebuilding of South Sudan ASAP before south Sudan people/government attain capability or another competition comes in. Nano second after south Sudan declared its independence, TPLF companies were all over south Sudan looting and raping the country. In addition TPLF wanted lucrative UN peace keeping job for Tigray foot soldiers and generals at the border b/w south Sudan and Sudan.

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