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Some policy considerations regarding the Ethiopian outmigration[1]

Seid Hassan (shassan@murraystate.edu)
Minga Negash (minga.negash@yahoo.com)

Seid Hassan & Minga NegashIn our December 19, 2013 article entitled “Explaining the Ethiopian outmigration: incentives or constrains” we alerted readers and policy makers in Ethiopia about the push, pull and mediating factors of outmigration in general and outlined the factors as they relate to Ethiopia. In this short article we aim to discuss further the incompatibility between macroeconomic growth and outmigration and close the piece by outlining potential mitigation strategies.—– Read More—-



  1. Remittance is $3 billion dollars a year from diaspora.

    Foreign government’s aid is $4 billion dollars

    Ethiopian budget is $8 dollars billion a year.

    So according to the figure above the 80 + million Ethiopians in Ethiopia are only contributing $1 billion dollars a year to the budget.

    One may ask is it really one billion they are contributing? or is it the money the Ethiopians contribute is currently being diverted to the government officials personal pocket?

    To answer these questions all one need to do is examine the lifestyle of the elites..

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