Solidarity Rally Reminder

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Amnesty international, Columbia university and Oromo Human Rights advocates and activists would like to invite all Oromo Communities, American friends and supporters in New York areas to join the Rally for #OromoRevolution in solidarity with the Oromo people in Ethiopia.

On Saturday, March 25th 2017, we are going to hold a rally in conjunction with many others to stand for justice and call for stop to genocide and persecutions of the Oromo people in Oromia Region in Ethiopia.

Thousands of Oromos were killed, many Oromo women and children were raped, Oromo houses were destroyed and burned down, many Mosques, Churches, institutions and monuments were destroyed and burned, many Oromo youth, Business people, scholars, religious activists, and community leaders are being arrested and tortured in jail and more than one hundred thousand Oromos were displaced and became homeless. Agazii and Liyu police military led TPLF Government did not stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide and still ongoing the same situation on the Oromo people of Oromia. So, we are demanding that some action urgently needed to be taken to stop continued persecutions, ethnic cleansing and racial discriminations perpetrated by the TPLF military and its security forces in Ethiopia.

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OFC opposition leaders professor Bekele Gerba, and Dr. Merera Gudina both arrived separate times over last two years in USA to be keynote speaker at Oromo studies association (OSA) and other events. Despite both of them spoke with various international media outlets about theirs and others unfortunate experience in jail, and as well as human rights violations by the Regime in Ethiopia, they both got arrested upon their return, even though they have had urged U.S president, department of States in Washington D.C. and world leaders to hear Oromo people’s lives tragedies, explained their sacrifice and their peaceful democratic struggle in the last couple of decades while they was in prison, and under house arrest when they were out of prison cells. Both of them are currently a member of OFC as well as a national democratic opposition leader, now both and many other leaders are silenced by the Regime as a result of freedom expression, not able to speak out against the atrocities as well as to stand for justice and peace for themselves and the Oromo people anymore.

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While they have an opportunities to live free in western world, they chose to go back to their country with their people is the reason they are in jail because they have moral responsibility and duty to protect the Oromo people from ethnic cleansing and genocide. All Oromos around the world must also speak out at this horrendous circumstance for all victims on behalf of them without fear or favor. Oromos and many other ethnic groups like Amhara, Ogaden, Gambella are being a part and parcel of over 70 million populations in Ethiopia.

In this regard, We, the members of the above mentioned Oromo activists, advocates on behalf of our civic and advocacy, and political organizations would like to invite all Oromo Community members, leaders, American friends and supporters to join in this rally to support and be a voice for the suffering Oromos of Oromia Region in Ethiopia. The Rally programs and agenda as follows:- and be there to be a voice for voiceless people if you can.

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Date: Saturday March 25th, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 p.m. EST
Location: Columbia university
525 W 120th St
New York, New York 10027

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