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SOCCEPP Canada Condemns the Violation of the rights of Mr. Andargachew Tsigie

July 04, 2014

We have just learnt with great sorrow that Mr. Andargachew Tsigie, Secretary General of Ginbot-7, has been illegally abducted and extradited to Ethiopia by Yemeni authorities. Mr. Tsigie’s abduction while in transit to a third country and his subsequent extradition is re-foulment – an international legal principle that bars state actors from committing.  –—Read More—–

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  1. Dear Editor of z habesha
    your double standard of SOCEPP canda press release is not lejit
    check your source and post the article, you seems have no idea
    socepp canda the lijtement one

  2. Andargachew Tsige, was abducted by collaboration between the The CIA (USA) The British INtelegence agents and the ill fated Yemeni police who is paid, armed by the USA and UK. Poor Yemen is used as a cover up. The tplf/woyan works for the USA and UK, Ethiopians should know .,
    Crying and demonstration standing in front of foreign embassies never save Ethiopia.
    Begging never save a nation.

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