Reforming Ethiopian Ethnic federalism

Befekadu Hailu December 30, 2020 Despite a long history of statehood, the nation-building project of Ethiopia, a multilingual polity, remains incomplete. Successive regimes have failed to create a feeling of national unity and a culture of citizenship that is based on a common sense

The Daletti Massacre

(by A. Alemayehu) An unrelenting genocidal rampage has been unleashed in Metekel, Benshangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia. Since September,

The Bulen Masssacre

By A. Alemayehu January 02. 2021 While supporters of Ethiopia’s ousted Tigrayan leaders are using their impressive loot

The Beauty of the Battle of Adwa


Tsegaye Tegenu, PhD 2021-02-25 Beauty is interpreted differently. Often it refers to physical characteristics that provides pleasure to senses. From this perspective, war is ugly because it causes death, injuries, and destruction.


The Addis Ababa Massacre of February 19, 1937*

This Date in Black History: Ethiopia (By A. Alemayehu) Long before the resistance of Palestinians against Israeli occupation, even longer than the resistance of the French against Nazi occupation, Ethiopians have led


1967-74: Ethiopia’s Student Movement


Ethiopia’s Student Movement By Reddebrek Jan 17 2017 The absolute regime of Emperor Haile Selassie was first challenged by university students. Ethiopian students protest against Emperor Selaisse’s regime, 1967-1974 After World War


Farah, Hassan break one-hour run world records

ITN BRUSSELS: Multiple world and Olympic champion Mo Farah of Britain and Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands respectively broke the men’s and women’s one-hour run world record at the Diamond League exhibition


Sport in Ethiopia

Ethiopians participate in a lot of sports, but they are most well-known for their runners. Ethiopia has been referred to as the “running mecca” mainly due to the fact that they have

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