Sileshi Sihine elected president of newly formed Ethiopian Athletes’ Association

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Athlete Sileshi Sihine has been elected president of the newly formed Ethiopian Athletes’ Association.
Ethiopian-Athletes-AssociationThe formation of the association was initiated by the Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF).
The launching ceremony was held here yesterday at the National hotel.
There were seven candidates for the presidency – Behailu Alemshet (Addis Ababa), Ali Abdosh (Harari), Gebre-Egziabher Gebremariam (Tigray), Sileshi Sihine (Oromia), Wetere Gelelcha (SNNP), Yenew Alamerew (Amhara) and Kedir Ibrahim (Somali).
Six other athletes were also elected to be board members: Meseret Defar(Addis Ababa) as Vice-President;  Yemane Tsegaye (Tigray) as Secretary;Markos Geneti (Oromia) as Treasurer, Fantu Magiso (SNNP) and Musenet Geremew (Amhara).
President: Sileshi Sihine
Vice-President: Meseret Defar
Secretary: Yemane Tsegaye
Treasurer: Markos Geneti

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  1. Alas Ethiopians have to be addressed with their ethnicity instead of their achievement? wa wa wa the development of Ethiopia is Woyane era astounding!!!

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