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Shukshukta (ሹክሹክታ) – Al Amoudi

Shukshukta (ሹክሹክታ) – Al Amoudi

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  1. Ato Al Amoudi started the displacement of millions of Addis Abeba residents when he started to build Sheraton Hotel. The displacement led to homelessness and beggary of astronomical magnitude. It made addis abeba number one in the world for having highest number of beggars and homeless people than any other city in the world.
    Moreover, people assumed then and even now that the hotel is owned by him, an Ethiopian. However, he was never and is not the owner but the builder. Sheraton then and now is owned by an American company.
    Moreover, Ato Amoudi the #1 funder and supporter of tyrannical/criminal TPLF/EPRDF. He funded most of their illegal and criminal business enterprises. The longer he is in jail and the more money he loses the merrier and a victory for the Ethiopian people. Saudi prince lock up the thief, crook Al Amoudi for a very long long time. We patriotic warrior Ethiopians will lock up the thief, crook TPLF/EPRDF and their friends and partners in crime for a very very long long time.

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