Should we remain in our villages or cross the red line, mix and help our self? By: Mulata Gudata

By: Mulata Gudata

Happy New Year to all – the brand new 2014! To begin with, though this article is a  bit long as usual, it is packed with juicy ideas simply too sweet to ignore. I urge everyone to read to the last line and get back to me if I have not been up to the promise. I don’t mean to disappoint in the New Year but never again a long article from me.

Though with each passing year we see another one coming as we remain in the menacing grip of dictatorship, we are grateful that we start the New Year better informed and more focused than we were in the one just gone. The more we are focused the more the dictators are worried and frustrated for it is at least the Diaspora’s victory whenever we manage to score against our rulers by turning their fund raising attempts into their nightmares in all corners of the globe, it is our victory when we stand against them in our colours and creeds very much to their chagrin for our unity portends their downfall as we promise to do all it takes to support and empower our people back home for the final push against the Woyanes’ divisive rule.

Thanks to the strong sense of patriotism and selfless act of solidarity towards fellow citizens from our Diaspora, the misfortunes and tragedies of our people in the Middle East last year did not pass unnoticed by us and by the wider world but we need to build on that gesture of unity and take it to a different level for the original source of all those tragedies remains in 4kilo while it should not have even for a single day. The tragedy in Lampedusa and all those coffins of poor brothers and sisters of ours remains a painful mark in our memory of last year.

Thanks to ESAT the menacing voice of our former dictator had been refreshed in our memory in the year just gone though it was the last thing we ever wanted. We have also heard about a book authored by one of his old buddies who unlike him had to do some time in jail at least. As we face the worst of dictators ever, we seem to be okey with anything that comes from the former ones symbolic of how our memories of the past simply fades away very fast as we are naturally prone to forgiveness. When it comes to a choice there is some wisdom in going for the lesser of two evils, anyway the dead is not as biting as the living one.

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Last year, Mandela had left us and gone but his selfless sacrifice for humanity and freedom, his resilience, his devotion and determination, his wisdom and magnanimity always remain to inspire and motivate us for a higher goal in our struggle for freedom, our quest for justice and our endeavour towards the service of human race and fellow citizens. Mandela knew when to stand firm in the struggle and also knew when and how to make a principled compromise when it was time. By that he achieved freedom, equality and most of all reconciliation and peace for his people and country. He left a fulfilled man with nothing to regret.

As in any other thing in life, the way of regret is not the way to go about politics because by the time you regret the entire job is done and dusted against you. Especially in African politics in general and ours in particular, where politics is unfortunately a game of exclusion and a vehicle for getting ahead for a bunch of people at the expense of the majority, when you are at the level of regret everything is too late for the entire trust in you with the cause you stand to advance is in disaster, the life and livelihoods of many in danger and your political life in tatters.

Politics is an expensive business in its own right that involves not lifeless commodities but precious human life and the ever scarce means of life and that is why the ways of politics have little or no room for regret.  In spite of this very fact it is not unusual to see politicians trying to bounce back with little or no soul searching and no significant change of tact. Here is where the people need to step in and take charge of their own future and destiny by putting pressure on the leadership to change course rather than pushing along the same failed ways by irresponsibly disregarding different factors and facts that have come to work against the politics of two decades ago, just the way it was without any significant change in approach.

I want all of us to open our eyes to these facts to help us open our minds and get focused, which I have itemised out for ease of understanding

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1) I strongly believe that we resist the call for unity at our own peril for which both history and posterity will never forgive us as we are making a choice of eternal failure. When we are divided as Oromos and divided as Ethiopians the only option we have to overcome the challenge we are facing today is by being united. What I want fellow Oromos, who unfortunately seem to say let’s wait until the Woyanes have enough and leave our land to us, is to realise what our choice means and how it  is destroying our society both in the short and long run rendering our dream for freedom a pipe dream even for the future generations. They will curse us for eternity if we fail them today. See how Woyanes are set to rule for ever, if we fail to do something today:

a) Some of us, out of frustration, have surrendered to our fate and given up on everything by burying our heads deep in the Bible the only thing in our country we are not only allowed to do with absolute abandon but also encouraged, motivated and supported by the government of the day for its effect of making us accept through our belief that our land is in heaven not on earth. Simply imagine the devastating impact of this on a poorly educated society with a low conscious level.

b) Our children go to schools with a system of education that cannot instil knowledge any better than one can get by going to church or Madrasa, because with a highly discriminative education policies the hope of a meaningful education has been effectively taken away from our young people with the aim of preparing them for slavery at this time and age. This is the most unfortunate fact that has been acknowledged even by the World Bank asking for change if our country is ever to have any hope for a meaningful development. Sadly this fact in the face of Woyanes’ children being educated in China and the West, complete with military trainings back at home. Yes, we have universities almost in every village but it is not the building and the label of name on it that matters – the quality standard of the education it imparts and how and whether children of all backgrounds are competitive enough in it or not. The comparison between the education of the Woyane eras and the ones before it is simply like comparing our donkeys’ labour to the long distance haulage high capacity modern lorries.


c) The fact that we have chosen to learn everything in our language to the higher level has not helped our situation either, for in it we made our young generation helpless locals far removed from the exposure to international concepts and outlooks making them not any better than their uneducated parents. This is what you can call complete and effective disempowerment.

d) The young generation have been deliberately denied hope and opportunities widely opened to immigration into Middle East, drug addiction, alcohol, chewing Khat (Jimaa) and all sorts of social evils that can degrade and destroy self-worth and the moral of the generation with a disorientating effect and readiness to surrender as passive recipients to anything the government brings up as a policy which can devastate the future of the society and the country.

e) Another two decades down the road you will see our generations, who know how unity is possible if we bring in the will it takes, are all gone and the only ones who come up will only be able to talk and act in their divide camps which is effectively what the Woyanes not only want to happen but are hard at work day and night to ensure it happens. Alas, forget freedom even for the generations to come leave alone independence. This is what we are myopically wishing for our future generation by resisting unity when we can come together, deliberate amicably and strike a deal today not tomorrow to move forward with certainty to bring change to our country and leave the future generation with hope and equality not in eternal servitude.

 2) The political dynamics of our region have moved far away from what we knew 20 years ago making any struggle that does not bring all of us in one camp a thing of the past for it is likely either to remain utterly unproductive or result in regional instability by destabilizing a huge and socially diverse country like ours which the wider world stands against.

3) Our country has been purposefully opened to foreign hands and interests and this renders our effort for freedom very challenging and our national life highly complicated even after our freedom and this fact on its own is enough reason to make a collective effort mandatory. We face a collective challenge that requires collective effort to overcome

4) Our people have been through over four decades of traumatic political experience that makes them yearn for respite and a period of stability far from another endless conflict. With this in mind it is a must that any move be a united and inclusive one that can be successful in a measured period of time which I believe is possible and easily achievable when we stand together.

5) Ethiopians are more than willing and ready to recognise, accept and implement Oromos’ rights to the maximum level possible within the broader union and this very fact alone is enough for us to drop the option of ‘Somalising’ our land in the name of a struggle for independence.

6) The divergent views, ideas and divisions we see today on the Oromos’ political landscape should serve as a clarion call for us to get focused on the common ground that can easily unite all of us which is working within the Ethiopian broader union with the single aim of ensuring the thoroughly reforming of our system of government to make democracy the only way of governance and law the supreme rule of the land after the Woyanes regime. We need to be able to look things in the eye and act accordingly in order to manage it well to our benefit before it is too late.

7) Given the way we stand divided today, our situation is more likely and highly inclined to tip off towards the unpredictable negative outcome that can easily get out of control for any of us when we go about it in our divided ways making the united effort the only safety net that can ensure stability for all. To see and understand this fact one does not need to be a space scientist but simply open one’s eyes to the social division on the ground be it tribal or faith related.

8) All our neighbouring countries are quite averse to entertaining any idea of divided Ethiopia into ethnic based petty countries partly because they consider that as setting a bad example for their own countries in the long run and partly for they all either as individuals of influence in their respective governments or as a country are closely tied by their own economic interest with those who rule us today since our country is open for cheap sale in exchange for any help towards keeping TPLF/EPRDF in power for ever. We need to be realistic and accept to be governed by reason and the glaring facts of the time not by our wishes and emotions.

9) The strong will and determination of our people to bring change to our country is the best weapon we have against the Woyanes’ tyranny which we must effectively use to our advantage by standing together not to divide, weaken and squander it making it play into the Woyanes’ hand. We got to step out of our comfort zones to face the fact as it is and be able to say no to the ‘recommendation’ of the dictators, that is aimed at keeping us divided, by doing the opposite.

10) By remaining divided, we divide our resource, our man power and most of all our psychology which I consider the most important element because we were united physically for over a century but our psychological division was one main factor that resulted in the near disintegration of our country. This being the case it is important that we make conscious efforts to contain and control particularly the psychological aspect of our division by avoiding the unnecessary focus on our past which is controversial with a highly divisive effect.

11)  It is the highest standard of wisdom to leave the controversial and thorny issues of our past aside and focus on the present and the future for we can neither hide from history nor undo the past. It is practically in the interest of us all to stop living in the past and amicably deliberate on the present and the future that has a direct bearing on our life much more than the past which unfortunately seems to make us unable to move forward. The world is a better place only because as natural requirement humanity puts more value on the present and the future than the past for it is natural law that we move forward not back ward. We got to build on the model of Nelson Mandela’s South Africa!!!

12) It helps to take into account the nature of the government we are facing that can stop at nothing to use our division against us in a deadliest of fashions when we allow them the chance by not standing together, simply we need to build on the model of our Muslim and Christian communities in resisting the pressure on us to go against each other, by standing together with tolerance.

13) Look at Syria, look at South Sudan and get lessons to be warned against any move that fails to be inclusive of all stakeholders in our quest for freedom. We need to work hard to avoid the situation like that of Somalia which is one state, one people, one language, one religion but a failed state for nearly a quarter of a century.

14) Last but not least, our leaders should know that the more they keep the people in confusion by dragging on the whole process without providing a clear and acceptable direction the more they risk being left alone in the cold as the people will be forced to look for different options and move forward either as a group or individually, since there are different opposition political parties that have emerged with very attractive policies for all the people in our country. In a nut shell, people need change and that makes the status quo unsustainable.

When we have practically and effectively failed our self it would be unacceptable for us to keep on accusing the TPLF/EPRDF or anybody else for failing us and our country. The Woyanes have cleverly ensured our division by drawing red lines on the sand among us before they mounted to a watchtower from where they enforce the continuity of our division. One best example here is an elected member of parliament from Arsi province who was killed soon after the national election of 2005 and his funeral ceremony was covered by some international media among them CNN.  As he was the only MP to have been killed, his killing had to happen for one and only one reason, he crossed the red line by standing for election on CDU ticket and managed to win enough to raffle the Woyanes’ feather by breaking their code for all ethnic groups particularly the code referring to Oromos and the unity groups (the Amharas as the TPLF likes to refer to them) who are not supposed to ‘mix’ by Woyanes’ codes of conduct.

One thing we naively bought from Woyanes is the fact that they make us focus on the group called Amharas. Though by the name Amhara they simply refer to all Ethiopians who are not in their narrow circles far and wide beyond that particular group of our society as they enjoy using that name only to make us easily jump on board and help them in our own destruction by our division. This is a fact, though it is true that there are trouble-makers in the Amhara community as in all others. So if you are one of the trouble-makers reading this, please decide now to turn to the middle ground by realizing the fact that your ways will only help to keep us under Woyanes’ rule and does not augur well for our country’s future.

When wise individuals like the aforementioned MP come up with different ideas, that deviate from what the majority of us hold dear, and pay for it by their life we are doomed if we ignore their smart vision for few of us rarely manage such highly qualified visions and wisdoms. If we dismiss the visions of such men and women and the entire group of people who accept to elect them as ignorant we not only do it at our own peril but also we should know that it is not a healthy way of looking at our situation. The only way of successfully standing up to Woyanes’ tyranny that thrives on our division is to be united with the sole purpose of shaking and wrecking the foundation of Woyanes’ blood-sucking regime once and for all.

I have been around them long enough and known them as much as any Ethiopian can claim to know them. So long as we keep to our petty tribal village, we are allowed to make our noises no matter how loud it can be but the time we make a successful move out of our tribal enclaves to score a meaningful gain against their grip on our life by standing together, we are the target for elimination either individually or as a group. This being the case the question remains: should we keep to our villages and help the Woyanes or move across the red line to mix and help our self with tolerance and due understanding of each other’s concerns? I leave the answer to our political leaders of all calibre and backgrounds.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.  By: Plato

God may give us the light that enables us to see light, Amen!!


  1. As usual you are writing your Emiye Ethiopia mantera but how you are dare to lie big when you say the MP killed in Arsii run by CUD ticket? Your next post may be The Blue party is will win the seats in Oromia!( Melilik will re reign on us).

    • Yes that was exactlly what happened. That brave man was visionary. He knew the weak side of weyane. The only thing that weyane can’t tolerate is Oromos trying to work out in the biger piture. Unity is the word baned in oromia.
      Out of the many issues he raised you chose this one and try to divert it to your usual song. Now you are telling me which party is a threat to weyane by now.

    • I have also heard of the killed MP after the 2005 election whether it was CDU ticket or Oromo Congress or any other party it does not matter, the guy was killed for standibg with the unity group, that is a fact.
      Gudataa gudadhu horri bulli aboo. Unless we go the way the people like you want us we are doomed forever.
      Jabaadhuu bareessi, don’t listen to the hatemongers.

  2. Do you have a job? Why do you pretend as an Oromo? You don’t get any recipient of your messages for divergent reasons from both camps.

    • look how arogant you are!! Who the hell are you to tell us he is pretending? Are you trying to tell us not even a single Oromo is smarter than weyane?? Why you get irreteted when Oroms start to get together with other Ethiopians?? Do you expect him to dance with the bira poletics song??

  3. Mr. Mulata,
    It so good to hear from you again! I am not however happy with your biased against the Oromo, You are blaming and refuting the Oromo first movement and other Oromo mass media, but failed to comment on the other media like Hiber radio. I am so sorry that even you failed to comment on Hiber Radio that devastated Oromo as a nation and reduced them to the level of homeless society. Do you really think that this one sided view can take us to the bright future ahead of us? God Bless Oromo and Ethiopia!

    • Where is any reference to Oromo first or Oromo media in this great article. I don’t see any bias anywhere in the article against anyone. The bias comes from the minds of woyane apologists. Thank you Gudata we have to cross the line to help our it is a must do or die helplessly.

    • Be ctitical
      Is a Woyane in sheep skin, we should be alive to such people who are trying to hide in the tried and tired Woyane’s tactics. Ethiopians beware!

      It is a must that we do something today to live the future generation in hope not in eternal servitude, thank you for this bit in particular.

    • please read this paragrph again.

      One thing we naively bought from Woyanes is the fact that they make us focus on the group called Amharas. Though by the name Amhara they simply refer to all Ethiopians who are not in their narrow circles far and wide beyond that particular group of our society as they enjoy using that name only to make us easily jump on board and help them in our own destruction by our division. This is a fact, though it is true that there are trouble-makers in the Amhara community as in all others. So if you are one of the trouble-makers reading this, please decide now to turn to the middle ground by realizing the fact that your ways will only help to keep us under Woyanes’ rule and does not augur well for our country’s future

  4. Mulata is one of the great Ethiopians that our country has produced. With his thoughtful approach and write ups, I believe he is making significant contribution towards creating understanding and harmony amongst us so that we can prevail on weyane the terrorist and tribalist. You got it right, my man. It is up to us whether we want to listen to and be guided by the truth and liberate ourselves.

    Please continue writing. You are a great illuminator.

  5. Even the name “mulata” could not produce the disguise you seek. Obviously, your biased view speaks louder than you think it does.

  6. wounderful points i wish u make it a bit shorter,wish u translateit to amaharic or/and other Ethiopian languages

  7. Hi Mr. Mulata
    What a wonderful article from you again. I went through the article with a breath taking interest. It is packed with facts and up-to-date ideas. Thank you man.

    Karaan nubaasu karraa tokummaa qofa, we have to be united at any cost. Thank you again.

  8. Kraa baddii irraa gorani. We are unable to move forward for more than two decades, and that alone is an indication that we can not bring any helpful change to our land by being divided. So trying the united way must be given a chance. I tend to agree with most of the points raised in this article.

    • You Habeshas and abbaa garaas, (Galataa, Gadaa)

      You are lost and retarded creatures who need help to think properly. Oromo and Oromia is on its own way and you write garbage here being in a free and democratic country.
      Galataa: Which tokkummaa are you talking about? Our grand fathers, fathers and some us lived the life under your fake tokkumma for over 130 years. It was the Amhara centered Ethiopia, where the majority had been gabar for Naftanyas on his own land. You might be the offspring of those naftanyas who had been sucking Oromos blood for over a century and feeling dark side of your future as you lose the host where you can’t live as a parasite if oromia become a free nation.

      Gadaa: It should have been let us try independent life. The true way is a way where independent nations live a peaceful and prosperous free life without a Gondere from North coming to the center of Oromia to decide on Oromos life & resource and brag about empire unity where you want Amharic and Orthodox religion to become a compulsory. All what you write using Oromo is a fiction that emanates from fear and Oromo-phobia. It is a day dream!
      Justice and freedom for Oromos and Southern nations!

  9. The psychological war needs to be tuned down from all sides of the divide. That is one important starting point. Ollolla olliratti offaa ollin deemun rakoodha.

  10. Learning everything in our language is one result of the short-sighted approach from our leaders at this time and age when we can learn our language as a subject to a doctoral level, while learning all other subjects in English to give our young generation a good exposure to the highly globalizing world that is being made into one village. It is really sad, dawaa seene suummii liqimsine.
    This is one thing that opened us to our future failure much more than today.

  11. Mulataa,

    Most of the points you enumerated are factual. It’s true Woyanee is making its journey to making us (Oromos and non-Oromos) slave on our own land. They do this mainly through 2 ways: Not allowing each nation or nationalities to govern their own matters; by deliberately lowering the education standard in killels other than Tigray.
    Having said the above, I don’t see any problem for the empire to be structured along nation and nationalities. In other words, I LIKE THE FACT THAT CURRENTLY THE EMPIRE IS STRUCTURED AS AMHARA, OROMIA, OGADEN, TIGRAY, etc, KILLIES.

    Here we go again, the cyber writers on this and other blogs, prey on Oromo nationalism by camouflaging as Oromo. Although I cannot be 100% sure, I’ll bet a million dollar that the author of this article is NOT an Oromo–although he calls himself “Mulata Gudata”. If you visit Aigaforum, you see many articles by Oromo names. In general, writing by Oromo name has become the norm of the day. While I rebuke such dishonesty, I give credit to the fallen Oromo heroes and heroines, for making names that in the past people were forced to be ashamed of nowadays, force foreigners to use it as a preferred name to win the hearts and minds of the Oromos. Back to the article. I can give several wordings and ideas that are indicative of the author being a non-Oromo. The major one is that the author repeatedly says tribal division. I don’t know how many times we should teach the Abyssinians that #1. Oromo is not a tribe (Gossa, which is an Oromo vocabulary). Oromo is a nation. It’s true that Oromo has clans. For example: Gulale, Bole, Abichu, Amumaa, Babilee, etc. #2. He dwelled on things like we shouldn’t live the past, etc.. and did not touch history for comparison. That in itself shows he’s uncomfortable sharing history. This is the basic criterion that distinguishes the Abyssinians elites on one side from that of the Oromos and the Southern like the Sidama and Walayita elites on the other.
    In summary, the article shade lights on Wayanees strategy of keeping the empire under its power grip for decades to come but fails on appealing to the major force to reckon with–the Oromos.
    The rest of you people who comment/post here please be aware that such article is targeted towards Oromo nationalism. If you’re Oromo, give the person a credit for exposing Wayanee’s tactic while you protect your national interest by disagreeing with some of the points he raised.


  12. Qabso Jabeesaa

    As your name indicates you are one of our leaders who never take anything less than power by calling for waging on the war which is not possible as clearly indicated by the writer of this article which is full of facts as you admit. But unfortunately you seem to be selective of the points raised taking what fits in helping fulfill your hunger for power.

    If you admit how the education standard is lower, you should also admit that you are the very one who mislead our people to accept that in the first place. Leaders are supposed to see things from far but ours including you can not see anything even when it is rubbed to their nose. Nutti Oromon waan dhabne hinqabnu nama nuduradeemu malee.

    We have followed duds in the name of leadership for the last four decades now it is time we take charge of our life as the writer of this article smartly advised us. Keep your advice to yourself and take your gun and march to the bushes in Oromiya if you really mean the fight for independence.

    Obbollaan kegna nyattani deemtanni harra ammoo karraa nagaan akka rakkoon keegyna hinhikamne dibbee lollaa dhantani. When it gets to the fight none of you are there to take the bullet but start sabotage us into surrender by encamping our brave fighter. Never again with you as leaders sir.

  13. Sabaa Damsaa,

    It’s true that I recognized that the education standard is lower but I didn’t say the education should be given in language other than the student’s native language. In other words, I don’t support that they should learn Amharic, or any other language except English. The education standard is lower because they do not invest in the education system. Meaning hire qualified teachers, provide adequate education materials, build well constructed schools, etc.

    You think that I’m one of “your” leaders. In fact, I’m not one of them. I wish I am (LIBERATION LEADERS!!!). I don’t posses such intelligence, bravery and determination. I see you don’t like them. It’s not surprising to me/us that our foes first target is to discredit our leaders. I don’t mean they shouldn’t be criticized. They are not perfect. We have our own venues to do so. You exposed yourself in your comment when you said “….as the writer of this article smartly advised us” If you think his advice is helpful to Oromo cause, you must be one of the following:
    (A) a non-Oromo who camflouge as Oromo with the intention of hurting Oromo cause
    (B) An Oromo by birth who has a strong tie with Abyssinian friends or family
    More elaboration on group (B)

    Born to Oromo parents alone doesn’t give automatic Oromo interest and values. In my opinion, if not all most Oromos who have a close family and friendship tie with the Abyssinians are in limbo because they get overwhelmed and dominated by their peers.

    We have followed our leaders for 40 years and because of them we now confidently say we are Oromos; we now have a recognized entity called Oromia (although it’s not free of occupation), we have our own alphabet–Latin script, so on and so forth. In the next 10, 20, etc years we will follow emerging leaders that gets us to the finish line. If you’re in group B above you then be free of the shackles of slavery. If you’re in group A above, we will live together or side by side with mutual respect or neighborly friendship.


  14. About your A,B what I can say is that unfortunately is that some of our elites are reduced to such simplestic ways of looking at our complex issues, which is nothing great about it.
    Having said that it is shame when you say in this very page that in 10,20 etc years we will follow emerging leaders. By this you only admit weakness and want to postpone slavery to the next genaration who have less means as the writer in this article lays down.
    I doubt if you have read it well, please I ask you to read this article all the answers to your poits are laid down. Learning our languge is not bad but when we are not Japan, China, Germany or British ie we are in a poor continent like Africa where technology and accessto moder xconcept is only possible in leaning in English which we gave to our children in short supply because of our short sighted obssesion with our language, this the sprit of what I saw in this article,
    If you are abroad with all your relative like our leaders it does not worry you for your kids will go back one day as rulers of the illitrate mass if they can ever have that chence, for the way you say we will have nho right to rule evfer but to be slaves the way things are to day.
    I no hope for change ever if God forbid we do things the way you advise us. It si unfortunate others see their advantage from far that come for them from our destruction, but some of us like here can not smell it even when it is rubbed to their nose. I am really sorry. Please read the quotation this great man has left for us at the end of his article.

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