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Shocking Video: TPLF Special Forces brutal beating protesters in Amhara Region

Shocking Video show TPLF Special Forces brutally beating protesters in Amhara Region

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  1. This is not in Ethiopia. Ethiopian police or military do not have a guard written ‘police’ in English. The uniform which they wear is not Ethiopian military or police uniform either. The flag is not Ethiopian flag neither. Absolute fabrication!!! How many times do you have to lie.

  2. it is shocking and heart breaking what cruelty is this? this is not a lion or a tiger or any kind of beast ready to attack, it is only one person submitted it self hopelessly crying for mercy. hard to understand this kind of evil act. but this is what the prime minster of Ethiopia order to do. this savagery beating of an Ethiopian youth just for saying what the TPLF veterans had said about forty years ago to go to the jungle. but to day they are in the palace living the kings life style. as a matter of fact this is exactly what they struggle for.
    yes this is how history repeats it self. but the sad thing we never learn from history to avoid the cycle of evil in the society. Today this government blinded with arrogance is bushing it self and the people of Ethiopia to the limit. But I pray to God the almighty to protect this country from the destruction that this government is pushing the county to.

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