Shocking News From Welkait Tsegede

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Shocking News From Welkait Tsegede

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  1. Welkayte would be a bone in the throat of weyane.
    Weyanes’ policy is a double standard . When the people of welkayte was looking for their constitutional right which is a self determination to their amhara identity. The weyanes did not respect their constitution , the one which has been prepared by weyane led government.
    The chairman of the amhara identity committee colonel demeke was a weyane colonel who has struggled against derg with weyanes in order to topple derge.
    He was trusting the constitution , and according to the constitution , he and his collegues has been persuing the welkyte case peacefully. How ever the weyane’s abay weldu had interfered in the casee. He wanted to arrest colenel demeke with out any approval from court.
    if weyanes did not handle this case peace fully, they will lose the game!!!

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