Settler Colonialism: The Oromo Extremist Narrative

By Getaneh Yismaw

  1. The Genesis: TPLF’s Anti-Amhara Ideology and Its Consequences

The Stalinist ideology of nations and nationalities that was espoused by the Ethiopian students’ movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, served as the foundation that led to the rise of secessionist, anti-Ethiopian forces, such as the EPLF, TPLF and OLF. The toxic alien ideology, which was induced from abroad on a junket, including the 1936 book by Roman Prochazka (Abyssinia: The Powder Barrel), asserted the existence of one privileged ethnic group, the Amhara, that exclusively ruled over the rest. The sentiment was further cemented in Eritrea, thanks to the 60-year colonial rule by Italy and Britain. – Read More —-

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  1. እንዲህ በሩቁ ያንቀጠቀጠህ ቄሮ ታጥቆ ሲነሳ ቂጥህ ላብ በላብ ይሆናል። ያንተ ማላዘን ወደዚያ እየገፋዉ መሆኑን ልብ በል።

    • ወዴት ይሆን የምገፋው ደደቤ፤ ቄሮ ቄሮ ሲባል ቆጥ የነካችሁት የሚፈትሻችሁ ስላጣችሁ ነው ፤ ቄሮ ጭሮ ምንድነው ያመጣው ውጠት ሶማሊያ ቢሞክር 1 ሚሊዮን ኦሮሞ ነው የተፈናቀለው ፤ ቢሻንጉል ሄዶ ጸብ ሲጭር ክአንድመቶ ሺህ በላይ ኦሮሞ ነው የተፈናቀለው ስለዚህ በህዝብ መሀከል ጽብ ለመጫር የሚሞክር እራሱ ጫሪው ነው መጀመሪያ የሚቃጠለው፡፡ ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ተከባብሮ በህግ በእኩልነት የሚኖርባት እገር እንመሰርታለን ዛቻና ጉልበት ከመጣ ግን ማንም የሚመቸው አይኖርም ፡፡ የጸረ አማራ ዘምቻው ግን ተወደደም ተጠላ ይቆማል፡፡

      • ቆማጤ ቄሮ ሲያስተነፍስሽ ያንቺ ፀረ ኦሮሞ ዘመቻም ላንዴና ለመጪረሻ ጊዜ ይቆማል።

        • ኢትዮጵያን እበትናለሁ ብለህ ብትነሳ የምትበታተነው መጀመርያ እራስህ ነህ ያለው ማን ነበረ?

          ጠቅላይ ሚኒስተር ኦቦ አብይ መሀመድ

          ኦቦ ጀምስ ስሚዝ አዋቂ የሚነግርህ ስማ “ ምከረው ምከረው እምቢ ካለ መከራ ይምከረው” ያኔ ምን ጉድጓድ ይውጥሻል?????

      • ቆማጤ፤ አልገባሽ እንደሆን ወደ ሙሉ ነፃነት ነዉ የሚገፋዉ። ያኔ ምን ጉድጓድ ይዉጥሻል? እመቤቴ ማሪያምን ያ ደግሞ የማይቀር ነው።

  2. The Origion of the campaign against Amhara started by white colonialist. The white racist have been beaten twice but more than any particular group it is the Marxist Amharas who lead the antiAmhara propaganda in earnest. These poorly educated Amharas made Amhara ruling class the enemy and killed them all , and they also trapped Amharas with guilt for no apparent reason,and other anti Amharas piled on. After woyane took power the likes of Breket and Meles worked to destroy the Amharas social cohesion, and that the source of lack of self confidence that is being exhibited in some corners now. But the good thing is that Amahars are very resourceful, they can recuperate from this temporary setbacks in no time.ADP needs to become more assertive wherever Amharas reside. ADP need to make sure that the rights of Amaras are protected whereever they live , making sure that without anyone infringing on their right. The ADP need to come forcefully to the center of the Ethiopian politics in Addis Ababa and have their share of power. If they stay in Baherdar leaving Addis to Jewarian they are going to make themselves irrelevant.

  3. I wish our well read countryman Obbo Getaneh did not use the phrase ‘Oromo Extremists’ in his article. There are no Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somali or any other ethnic extremists. The extremists that popped out of the wood work of anyone of the 80 or so ethnic groups are bigoted individuals whose mind has been poisoned by the teachings of their Marxist older mentors. In this time of overwhelming challenges facing our glorious people, we have to be specific more than ever. As we speak and from what I hear from relatives who are in the thick of it is that level heads in every ethnic groups are working tirelessly to rein in with their messages of peace and harmony. Those level heads in Amhara are admonishing the rowdy youths to cut it. Those level heads in Oromia are working very hard in protecting the safety of minorities among them by preaching peace and harmony. And I will give you an example I was told by one of my merchant relatives. One of them in a small town in Western Hararghe went house to house where those of Amhara and other ethnic families live telling them they don’t have to worry about their safety that his clan has their back. Similar assertion was conducted by another Oromo I know very well in the Town of Chiro(Ciro.Asbe) in 1992 when the shameful genocide took place in Eastern Hararghe carried not by Oromo extremists by extremist individuals who happened to be Oromos.

    You have to ask and accuse individuals like Lencho Leta, Daud Ibsa and others who were the leaders of their vassal outfit. Someone has to put their feet to the fire by asking them why they picked the phrase ‘Neftegna’ to demonize the entire section of the society. I had complained about it more than 40 years ago. Kill Neftegna’ registered the meaning of ‘Kill Non-Oromo’ on the psyche of the gullible, the rank and file, the ones who were in want of the sophistication to look thru the vile phrases thrown at them. It was used to arouse them, incite them and lose their mind to a point where their human conscience was completely shut off. They turned into mad men and ruthless killer individuals who happened to be born to Oromo parents. I knew a relative of one those victims. She was the first person I contacted when I came here in the early 1970’s. One of the victims of that savage act was someone she considered her uncle. I remember the day she called me and her unusual sobbing. She had sent one of her relatives who used to live in the capital to make sure her uncle got dignified burial. Her relative was genuinely consoled by the Oromo peasants of the area who tilled the land for a living together for their entire lives. You see. The first person she called was me, an Oromo because the barbaric act was NOT an act of Oromos but demonic individuals who happened to be born to Oromo parents. So we have to be very careful in what we are saying and writing these days more than ever. Instead we should do everything we can to make the work of those level heads easier who are going mano-a-mano with the bigots on daily basis. We should never forget the fact that some of them have been victimized by our own Attila’s too.

      • You’re welcome!!! I call such demons ‘bigots’ just because I don’t see them to be hateful of everyone around them like the extremists we know today. They are driven insane with this deep-seated hatred they have for those who are not from their ethnicity but as bigots anywhere and at any time in history they are always in the minority. They are born with sharp tongues which they had made even sharper and more poisonous during their school years. They know their trade very well and are very astute in taking advantage of any particular national and regional political landscape. Just the general population of Germany and Italy these goons have well charged up environment to sow their poison among their hoods. 100 miles from Dachau that German farmer was not fully aware of what was going on in that and other concentration camps. That Oromo peasant toiling at the banks of the Gibe River was not aware of what those bigots doing in his name to other poor peasants in Bedeno in 1992. He was not. So bigots are always and everywhere in their majority and they always end up in failure but not before leaving a lasting scar that will take generations to heal. These bigots do not exist in Oromia only but they are lurking in among our noble Amhara, Tigre, Afar, Somali, Sidamo and every ethnic group out there. But Thank Almighty that they are in their minority and are destined to lose miserably!!!! Again, that is my two cents worth of an opinion but in iron clad conviction.

  4. Habtamu you are an extreme supercilious Amhara.

    Do you remember what amhara was doing to Tigray , Oromo and other tribes in their own country: killing many innocent people, red terror was conducted by Amhara dictators. You donot want to talk about what Menilik , Hailesilassse , fasilides, Zerayocob and others.

    All these dictators were killing people in Gondar, Shoa and other provinces. They left no stone unturned in destroying historical accounts. People were forced to pay for the bullet while they were asking Derge to bury their savagely murdered relatives. People who dressed in Tigrean clothing style were treated as spies by derge and other kiss up and kiss down amhara tribe members.

    Amahra still continues tattling , as a tattle tale, to Woyane politicians to imprison and torture innocent people who were believed to be a threat to authorities and their political ideology.

    Amhara is despotic ruler who suppress Oromo language. Ethiopia is the only country where a language of minorities , Amharic ,gain the upper hand and acknowledeged as official language nation wide .It is Woyane who permitted nations and nationalities to study in their own languages.

    If you study the official language of african countries, you will find out that the official language belongs to a tribe outnumbering others;

    However, Amhara used to spread its propaganda tarnishing woyane and Tigreans as the only minority who suppress the minority . It is not reasonable to say that minorities should not take part in the fate of their country let alone holding power. Do you guys believe that one party or gender should take lead in the arena of politics and adminstration. Does an excellence in quantity justify an experties to adminster a country ?
    I remember what we have been taught during the Amhara ruling party about the history of Amahra , overlooking the history and tradition of Oromo. Amhara dstroyed geez and replaced himself to be the official langauge . Amhara people also fashioned fake story to draw tourists to their land.

    Have you been thinking and outcrying against the previous PM who is not Amhara ?
    Amhara killed many Tigrean heroes riding tractor and tank on them alive. These henious crime is not going to be narrated rather destroyed by amhara! All these heroes are my relatives !It might seem funny for Amahra , bloody idiots!

    Dear Amhara, What is your problem with Tigreans ?

    • Berhe, you have been feed weyanes propaganda knowingly or by mere ignorance.However, the result is the same. you ingest weyanes propaganda without giving it a thought because you benefited from its plunder. Weyane plunder the rest of Ethiopians you benefited handsomely. Ethiopia is in debt 50 billion deep, but all the factories and construction was done in Tigray. No wonder you supporting and manufacturing lies, just as meles and all weyane have been doing for 27 years of their existed power .. LIE LIE and LIE. It is the matter of time but your crime will come out with evidence. Weyane has committed atrocities in Somali proper when under the pretext of fighting terrorist, you bombed and burned the city . The world wants to take you to international court for war crime, but saved because America protected you . what you did against Amharas would come of it volumes and volumes of books, not as yours by concocting but with supported evidence. Your 27 years of criminal enterprises and its history has not yet come out . It will in time.Your visceral hate toward Amharas and Eriteras is simply the result of ingrained inferiority complex. Amharas are by enlarge God fearing people. They never administrated your Tigray , but you blame theme for all your failures. Even the derg has committed more crime against Amharas than Tigry, because the challenge to its power come from the center not from tigry. you became relevant after the center collapsed. Anyway. see history not as weyane feed you but as how it was. Still instade of learning form your past mistake and correcting your ways, you knuckle heads tell the rest of Ethiopians that your plundering and murderous weyane system is the best that ever was — how stupid and arrogant could you be? As the good bible says Proverbs 16:18. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Soon your will find yourselves in unenviable place for sure.

      • habtamu

        the whole world know amhara is a jar filled with lies, and inferiority complex. Amahra is not areligious but a pretentious , voodoo, debtera tenkuway.

        Metettegna . you are ignorant my friend including your fake church full of pagan priests and bishops conspired to kill their own colleague Tewoflos.

        How many people were murdered in your church the socalled place of worship dedicated to GOd. Amahra look for tenkuway hiding himself inside the church yard and monasteries.

        better for you to cry at US embassies hoping to get alms and stay in US App, you could also claim that that the dead spirit of Melese could strangulate and kill you at night .

  5. Whoever concocted the wild allegations aimed at demonizing Amharas unjustly, the studied silence of enlightened and educated Oromos is telling.

    The Jawars, the Lenchos, the Ibsa Gutemsa, the Gelasa Dilbos, the Dima Negewos, the Beqele Gerbas etc are not alone in the vicious assault on everything Amaras.

    It is the Amaras that are to blame, certainly in a country that is rendered lawless. Yes, I blame the victims. Amaras should have held these crass criminals responsible for the spates of massacres meted at unsuspecting and unarmed Amaras over the last nearly three decades. The only language these creatures understand is, speaking thier tongue more fluently!!
    The onus of bringing these cowardly hordes is on Amaras until a responsible governement is in place.

    That any Oromo who should be cognizant of his marauding ancestors’ past, who had sacked the nation from Ogaden to Begemdir, shuold have been the first person to silence the likes of Aseffa Jalata for having the audacity to peddle lies of the worst order. If anything it is Oromos who have colonized indigenous Ethiopians.
    The sinister plan to carve their Oromia on occupied land, will remain a pipedream. Those whose blood have been spilled for too long, will no longer brook the sanctioned barbarism of the qerro regime.

  6. Debunking all falsehoods that are swirling around in the media and holding those who spread destructive messages in societies such as ours, where the public’s enlightenment level is at a very low level, should rein in these villains.

  7. Abiy Ahmed, the incumbent Ethiopian prime minister is a man who would be tried in the court of law for the decades of misrule including state-sponsored acts of terrorism against Ethiopians for decades.

    That this man, is allowed to misrule our nation is, our worst pitfall. Abiy is a leader of secessionist Oromos, who are bent on creating a new nation on the Ethiopia they had occupied some 400 years ago.

    Abiy is a criminal, having been part and parcel of a terrorist regime, a regime that has committed acts of treason.
    He is presiding over a regime that has allowed Oromos to maim, massacre and evict over a million indigenous Ethiopians.
    Abbiy has not convicted his Oromo men and women who have robbed 18 banks with impunity so far.

    He is persecuting the just and legitimate cause of a conscentious journalist for having had the courage to stand up to violent Oromization of our capital.

    Eskinder Negga, the world-famous freedom fighter has the backing of the entire citizinery of Addis Ababa.
    To consider such a fellon for Nobel Peace Prize is tantamount to according the same to Hitler or Mussolini post-humously.

  8. Burqaa Dorry June 18, 2019, at 8:59 pm

    The absurdity of this demagogue’s argument has no historical nor intellectual depths> Colonialism/settler colonialism is nothing more than the displacement of indigenous culture, language, and identity! The Abyssinia Imperial colonial regime managed to impose on the Oromo and other peoples of the Empire, Amharic Language, Orthodox Christian culture and other administrative vices to control the subject Peoples! There are invasive settlements called Ketemaas (or garrison towns) where the Imperial Army created bases and in doing so, occupy, the lands of the colonized Oromos and other Polities of the Empire!

    The imposition of administrative language in the Imperial Courts, the imposition of Amharic language in educational institutions, the social and political narratives of the Imperial regime claims sovereignty over the Oromo nation’s lands and the ubiquitous Ketemaas throughout Oromia and other Parts of the Empire where the spoken languages are primarily Amharic and all institutions are run by the Imperial administrative establishment. There are parallel narratives that indicated the Abyssinians think they are superior to everyone else in the Empire, hence, they have to rule over Oromo nation and other Polities of the Empire–

    Ato Yisma is just another unfulfilled Diaspora haranguer who’ve adopted vile and vitriolic canards about Oromo Nation and eminent Oromo intellectuals and scholars! His ad hominem of Professor Asafa Jalata is unnecessary and pointless demagoguery, cannot be a panacea to the country’s complex and intractable social and political dilemmas!

    It is very difficult to put forward an idea for consideration in the present dysfunctional Diaspora political culture. The shrillness and savagery of the attack spewed by Ato Getaneh Yisma have a familiar tone and genre spewed out by some anti-Oromo Diaspora crowd who do not have a scintilla of civility nor intellectual integrity to offer a viable dialogue to remediate the exasperating ethnic and political chasms in the Empire!

    If one reviews the totality of Professor Asafa Jalata’s contribution to the generic scholarship on Ethiopia/Oromia for the past few decades, I have no doubt that he stands out singularly as the foremost and distinguished contributor to the political, sociological and cultural canon on the scholarship of the region! (North East Africa)

    He has Authored seven (7) books on Ethiop/Oromia, the Horn of Africa and the world
    1.Oromia and Ethiopia: State Formation and Ethno-National Conflict: 1868-1992

    2. Fighting Against the Injustice of the State: Comparing the Oromo and African American Resistance.

    3, Oromo Nationalism and the Ethiopian Discourse

    4.Contending Nationalism: Oromia and Ethiopia

    5. The phase of Terrorism in the age of globalization: From Christopher Columbus to Osama Bin Laden

    6.State Crisis, Globalization and National Movement in North East Africa

    7. Cultural Capital and Prospect for Democracy in Botswana and Ethiopia (his newest book)

    The entire Burra Karayuu regarding Professor Jalata, Jawar Mohamed, Qeerros and Qarrees who’ve liberated the country from Wayannee thugs, by Ato Getaneh Yisma is perhaps a result of political alienation of Diaspora activists from what is transpiring in the Colonized communities (i.e. Afar, Oromo, Sidama, Somali, etc..)

    These hatreds enhanced demagoguery vis-a-vis the Oromo Nation is a craven screed and it will not elevate the debate nor the unity of the Empire! A virulent distortion and ridicule by Ato Getaneh is nothing more than a vacuous contentless banality that illustrates the primitive stage of his creativity and perhaps a reflection of his feudal background and undemocratic culture! ultimately, the travesty of his commentary that is, full of invectives about our scholars and activists illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy of his and other Diaspora Habash’s delusional range of vision of what going on in the country!

    Regarding the five million massacres by Ras Dargee Sahelassielase of the Arsi (not Arusi, as you’ve spelled the name) Oromos, read a book by Polson Newman: Ethiopian Realities, first published in 1935: Perhaps the whole genocidal campaign by Ras Dargee alone may not have contributed to the 5 million figure quoted by many writers–war, famine, disease and perhaps movement of people may have exaggerated the history of Arisi campaign by Melek and his uncle on Oromo people, especially in the southern part of Oromia (Arsi), The cutting of Organs as trophy is a time-honored Abyssinia culture, hence, I would not be surprised by the Anolee massacres–cutting of women’s breast and limbs of captured prisoners. These acts of genocide by Menelik and his Army were not “myth” as you described it! European travelers who were in the region did write about pillaging and ransacking of the southern polities during the Imperial campaigns

    • Here is another Oromo intellectual commenting on Burqaa Dorry’s intellectual tower Asafa Jalata. Like his off-springs Tsegay Arrarsa and CO he has churned out a garbage in garbage out history to see which one will stick.These pseudo intellectuals insist that their concocted history should not be challenged by facts. It is a taboo because if challenged their historical house of cards will fold. So they scrim loud when anyone gets close to scrutinize it so it get used as a currency for political expediency.

      Professor Mengistu Paulos of Jimma University said it best when describing right-wing Oromo liberation philosophy:–

      “Most fictional accounts of ‘Oromo history’ blindly accepted as facts by some misled people are manufactured by former politicians turned Pseudo-historians like OLF writer Asafa Jalata, who is renowned for abuse of paraphrasing, often with out-of-context citations. For example, while quoting the 19th century Russian Alexander Bulatovich (who provided an ‘educated guess’ of annihilation of almost half Ethiopian population by disease, famine and war, including internal conflict between Oromo clans and with Abyssinians), the OLF-writer Asafa Jalata infamously claimed half Oromo population was killed by ‘evil’ Amharas. This was purposely done by Mr. Jalata to create a foundation for ethnic hatred between Oromos and Amharas. Ironically, even Mr. Bulatovich himself never had the capacity nor the legitimacy to do a reliable census, as he spent just a couple of months walking around Oromia and hunting elephants in 189
      Jul-28-2013 19:21
      History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia
      Prof. Feqadu Lamessa for
      (a guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history

      • Oh well, what can I say, when the Habash cannot refute any facts in the books of Professor Asafa, they resort to name calling and use of abusive infectives! I know Asafa very well, he is not a member of OLF nor anti-Amhara, like most of the new generation of Oromos, he sympathizes with OLF views and objectives, all of us are, we even have a saying–“every Oromo is an OLF” hence, Asafa’s Oromo nationalism is not anything peculiar or abnormal to the Qubee Generation or to those of us of the 70s generation!

        Instead of name calling and regurgitating screeds, the likes of Getaneh’s article, produce some sensible writings exposing the historical inaccuracies of Oromo scholars–their sources, publications, and lectures!

        A very cursory survey of European writers on Abyssinian/Ethiopia during the 19th century will be satiated on the realities of the country and marauding Imperial Armies pillaging southern communities–Oromo, Sidama, Hadia, Walayetaa, etc. Anybody interested in the truth of Abyssinia genocidal campaign can read books by William Harris: The High Lands of Ethiopia, Alexander Bulatovich: Ethiopia through the Russian Eyes, The Southern Marches of Imperial Ethiopia: By Donald Donham, A History of Ethiopia by Harold Marcus, Ethiopian Realities by Polson Newman.

      • You scribble non-sense just to overtone intellectual arguments. No amount of scientific and logical argument can convince people like you, whose mind is hard-wired with Abyssinian fairy tales. So anything that won’t conform to your dream world of Habesha greatness is a lie, Ferenji’s conspiracy or OLF/TPLF/EPLF propaganda, etc, etc! ድንጋይ ራሶችን ማስተማር አይቻልም!

  9. እንደበረሄ ያለ ደንቆሮ በባንዳ አያቶቹ የውሸት ታሪክ የተምላ ነው አገራችንን እያፈረሰና እየበላ ያለው። ካፋቸው የሚተፉት ህዝብን የሜጫርስ የጥላቻ ደም ነው። ሰውን የተሻለ የሚያረገው ስራው እንጂ ምላሱ ወይም ጉራው አደለም። ሰላሳመት እድሉ ተሰጣቸው ነገር ግን ከቀድምዎቹ የባሰ እንጂ የተሻለ አልሰሩም። በብሄረሰቦች ስም ቤጤቸውን ከየብሄሩ ሰብስበው አገራችን እንዳታሰራራ አርገው ሙልጭ አርገው በሎት። ለአሮም የጥላቻ ሀውልት ሲሰሩለት የነሱ ትግራይ በፉፍሪካ ብዛት ተቆጠቆጠች። ሰራተኛውን ውራጌ ምክንያት እየፈጠሩ ከጫወታ ውጪ በማድረግ መርካቶንና ሌላውን ንግድ ተቆጣጠሩ። የወልቃይትን ወንዶች በሀይላቸው ተጠቅመው ከገደሉ በሆላ ሴቶቹን ለደደቢት ወንዶች በመዳር ስፍራውን በጡረታ ለተገለለ ወታደር ተስጠ. የራያ ህዝብ ትግሬ ሳይሆን ትግሬ ነህ ተብሎ መሬቱ ስለተፈለገ ትግሪ እንዲሆን ተፈርዶበት ወደ ትግራይ ተካለለ. አሁን ደግም የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ትንሽ ብርሀን ቢተነፍስ ያ ከራሳቸው በስተቀር ማንንም ኢትዮጵያዊ ቀና ብሎ እንዳይሄድ የማይፈቅደው ማንነታቸው በውስጣቸው እየተተከተከ ፈልቶ በዘረፎት ገንዘብ እንደነሱ ለሆዱ ያደረ ጅብ ከየብሄሩ እያሰለጠኑ ድሀውን በየቦታው መከራውን በማብዛት እኛነን ሰላማዊ ይሉናል። ይህም አልበቃ ብሎአቸው እኛ ካልገዛናችሁ አትኖሮትም እያሉ እየዛቱ እነሱ ብቻ ጀግናና አዋቂ እንደሆኑ ያላዝኑብናል። ባጭሩ ያለኝ መልስ Brhe እናተ ውስጥ ያለው ብለድ ሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ ውስጥም አለ please do not be stupid.

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