Serawit Fikre Fires Dozens of Employees

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Serawit Fikre Fires Dozens of Employees

Read Aloud:   Ethiopia: Voice of Amhara Daily News May 11, 2017

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  1. wow, this blood sucker and opportunist individual was an ex soldier who had leaked the bare ass of the woyanes and amassed millions.His monopoly on AD business as most favoured by the woyanes goes back to early times when his compatriot ex soldiers were either in prison or begging along streets of Addis.
    He is a criminal who was set free for raping young girls as he openly bragged about. His close association with crime groups in the ruling party has made him play a role of an authority over other artists who feared him to death. He is a decision maker over the fate of artists and many more artists have failed for not bending to his low morale and cheap personalities.

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