Senior politician linked to Tigray region rebellion surrenders

(Bloomberg) — The Ethiopian government said on Tuesday that a senior politician linked to the rebellion in the northern region of Tigray had surrendered.

“One of nine central committee leaders of the TPLF, Keria Ibrahim, has surrendered to federal forces,” said a tweet from the government’s Tigray taskforce, using the acronym of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a political party spearheading the fight against the government in Addis Ababa.

Tigrayan forces were not immediately available for comment. Claims by all sides are difficult to verify because phone and internet communication to the region is down and access tightly controlled.

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  1. You did the right this dear countrywoman. Your colleagues have been leading those noble of Tigray to utter destruction. They were pitching those upright people against the rest of the country by committing crimes worthy of persecution at The Hague. When they killed innocent people they said that had to be done to protect you and the rest of people from Tigray. They maimed, drilled teeth out of the jaw, they pulled fingernails of innocent citizens they jammed into stinking prisons with. At the same time they were hauling out billions in US dollars out of the country whether you were watching or not. They did all that in the name of the people of Tigray who never say a red cent of it. They built up such a misguided ego on many of the youth of Tigray into believing he/she is a special race, a golden race because those demonic deacons of Marx/Lenin/Mao really believe they are such a race. They were telling me and more than 40 million of Oromos they are our ‘liberators’ from our noble neighbor Amharas. They managed to find orphans among my own Oromos to do the dirty work for them: which is killing every ‘Neftegna and Neo-Gobena in sight. Their grand scheme and still is to drive these harmonious neighbors going after each other’s throat. They succeeded some but they failed in so many occasions. Some of those orphans are now here among us still preaching for another massacre of the ‘Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas’. They have been telling me that the only day I will be free as an Oromo is when the system(country) founded by the “neftegnas and ne-Gobenas’ is completely destroyed. When Artist Hachalu was murdered they did not wait a second to blame those boogie men ‘Neftegnas and their accessories. Kill! They shouted on every social media. Many innocent citizens lost their lives because someone in Minnesota, Virginia, Michigan, London, Australia and Europe incited the gullible youth to go out and commit horrible crimes against his neighbors who used to call him ‘son’ the whole time he was growing up. Many poor farmers did not even hear the murder of the artist when all of a sudden surrounded by angry mob and hacked to death. These abettors are still walking free thumbing their noses at justice. Many Oromos were murdered in the same fashion by those incited young people because they were trying to stop the carnage and protect their neighbors. They were deemed neo-Gobenas and hacked to death on the spot. Many children are left without fathers, mothers, uncles, sisters and brothers. They are still calling for their dads and moms!!! That elderly man/woman does not have anyone to look after him because his caretakers are gone, dead, hacked to death. Yes there used to be killings throughout our history. I remember my entire childhood years the only killings that seemed to be ethnic was due to cattle rustlings. Even then, children and women were off the limit. As a cattle rustler if you killed a woman or a child it is not the victim’s side who will come after you but it was your own clan that will make a quick work out of you. But that all changed after these goons who wrestled away the TPLF and OLF came on the scene. They have this run away hatred to people who they called ‘Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas’ even women and children became fair game. These goons brought guerilla warfare to Oromia and night raids are very common now. They brought guerilla warfare to Afar, Somalia, Gambela, Beni, Amhara, Sidama and many areas in the country and night raids have become the norm where children, women and the elderly became the main course. These goons brought nothing but deadly animosity in the social fabric of that Blessed country. But now Allah declared enough is enough!!! Too much blood of his Blessed flocks has been crying for justice for too long. Enough is enough!!!!

  2. It is now clear that the TPLF has underestimated government forces and reactions and overestimated its own strength to start the war. The TPLF leaders who seized power just following behind a retreating and disbanding army in 1991, created a false image and narrative of invincibility for themselves and misled their own members and supporters. The reality that came out in this conflict is that the TPLF forces can never stand against and win battles. This is despite seizing almost al the hardware the northern command had. This war has disproved that the false narrative that the Tigray fighters are special and battle proven and hardened. The Nazis used similar propaganda to mobilize and raise millions of fighters to impose their supremacy and hegemony in Europe.

  3. Brothers Ittu and Bulti
    You are on the sport – you have assessed these creatures very well. TPLF has always been blinded by hate, ignorance, and arrogance. It may take time but it was inevitable such evil forces will meet their end.

    Just mind boggling is how the world’s media empire, the likes of BBC, AFP, Reuters, DW, the wanna-be Aljazeera and others sold their soul to the cause of the TPLF criminals. The situation ignited the dormant old colonial ambitions of Europe, and the EU was quick to the call. Even they had bought the invincibility of TPLF, and waiting in anticipation for the time TPLF succeeds in causing ‘civil war’, ‘ethnic war’ which, they thought and hoped will finish the country as we knew it. They were ready to rejoice and celebrate and tell the world about the ‘tragic demise of the Former Ethiopia’.

    Alas! They were shocked, remained open mouthed when the gallant Ethiopian forces ran over their invincible bogeyman. They (EU) threatened to cut aid, etc. thinking we will succumb to their threats. Damn it! The country they love to hate has done it again! What can they do now.? Quick, dispatch to the rescue the army of ‘human rights groups’, ‘NGOs’, think tanks. etc., the other pillars of their neo-colonial mischief in poor countries.

    Let’s see what these lot can do for them.

  4. Dear Patriot Awash,

    I can’t agree more with you regarding these western media outlets. The respect I had for them has been eroding for quite some time now when it comes to their reporting of events in the old country. Please note that all these outlets have undergone so much change in both ownership and even the share of being sources of news reporting since the emergence of social media outlets/platforms. We don’t go to them as often as we used to do to quench our thirst for news but that role has reversed now. They come to us instead and they have to be attention grabbing accurate of fake. You see, I remember how true ‘Breaking News’ used to be. But now you will see that exclamation being for unimportant news such as for another star in the sky. Just yesterday here on one of the major media giants affiliate there were three ‘Breaking News’ reports in just the 06:00PM news cast. During a 30-mninute newscast there were 3 ‘Breaking News’ interruptions. One of them was a minor car accident and the other one was for a robbery at a discount store. That shows these traditional media outlets are desperate to get my and your attention. But when it comes to the old country I strongly believe they are on a mission. How many times have you seen them reporting the massacre of more than 200 peaceful protesters in the capital in broad daylight? How long did stay on it beside just as a passing note. Just imagine yourself as a father or mother of those young men and women who were cut down by these demons. Just imagine that. To me that was worth a crime to be prosecuted at The Hague. What these media outlets such as the BBC talked more about it instead? They gave their platform for the goons who mow down those protesters. We used to hear justification for the killings by the then spokesman and the late PM that the killing had to be carried out. The reason for the killings, we were told, was to prevent another Rwanda. Again, just imagine yourself as a father or mother of those victims. Somebody was telling you in your face that your son had to be shot right between the eyes so he would fall dead instantly because he was out there to do another Rwanda. And if you keep wailing for your dead baby boy they will send one of their rabid dogs to warn you that if you don’t stop crying you may end up joining him in heaven.

    There a few mega non-governmental groups in the West who know the old country is sitting on untapped natural resources. But they have not been able to exploit such resources at will on their own terms only. There are too many black folks in the talking room. When there ‘too many’ black folks in the same room they have proven to be tough cookies, impossible to crack. So the best way to do it by splitting them up. If one of their orphans is able to carve out a territory to call his own then he will find himself lonely, desperate and ready to strike any deal. Then these connivers will have field days hauling out the natural resources where the new rulers and his cabals getting a handsome cut from the loot. Why do you think an octogenarian former State Department official is suddenly madly in love with my Oromia? He is sitting on the board of an oil and mineral company. He was sent to the old country on a mission given to him by non-governmental group and he did a heck of a job with it with the largest human trafficking in the history of the old country, This same weasel used to tell us on more than one occasion lies like ‘No democracy, no financial aid’. He also used to accost us with lies that the then EPRDF was the only armed group in modern history that was willing to share political power after it achieved victory. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Now he wants to be the Simon Bolivar of my Oromos, Somalis, Afars, Tigres, Sidamas, Gambelas and all other groups except the Amharas. This man, this self-hater has gone a bigot now and he is not alone. Nuff said for now.

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