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Seeye Abraha to address Atlanta audience

Press Release

ATLANTA, Georgia — Seeye Abrha, one of the veterans in the struggle that toppled the military regime of Colonel Mengistu H. Mariam in early 90s, will address a public gathering for the first time in Atlanta next Sunday.

Seeye who later joined and became founding member of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party,(Andinet) is a well known critic of Meles Zenawi, chairman of the ruling TPLF regime.
Girmaye Gizaw, head of the Atlanta branch of Andinet Party said the meeting would attract a large number of audience that would discuss at length pros and cons of the political spectrum of the present day of Ethiopia.

He further noted that it is in deed high time that Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans in the Diaspora discuss the future of Ethiopia now, without any further delay.

Atlanta is having a back to back public meetings these days and with the forthcoming gathering on Sunday an open and frank discussion with plausible suggestions to resolve some issues is expected.

Meles Zenawi, head of Woyane’s regime is trying to create a false image to the outside world by publicly announcing that the nation has registered a double digit of GDP growth while actually the current socioeconomic situation of Ethiopia is characterized by rampant and unparallelled corruption and embezzlement, a senior member of the Atlanta Andinet branch observed.

With his own admission on a number of occasions, Meles told the rubber stamp parliament that his regime has squandered millions of dollars that otherwise should have been allocated to the benefit of the Ethiopian people,the senior member added.

The present generation, particularly the youth along with the opposition forces and the general public need to work hand in hand to bring about the long-awaited changes in the country, Girmay said.

He also pointed out that the meeting would serve as a fund raising event as well, for Finote Netsanet , the official organ of the Andinet Party. Finote Netsanet, a weekly newspaper is one of the few remaining free press in Ethiopia that relentlessly expose the true nature of Woyane and its ill-intentioned policies, Girmaye stated. (Press Release)

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