Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Explosion in Gondar

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The Embassy is monitoring a report of an explosion on January 10, 2017 at approximately 8:30 p.m. in the Gondaon Intasole Hotel located in Gondar in Amhara State. Ethiopian Federal Police have confirmed that one person was killed and up to six individuals were injured as a result of the incident. The U.S. Embassy is temporarily suspending all travel for U.S. Chief of Mission employees to Gondar until further notice.

The Embassy continues to remind U.S. citizens of the risks associated with traveling to Ethiopia at this time. The current version of the Department of State’s Travel Warning for Ethiopia can be found here: Ethiopia Travel Warning.

The Embassy would remind U.S. citizens traveling to or in Ethiopia to review their personal security plans; remain aware of their surroundings, including local events; and monitor local news stations for updates. Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security and follow instructions of local authorities.

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  1. The Amaras in Gondar deported Tigrayans to Tigray from the Amhara region . The Amaras in Gondar were given order by the federal government to correct the errors they made by allowing the Tigrayans return to Gondar, but they were not willing to let the Tigrayans return even just to claim their properties.If the Amaras in Gondar continue not to obey the federal government by not letting the Tigrayan deportees return back, I am sure Gondar will be leveled down to the grownd.

  2. So one incident happened and all these warning ? How many people are being shot in USA daily? Bullshit USA, You a cancer to Ethiopia. You doing dirty job to stop business in Ethiopia and to instigate civil war as you did all over the world : Crimea, Syria, Iraq, Libya, …. This country is an enemy of Ethiopia, not the people, but the system in USA is bad.

  3. Chernet,
    What goes around comes around. When in 1991 TPLF forcefully annexed Amhara lands such as Humera, Welkait and Tsegede, it displaced and impoverished thousands of Amhara people. Moreover, the dividing of Ethiopia into ethnic based regions by TPLF led to the death and displacement of thousands of Amhara people from various non Amhara region. A place some of them lived for over a century. So, the deportation of people of tigrai origin, especially those affiliated with or supportive of TPLF government is appropriate and long over due. The brave and patriotic Gondar people, the descendants of the bravest Ethiopian that ever existed Emperor Tewodros, will kick the ass of TPLF prostitutes any time any place.

  4. Leba,
    You are indeed a coward thief as your name indicates. US government is 1 million times better than TPLF government. If you hate US so much why don’t you hit the road to weyane land. No patriotic Ethiopian in his/her right mind should be investing in Ethiopia. Since doing so will only help the terrorist TPLF government which is a crime against humanity. Foreigners should not travel to Ethiopia since they will be used as a cash cow by the terrorist TPLF government. At the end of the day, IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID. Crippling the Ethiopian economy is the most effective way to shorten the life span of TPLF government and to hasten its overthrow. Without adequate cash, TPLF government won’t be able to acquire enough guns to kill innocent Ethiopians, build enough prisons to jail innocent Ethiopians, create a fake jobs to cloud Ethiopians mind with an illusion of economic progress, bribe those Ethiopians without integrity, honesty and high ethical values, etc etc.
    For the record:
    I am against the killing of all innocent people. So, the coward person who threw grenade in the hotel should be persecuted to the full extent of the law.

  5. This bombing is the devil’s work in the name of TPLF. This organized bandits that rule Ethiopia at the moment is notorious for such mischievous activities. Time and again TPLF has been doing this tactic whenever it finds it necessary to arrest in mass, torture, kill, and inject debilitating drugs, the Amharas. It is a regime of hatred, revenge and deception. The whole world, including its Chinese and Western surrogates, know that. But who cares as long as the TPLF regime serves foreign strategic and/or economic interests. We will witness more vengeful bombings, in addition to the burning of villages and and crops, “vaccination” to sterilize women, and other evil activities in all the Amhara regions.
    Remember what Abay Woldu, the head of Tigray state, was said to have reiterated last year during the Gondar Amharas uprising: ” Yichy yetimkiht qedada medefen alebat”. Literally, it translates: “this hole out of which chauvinism is coming needs to be sealed”. This could mean a lot of things. It could be that infertility vaccinations would be reinvigorated in full commitment. It could also mean he would unleash his well trained militia, ready for domination purpose on Gondar or elsewhere . The take away is that the Amharas would be dealt with by all means.

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