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Saving Ethiopians from Ethiopia – By Lalisaa Hiikaa

In my previous article, “Refugees in The United States,” I appealed to Ethiopians to rally together in attempt to save Ethiopian immigrants detained here in the state of Florida.  The Oromo Community of Tampa Bay, Ethiopian community members, and Kefyalew Fekade of Miami, organized a massive campaign to save these desperate individuals from deportation.
On behalf of the Oromo Community and Ethiopian Community members, I would like to thank www.zehabesha.com  for promptly publishing the previous article “Refugees in United States.” I also thank Mr. Tamagn Beyene and Dr. Aklog Birara of Global Alliance, Mr. Shibabaw of Tampa, and the Odaa Self Help Association members for the quick and critical financial support they pledged/provided in support of this cause.
I am confident that many of our people have been made aware of the 16 individuals currently detained in the Broward Transitional Center and Krome Detention Facility in Florida. The situation has been extensively reported on ESAT radio, OMN (Oromia Media Network), and in online publications. Tragically, countless Ethiopians in similar plights have been deported in the past, facing horrific consequences. We call on the US government and international humanitarian organizations to investigate the state of these individuals, and hold the Ethiopian government accountable for violations of their human rights. The hope is that the group currently in Florida will avoid deportation and the fate of their predecessors. I continue to believe that we have a moral obligation to stand up in support of our countrymen as they face persecution, detention, and death from the Ethiopian government if deported.
The Ethiopian government is controlled by incompetent, unqualified dummies who obtained their positions based on loyalty to the TPLF junta and EPDRF. Dedication to the rights of its people and enforcement of laws to protect its citizens does not exist; as everyone from doctors to students; from farmers to businessmen; have been terrorized in their own country for the last 25 years. Those in power are taking the country on extremely dangerous path in order to satisfy their personal greed and financial gain.  Educated citizens are barred from key government positions, and blind followers are recruited into the military to kill their own people. The regime is both dangerous and powerful, committing terrorist acts against Ethiopian citizens both at home and abroad.
Western Hypocrisy
It is difficult, if not impossible, to believe that the US government is not aware of the fate awaiting Ethiopian citizens seeking asylum if deported back to their country. In the most recent “election”, the current government of mannequin prime minister, Haile Mariam Desalegn, claimed victory with 100% of the votes. To any observer, it is clear that opposition is silenced, nonexistent, and there is no democratic process or governance in that country. During a recent interview, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice couldn’t help but laugh when questioned about legitimacy of the election, then illustrating how ridiculous the notion of fairness is within the Ethiopian government. However, the European Union and US Governments were “largely silent” during the elections; instead choosing to celebrate a “peaceful election.”
President Obama’s visit to Ethiopia in 2015 was largely protested by Oromo and Ethiopian Americans; fearing that without addressing human rights issues, the visit simply legitimizes the authoritarian regime and its atrocious acts. During the joint press conference in Addis Ababa on 27 July 2015, President Obama described the Ethiopian regime as a “a democratically elected” government, while Human Rights organizations have extensively reported on the arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders and journalist.  None of these issues were discussed during the president’s visit in which he toasted Champagne with offending government officials. Indeed, billions of dollars continue to be given to Ethiopia from their US, UK, and European allies for “aid,” seemingly in support of a regime that is allowed to render its terrorized citizens voiceless. By allowing the horror to continue, Western governments are simply enabling and arming the regime while ignoring laughing at the victims subjected to the atrocities of the regime.
Could it be true that democracy is not the priority of these governments as claimed? Western leaders appear to speak strongly about human rights and democratic freedom, but actions tell a different story entirely
Ethiopian Government: Terrorist??
According to the 16 Ethiopian detainees, Ethiopian government agents are terrorizing them without consequence from ICE or DHS officials. We would like to ask the Justice and State Departments to launch an investigation into this matter. While the Ethiopian regime kills, tortures, and displaces its helpless people at home, it then works tirelessly to recover those who flee from its tyranny. In contrast, there are countries that go so far as to hire attorneys and help their nationals secure freedom.
The other example of this regimes terrorist activity is the case of Mr. Andargachew Tsige, a UK citizen illegally kidnapped, abused and tortured. Mr. Tsige continues to be held nearly 2 years later without consequence to the Ethiopian government. If Mr. Tsige was a citizen of Russia or Israel, Ethiopia wouldn’t dare oppose demands for his release.
Our People
Sadly, the Ethiopian junta has been successful in its campaign to divide the people of Ethiopia into clashing segments. By instigating conflict, the regime ensures that interethnic groups do not unite, leaving them weaker than if they rallied together.
According to Reuters News Agency, Ethiopian officials said on Saturday that gunmen from South Sudan had crossed the border, killed 140 people and abducted more than 39 children. The Ethiopian government has no regard for the lives of these poor citizens.
As recently as 2015, government security forces burned down businesses owned by Amharas in the Oromo region and blamed it on Oromos; inciting hate and distrust between the groups. Discord is then encouraged using propaganda on TV, radio and other media- spreading deceptively democratic messages spewing hatred and fear.
To reward the Ethiopian regime with ethnic dispute is to augment its power to terrorize. When Oromo farmers are evicted and forced to become beggars on their own land, Amhara people sit idly by. When Amhara people face similar injustice, Oromo people also turn away. With such discord, the regime can easily crush any uprising, and feels confident that the groups will continue to allow each other to suffer violence and maltreatment. If Oromo and Amhara citizens came together, their objections would come from a much stronger opposing force.
Oromo people from around the world are gathering in Washington DC on April 19th for the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission briefing. This campaign was organized to push human rights issues and stop the madness in this Ethiopia. This cause affects all Ethiopians; not only the Oromo who have been active thus far. The Woyane reign of terror cannot be stopped until all Ethiopians stand together and demand justice for all.
Call To Action
Today we fight for the 16 endangered individuals we have identified in Florida. There are surely more in need of assistance across the United States. I am calling on all Ethiopians to come together, to unite, to use every resource available- and locate and support our countrymen in need across the US. I would encourage courageous individuals to initiate their own campaigns to save our people not only in the US, but throughout the world. We have seen ISIS executions of Ethiopians in Libya. Shame on us! It is obvious that our government is incompetent; but at least we, the Diaspora, who have freedoms our fellow Ethiopians do not, should come together and speak for those in need. We should lobby the UN and peace-loving countries to stand with us and help resolve the issues in Ethiopia. Our mission is to save Ethiopians from Ethiopia’s thuggish regime.
For this campaign, contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted, and can be directed to: https://www.gofundme.com/ethiopiandetainees  This fund has been set up by the Oromo and Ethiopian Communities of Tampa Bay and Mr. Kefyalew in Miami.
By Lalisaa Hiikaa: focatampabay@gmail.com

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  1. Andargachew Tsige is an international terrorist who were caught by Ethiopias security agency with collaboration of Yemen’s anti trrrorist security.

  2. Years before I was as innocent and politically naive as Mr. Lallisa is now. Any government has limits, including those of the developed world, up to which it can tolerate dissent. If any opposition threatens it’s very existence, then the game becomes not about democracy and human rights but about “survival of the fittest”. I have understood your naïveté when you mentioned Mr. Andargachew Tsige’s detention as human rights issue. My friend, Mr. Andargachew Tsige is/was at cut-throat competition with the incumbent government to usurp political power through armed means. If you intend to overthrow a government through armed means, it means you are ready to kill/be killed to achieve your objective. This situation is outside the domain of human rights issue as well as democratic governance. I think there is no government in the world where the populace fully control the government, and the government is fully loyal and accountable to the people. So far such government is a Utopia. In practice, it is a choice of the bad from the worse. In this sense, I think the competing powers in Ethiopia now who are at cut-throat competition to hold the central power of the country are those representing the N-Neftegna regime which has been in power since the ascension of Menelik II to power and the incumbent government which represents the(Christian?No!Secular/Tigrigna)civilization. As far as I am concerned, the current government has more humane face than that of the N-Neftegna regime. We know the N-Neftegna regime used to bully, trash and marginalize the nations and nationalities of the country except one. The ultimate goal of the N-Neftegna regime was, for every subject of the empire either to assimilate himself to the identity pre-arranged for him by the regime or to annihilate him. So the choice given by the N-Neftegnas is “Assimilate or Annihilate”. But my friend Lallisa, I think you know the incumbent government recognizes the rights of the previously oppressed nations and nationalities openly and officially through the constitution. Thus I 100% prefer the incumbent to the N-Neftegna regime unless somebody can convincingly show me a better government is possible which does not negate the values, progress and breakthrough achieved by the incumbent but build on what is already achieved by it. Otherwise as things are happening as they do now, ‘Stick to the incumbent’ will be our motto….

  3. I think everyone in this country does not have a clear goal and of course,a clear stand on the politics of Ethiopia.Just,majority are opportunists that sway here and there like a pendulum,whenever opportunities arise.One fact is clear,OLF and Neftegnas are two opposing ends of any existing political spectrum.So,how on earth are they going to reconcile while their stand clear to us right now.? Better we follow the regime at home than to support a would be government which would be the most white-supported and diaspora dominated puppet government in history.Their job?? to please the white masters and then impose either an extremes echnicism or an extreme Neftegna systems on us Ethiopians who overwhelmingly oppose both.

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