Saudi Raps Ethiopia for Posing Threats to Sudan and Egypt

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(Sudan Tribune) – Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister and Inspector General for Military Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, in unusual rebuke, unleashed a barrage of attack against Ethiopia saying that the Horn of Africa nation is posing a threat to the Nile water rights of Egypt and Sudan.

The massive $4.8 billion dam is under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2015. It lies close to Sudan’s eastern borders and has a power generating capacity of 6,000MW and when completed it will enable Ethiopia to export more power to its neighbors.

“The [Grand] Renaissance dam has its capacity of flood waters reaching more than 70 billion cubic meters of water, and is located at an altitude of 700 meters and if it collapsed then Khartoum will be drowned completely and the impact will even reach the Aswan Dam.”

“Egypt is the most affected party from the Ethiopian Renaissance dam because they have no alternative water source compared to other Nile Basin countries and the establishment of the dam 12 kilometers from the Sudanese border is for political plotting rather than for economic gain and constitutes a threat to Egyptian and Sudanese national security, ” said the Saudi official at the meetings of the Arab Water Council in Cairo.

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Egypt fears that the Nile dam will reduce the flow of the river’s waters further downstream and Addis Ababa has long complained that Cairo was pressuring donor countries and international lenders to withhold funding.

An international panel of experts is set to announce its findings on the impact of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile’s flow in May 2013.

The Saudi deputy defense minister went further saying that Ethiopia is keen on harming Arab nations.

“There are fingers messing with water resources of Sudan and Egypt which are rooted in the mind and body of Ethiopia. They do not forsake an opportunity to harm Arabs without taking advantage of it,” Prince Khalid said.

“The establishment of the dam leads to the transfer of water supply from the front of Lake Nasser to the Ethiopian plateau, which means full Ethiopian control of every drop of water, as well as [causing] an environmental imbalance stirring seismic activity in the region as a result of the massive water weight laden with silt withheld in front of the dam, estimated by experts at more than 63 billion tonnes,” he added.

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The Saudi official added that Nile basin countries calling for reallocating Nile water shares is a “real threat” to Egypt’s future.

“The information is alarming and it is important that we do not underestimate the danger at the moment and its repercussions in the future,” he said.

It is unusual for Saudi officials known for being composed to make such damning criticism of other countries. It is not clear whether today’s remarks indicates hidden tensions with Ethiopia.

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, along with Ethiopia, signed an agreement to overturn British-colonial-era agreements dating back to 1929.

These gave Egypt and Sudan 90 percent of the Nile’s water flow and the power of veto over dam-building, even though 85 percent of the river’s water flows from the Ethiopian highlands.

Ethiopia and the upstream states contend they need more water because of burgeoning populations, industrialization and agricultural projects.

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Water needs are expected to rise as the Nile basin population is projected to reach 654 million by 2030, up from 372 million in 2005, according to UN estimates.

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  1. Who is the hell is he to talk about our Ethiopia? when I say this I am not supporting wayne’s agenda or policy. They are the evil who are bent to destroy our nation in anyway they can. They are doing pretty job so far but it will end soon if we stay united.” Dir byaber ambesa yasir ” Wayne invited the so called sheik and allow him to loot the country of her Gold and other important resources. Through him the saudi’s came and took our fertile land to feed their people while ours are starving. Nor only that the human trafficking-our beautiful daughters are serving me as slaves. It look like history revisiting. During slavery the Northern and Sahara region of the continent the arabs used to round up the dark skinned Africans and sell them to Asians, Middle East, Europe and the present USA. That is what the wayne is doing to our children. So the Saudi defense guy is looking down on our people which did not do before openly but we know they covet our Ethiopia. The point I am making here is we should be thankful to the criminal waynes who are willing and dealing with these kind of individuals(Sudan, Saudi, and Egypt etc dictators in their own style-birds of the sam feather flok together). These arab nations they can drool lifetime but will not have Ethiopia. Funny this a nation that built Mosques in other countries but will not allow Christains to pray and worship the Lord in their own homes. He is trying to take advantage of what is going on. It is not going to work. Ethiopia for Ethiopoans. God bless our rich and beautiful country and people and death the likes of such individuals.

  2. As we don’t need the the toxic Diasporas to built the Grand Renaissance Dam, we don’t need to them to defend our motherland Ethiopia from Arabs or their mecenaries. I would prefer to live under Slavery of the Saudi Arabians than to see the toxic Diasporas holding a strong ground in my country.
    There is nothing special here, the Saudi officials oppose Ethiopia not to build Grand Renaissance Dam as a foreigners and the unschooled Ethiopian diaspora were having the same stand as an Ethiopian root Mercenary. I didn’t say this with out evidence but simply go see what your satarist web site were saying about the Nile Dam. Recently, as recent as last week, the so called ‘Muslim freedom protesters’ invited an Egyiptian Imama and they told as how and when to dis-stablize Ethiopia. As they say. ” Truth is like the sun, you can shut it out for a while, but it ain’t go away

    • Teshome-mengedun cherke ydergileh. why cannot you move to Saudi Arabia and be a salve. It is not hard to do that. Your statement is rather confusing to the readers. Are you blaming the diaspora and praising the Saudis.Who is toxic ? Those who are destroying the country by looting, dividing, selling and human trafficking or those who are telling the truth and exposing the crime to our beloved people? The Saudi individual has no business telling us what to do. After what is said the illigal cadre or cadres are going to meet the Saudis to kneel down and make up or to thank them for abusing and insulting our nation and people.

  3. Saud arabia has been supporting all sorts of secessionist and ethnicist movements to destabilise Ethiopia for decades. THAT IS HOW TIGRE PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT AND SHABIA got here. As if they have run out of space to store their petro dollar , they are sloshing it out to any body who says i am a liberation front fighting in Ethiopia. that will continue as long as the world exists. they do not want to see a stable and prosperous Ethiopia.

    The woyane have handed over to the saudi shieks millions of Acres of fertile land for the favour they received while they were in the bush. the first rice harvest grown on Ethiopian land the saudis occupy has been exported to saud arabia. the saudis want everything for themselves and for their arab’brothers’.

  4. the suadi man/defense looks like bull Goliad instead of boosting he better read Ethiopian History. look at him. to that bull. he has no right to say anything on African issues.

  5. Abesha fere hezeb why do you fight? look what Tigre is doing. Abesha no one save you from Tigera brutle hand Ok. Ante Shintme Hezbe. Somali kills you in Giggiga, Sudan kills you in Mettema, and Shabiya kills you all over your country. you people, you do not know how to raise your arms? Goora becha.

  6. Teshome Woyanew, how do you feel now when your sponsors are somehow turning against you? The funny part is you don’t have an iota of shame to tell us “they want to destablise Ethiopia blah blah..”. Your dead master was using Somali passport to destablise Ethiopia. You Woyanes used Arab money to destroy Ethiopia. I thought you would be happy with that and I wasn’t wrong as you already said it clearly that you would prefer being a slave to an Arab than co-exist with Ethiopian.

  7. This is series – for everyone I mean any Ethiopian (eprdf supporter or opposition party) you must be one in the country interst.
    We must have one voice

  8. look … saudi arebiya and outher areb world want use NILE as a sourse of water for there nation …! IN FUTURE ..?! WE ETHIOPIANS ARE NOT STUPID , WE BUYE PETROL AND THEY CAN BUYE OUR´S WATER 50 | 50

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