Saudi Arabia transfers Ritz-Carlton detainees to Al-Ha’ir prison

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The Ritz Carlton, Riyadh, [File photo]

The Saudi authorities have transferred the remaining detainees being held in the Ritz-Carlton hotel to Al-Ha’ir prison, south of Riyadh, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news site reported.

Sources told the news site that nearly 60 detainees were transferred to the most high security prison in the Kingdom. The prisoners include Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal as Prince Turki Bin Abdullah and a number of government officials who refused to make the large financial payments for their release.

Saudi Arabia has used the Al-Ha’ir prison to detain political activists demanding reforms, as well as terrorism suspects. Two days ago, authorities transferred 11 princes who had gathered outside the Al-Hakam Palace in Riyadh to the prison.

According to eyewitnesses, the security services including the police, the Royal Guards and army units which have surrounded the hotel over the past two months have nearly disappeared from the hotel’s vicinity, while online a hotels booking site listed the Ritz-Carlton as available for booking as of next month.

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The Saudi authorities detained nearly 200 princes and senior officials in an “anti-corruption” purge last year. The Saudi authorities are seeking to secure $100 billion in settlements from the detainees in exchange for their freedom.

Source: Middleeast Monitor


  1. I think Al Amoudi is exploiting the situation to leave Ethiopia.
    Can any one show me where he was named among the prisoners?
    His arrest was all made up by someone.

  2. I have told you folks before, when this man was incarcerated the first time a while ago. Saudis are Bedouin people and can be deadly vindictive. I had reminded you what happened at the palace there in Riyadh in 1975. After months of simmering conflicts between the throne and certain princes King Faisal was gunned down in broad daylight as he sat on his throne. The assassin was none other than another prince who was harboring deep grudges against the throne. The current punkish crown prince seems to understand very well about the dangerous behavior of a wounded but still alive poisonous snake. Not one snake but more than 200 vindictive snakes. I am telling you he has no choice but to take care of every one of these ‘billionaires’ who got rich through grafting and rent seeking. You know what I am talking about ‘take care of…’? Al-Waleed and Al-Amoudi will be easy to expend since both are not ‘purely’ native. He can take both of them and hack them at a main square in Riyadh and nobody will give a hoot. Al-Waleed grandmother was an Armenian survivor of the Turkish genocide and was a 12 year old refuge when she was given as trophy to a farting almost 50 years old King Saud. He ruthlessly raped her at age 12. They still do that over there. It is also a common practice in Yemen too. Well we also have the same problem of marrying young underage teenage girls to middle aged adults. So Al-Waleed will also be regarded an outsider to the Bedouins. I tell you, something will go down. Someone is going to get his head chopped off one of these days. I don’t blame the punkish prince for asking the money that was stolen away. There were a lot of investigative reports by respected western journals that shed lights on the seed money that catapulted all these individuals into the world family of billionaires. The saga of every one of them is like they get by a meager state stipend today and suddenly they are billionaires in just few years. I tell you that dog don’t hunt!!! It does not make sense. They had their own version of ‘value added’ when conducting business in Saudi Arabia. It meant that you hire a construction company for a project and you double, possibly ten times the amount you paid your contractor and you charge the government the total amount. That was how every major construction project was done. An immigrant who came to Saudi Arabia from Ethiopia with just clothes on his back has skyrocketed himself into the global realm of billionaire in just a few years. It is just that magic, right? Wait a minute; don’t forget the flying magic carpet!!! Now take this scenario with him to Ethiopia. Is any one of you trying to tell me that this Amoudi was conducting his business deals in Ethiopia clean of ‘ala-gumb’ deals? If you are trying to tell me that it will be the most derogatory terms you called me. I tell you I was called all kinds of pejorative word for speaking my mind but this one will be the worst of them. Are you trying to tell me that Al-Amoudi secured every venture in Ethiopia with no ‘palm buttering’? Come on, man!!! And, and, every ounce of gold he hauled out of the country is accounted and properly paid for it? Come on, man. We Ethiopians may be wealth challenged but we have the audacity to tell which fly among the swarm is a cross-eyed one.

    In any case, what the heck, I am enjoying the show presented by these Halawa drunk Wahhabis. Miles Davis, Ali Birra!!!…..Hit it bro!!!!!

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