Ethiopia: Saint Gabriel General Hospital closed for violations

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By Tesfaye Getnet

(Capital Newspaper) Saint Gabriel General Hospital has been closed by the Addis Ababa Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority.

According to a source, the hospital has been closed since March 11. When Capital attempted to visit the hospital it was closed. However, on Friday when staff was contacted they declined to comment saying, “We are not ready to give any information.”

Capital’s effort to talk with Alemtsheay Paulos vice director of the authority to understand the reason behind the Saint Gabriel Hospital closure was unsuccessful.

An elderly woman who began treatment at the hospital told Capital that “starting from last week the hospital has not been operating, I do not know what they did wrong.”

Located in Haya Hulet, Saint Gabriel Hospital is a modern medical center which came into existence in 1995 and has introduced many technological innovations to the nation. Its closing has surprised many people. The hospital offered services to about 21,000 people annually. Saint Gabriel General Hospital offers healthcare for employees of companies and organizations and has services with English-speaking staff for foreign communities.

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In other news the authority also announced that it shut down 82 health centers in the last six months for hiring unprofessional workers, selling expired drugs, distorting and not registering medical data.

The shut down ranges from small clinics, to medium and general hospitals. The license of one doctor and two clinics were also revoked.

The authority said that all the health centers in the city are aware of the requirements for hiring medical professionals and bringing equipment. Some health centers were given warnings and must improve or face closure.

Private clinic and hospital owners complain that land is too expensive to build a health center, there is a shortage of foreign currency, and it takes a long time to get machines they import through customs. They have asked for help addressing these problems.

Source: Capital Newspaper Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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