Sadik Ahmed on Current Ethiopian Situation (Video)

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Sadik Ahmed on Current Ethiopian Situation

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Sadik Ahmed on Current Ethiopian Situation (Video)


  1. Dear Ahmed,
    This is hatred. This is not politics. This type of rhetoric will only lead us to civil war. And you know what civil war can do to Ethiopia. Some of your points I can agree like selling land for 100 years to foreigners, land-locking Ethiopia, shipping Ethiopians girls or women for sex trade, … and others. But It is luck of unity, genuine and rational opposition that allowed them to go away with whatever they do.
    In my opinion, the solution is to unite, oppose the things we oppose with unity regardless race or ethnicity or religion. But I personally hate the ideology of mixing Islam in Ethiopian politics. I oppose the use of mosque to carry out political activities. A mosque must have been used to pray and meditate than to foster violence and make it a place of rebellion. It is wrong. I do believe in equality but I abhor any organisation that is based on religion, be it based on Islam or Christianity. The solution is to be civilized and oppose rationally. Naming calling will not get us anywhere. People also has a right to join EPRDF or TPLF. you have no business of controlling other people choices. It is my right if I wanted to support TPLF even if you think TPLF is not bad. Respect other people’s right and choice. The only way to rally people is to guide yourself by reasons, science and peaceful way based on truth and facts on the ground. You must respect other people’s right and choice. You have to win the heart of other people by being good example and rational, not by demonizing them and rejecting them because of their choice or whatever decision they take.

  2. ጋዜጠኛ ሳዲቅ ኢትዮጵያ ነው። እስኪ ስለ እናቱ የገጠመውንና አነባቡን ከውስጥ ሆናችሁ አድምጡት። እምወደው፤ እማከብረው አብነት ነው!
    እግዚአብሄር ይስጥልኝ።

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