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Sadik Ahemed interview with Jawar Mohammed | Video

Sadik Ahemed interview with Jawar Mohammed | Video

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  1. My fellow Ethiopians,
    We will and have to hit the key personalities who are around 500 in number that are sending orders to kill innocent Ethiopian for asking their God Given Rights.
    Find them they are your neighbors in Bole,MedihnAlem, Sheraton, Mekelle. They are getting ready to disappear with their stolen loot. find them, track them and hit back An Eye for Eye. They will never surrender because we collective marched, screamed, cried or demonstrated at all. Do not be fooled the message the only know is Force. Show them that numbers matter and that the tied has turned. Ethiopian together will eliminate TPLF once and for all in the next 12 months at most.

    May each and everyone of us be guided by the Almighty and the teachings of Jah.
    Therefore it is a must “An Eye for An Eye” policy focused on the 500 or so Top brass folks. For every one, one must go to bring a quick end to killings, shootings and crimes against humanity. While the Blue party will be the option the rouge regime will have to fall back on if they are to save at a minimum their innocent wife’s and young children.
    I suggest all Ethiopians track and list the MIT graduates the past 7 to 8 years. My finding shows they are all entrenched in various REGIONS with new names and language capability assuming the rogue regime will extend its influence by deceit and discreetly. Since your article on MIT (Mekelle Institute of Technology) their alumina list has vanished and the Facebook page parked for good.
    May Ethiopia live forever!

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