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Sacrilegious: TPLF Holy fuhrers ‘canonized’ the let despot Meles Zenawi

Sacrilegious: TPLF Holy fuhrers ‘canonized’ the let despot Meles Zenawi
July 31, 2013
The Horn Times Newsletter July 31, 2013
by Getahune Bekele-South Africa

Few months ago, a hotshot protestant preacher by the name of evangelist Semayat Toma, cousin of riff-raff historian Lapeso Gedelebo told an elite congregation at the national palace that he saw in his dream Meles Zenawi walking in paradise with Jesus Christ chatting about the renaissance dam project. The small crowd then burst into song led by first lady Roman Tesfaye. However, evangelist Semayat was largely condemned by various scholars and by his own church for putting the whole man and God thing into disrepute.

Died as Ruthless warlord, Meles Zenawi was honored as pious saint. (Picture source Minilik Salsawi)
Few months later, it was the turn of the TPLF controlled Ethiopian Orthodox Church to get involved in the murky world of politics.

“Oh lord have mercy on their soul and give them eternal rest…” yelled the gaunt and doddering fake pop Aba Mathias in laborious voice. That was followed by a massive cry of “Amen” from the gathered bunch of largely pagan warlords and federal police force commandos at St Micael WA Gabriel Orthodox Church on Sunday July 28 2013.

Besides the sickly Patriarch who acquired the throne of Saint Mark in scandalous way, former TPLF gunmen turned holy Bishops alongside warlord Abbay Tsehaye presided over the early morning mass which was the conclusion of a three day prayer event that began on Friday July 26 to honor the late PM Meles Zenawi and his partner in crime, the late controversial and disgraced high priest Aba Pawlos of Adwa, who despite taking a monk’s vow of simplicity, repeatedly caught pursuing luxury and flirting with the likes of US pop star Beyoncé Knowles.

According to eyewitnesses, only TPLF top dogs and a handful of Zenawi sympathizers attended the mass under unusually very heavy police guard with newly appointed federal police boss Assefa Abiyo personally directing security operations from the church compound.

Among the attendees were the tyrant’s widow Azeb Mesfin and her billionaire daughter Semhal with siblings Senay and Marda, presidential hopeful Haile Gebresilassie and deputy premier Demeke Mekonnen along with adviser to the Prime Minister, Bereket Simeon.

Also in attendance was TPLF mystery woman Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin who cut a lone figure at a corner.

“Let’s not beat about the bush. How is it possible to glorify two murderous individuals in the very same city where they have committed war crimes? What about their victims? Are they not Christians or that era of God honoring the Israelites for massacring the Palestinians is back? I know you won’t publish my words, but for me, am done with Christianity. Aba Pawlos for Kidist-Mariam church massacre of 1993 and Meles Zenawi for June 2005 mass killing in which I lost my brother Yosef; I will never forgive them. And to those priests and deacons in the TPLF governed satanic synod, shame on you. Why are we afraid to join our Muslim brothers and sisters and demand our religious freedom? I …am out.” A very angry 45 year old Melat Getachew told the Horn Times from Botswana-Gaborone, where she works and resides.

“It is worrisome for all Orthodox Church followers both Ethiopians and others when a church willingly associate herself with tyranny and infidelity. I am telling you there will be mass exodus in the coming weeks and months. The church in Ethiopia has lost relevance. You people in exile are very fortunate to have the legitimate Holy Synod and the beloved Holy Father Abune Merkorewos. We are suffering spiritual bankruptcy here at home.” A man who described himself as devout Christian but refused to give his name told a reporter in Addis Ababa.

“For all these we hold warlord Abbay Tsehaye and the criminal Aba Mathias responsible.” The man added.

The most persecuted church since May 1991, the Ethiopian orthodox Tewahido church had endured a brutal assault by the ruling minority junta under the dead Patriarch Aba Pawlos and currently is on the verge of total collapse after being reduced in to a TPLF cult by Aba Mathias, whom Ethiopians view as the false prophet of the modern era.

The only comfort for the laity is the rapid growth and expansion of the Holy Synod in exile.


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