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Ruling party in Amhara state warns Tigrayan forces against attempt to retake areas in western Tigray

Screenshot: Residents of Shire in northern Tigray celebrating the entry to the town of Tigray Defense Forces.

Addis Abeba, June 29/2021 – The Amhara branch of the ruling Prosperity Party (APP) warned Tigrayan forces led by Tigray Defense Forces that there is “no Amhara who will not pay a price” if there are attempts to seize areas in western Tigray “illegally.”

Several parts in western Tigray have been taken over by Amhara regional state, leading to the US Secretary of State describing the events there as “ethnic cleansing.”

“The people of Amhara are never ready to take revenge. This does not mean, however, that they are impatient with those who say, ‘we will settle a score,’” the statement said, accusing Tigrayn forces of attempting to settle score.



“We reiterate that Wolkait, Tegede, Telemt and Raya are areas of Amhara that the Amhara have freed through their own sacrifices. We want to reassure you again and again that if there is a desire to seize these areas illegally, there is no Amhara that will not pay the price for its freedom.”

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The statement came shortly after news by Reuters quoting Getachew Reda as saying: “Our primary focus is to degrade enemy fighting capabilities … So if going to Amhara is what it takes, we will do it, if going to Eritrea is what it takes, we’ll do it.”

On June 28 the federal government said it has accepted a request for a unilateral ceasefire tabled by Tigray Interim Administration. The announcement came shortly after reports of the take over of Mekelle city by forces formerly loyal to the TPLF which have since renamed themselves as Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) surfaced. news reports emerging late this afternoon indicate that Tigrayan forces are in control of Shire, a city in the northern the northern part of Tigray where Eritreans defense forces who were supporting the Ethiopian defense forces in the war in Tigray are accused of committing grave atrocities.



  1. As usual another episode of very sad story where brothers killing brothers, a never ending tragedy that has been bedeviling that gem of the colored for decades now. I hope and pray that The Almighty Our Creator Shall send down His spirit of peace and reconciliation on the leaders of these warring factions so level heads will win the day. The youth of that country does not deserve to be marched into awaiting inferno. War drum beaters have taken his cellphone away from him and handed him AK47’s and RPGs jso he can kill/maim his other brother. What a sad lot!!!

  2. It all boils down in what we Africans are capable of doing — mascaraing each other following the orders of individual smart-aleck elit groups for THEIR own benefit. By the way, where is the notorious highly educated individual with a pack of degrees who had the ambition to be The Owner and Administrator of an Ancient Land of Habesha, ETHIOPIA. for SELF-INTEREST — NOT LESS than Emperor Haile Selassie, The King of Kings, of the Tribe of Judah who ended his life in a military barrack and buried in a hole. No wonder, the modern African Leaders are terrified to think of their END similar to the Emperor. Consequently, they continue to be brutal to avoid their eventuality. But they cannot escape from the fate of Emperor Haile Sellasie, The King of Kings of the Tribe of Judah. If in doubt, ask Mengistu Haile Mariam who is hiding in an African Country, not far from Ethiopia. By the way, his relatives attempted to ‘judge the air’ for his coming back to Ethiopia. . Obviously, they advised him not to think of it. THAT IS LIFE IN OUR DEAR BLACK AFRICA. PERMANENT PRISONER LIFE for reason I am absolutely incapable of even know the beginning of the mystery.. THE END .
    Post Script:
    I wish to add a plea to all Africans who are safely away from their respective countries to be very careful in their attempt to rescue the unfortunate brethren back HOME. The African Leaders are known for their savagery and will NOT hesitate to liquidate their citizens without any feeling of consciousness.

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