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Ruling EPRDF Executive Committee Issues Resolutions: Nothing New – Oromia Protest Ignored, Welkait To Be Dealt By Tigray Region

by Debirhan

After evaluating the past 15 years journey and current political instability for the past four days, Ethiopia ruling EPRDF Executive Committee has today announced its resolutions which contained no major reform. The gist of the resolution is that it has decided to fight corruption and abuse of state power within itself.

EPRDF said the current grievances are the results of our economic development and success, which increased further needs. But it has asked the public to work with the Front to solve its grievances and requests.
The statement was read on the state owned EBC Tv after the prime time news.

It has decided to work on removing corruption. EPRDF has confirmed that the government has realized that there has been a view within its system which has viewed government position as an arbitrary personal enrichment.
The Welakit issue should be dealt with according to the regional laws of the Tigray region, it has decided.
The resolution did not say anything about the protests in Oromia region or answer any of the questions.
It has not apologized to the over 600 Ethiopian victims killed in recent protests. There was no statement of national reconciliation, dialogue or compromise with the people or opposition forces.

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  1. Extreme irresponsibility,gross evasion of facts,distorted comprehension of reality,the usual figurative the ostrech that puts its head in the sand.
    I think an out of reality assessment of the prevalent situation is lack of collective ability to tackle the problem.The eprdf lower cadres and those of you who support the leadership should join the people against the irresponsible declaration that be rates peoples greivance is due to excessive development of the economy.I never witness such absurd conclusion in the history of governments.The collective declaration of the central commettee of eprdf needs collective therapy of deviancy.

  2. Never ever economic development can be an excuse for killing of an armed protesters in broad day light. This shows the current ruling party has no capability and moral to lead its people. Eprdf should learn from the previous rulers. Otherwise, Eprdf will write the same history like Derg and H/Selassie did. My best advice for Eprdf is that learn from the past and from neighboring countries; be the 21th century leader!

  3. These people are not with their senses. Any foreigner that is familiar with country risk-assessment will tell your that Ethiopia is at ‘high’ risk with red colour. I am sure the American Embassy in Ethiopia has a fresh assessment of the situation done by the CIA and major centres of strategic peace studies in the US and Europe. What about the chatterboxes in the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs? We are in an information age where current and up-to-date studies on political, economic and social issues on any country is abundantly available fir the interested and concerned reader. Any computer literate can access the web for information on the current Ethiopian situation. The leadership at the top and the members of the allied parties should not gamble with the fate of Ethiopia and its people at this decisive moment. History will judge them for their irresponsible acts and selfish individual interests.

  4. The thing is, what do you expect from backboneless morons. The next transitional government should kick US Embassy and British Embassy for training and financing TPLF. Thia should happen until we, the people, are having stable country. Then they can come back by apologizing and meeting out trems. They still keep doing it and extend our brothers and sisters suffering. One way or another, these thugs days are numbered. We should help financially AG7. That is the only way this can end quickly with less blood shed.

  5. Sammy T ,
    It is in the interest of Ethiopians,the USA and UK presence should be severed once TPLF is gone.our people must not be made the protectors western interests.we can make it without their so-called aid.
    look at their silence even when TPLF/EPDRF declares military action against civilians and their utter arrogance in telling us the importance of our government alliance in fighting terrorism.it just shows their indifference to the killing of africans.

    Ethiopia should be terminate all diplomatic missions with USA and UK while strengthening relations with other nations.

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