Role of Tigrians and Non-Tigrians | By Belay A. Berhe     

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In general Tigrians involvement in the opposition’s political condition has been received suspicious look by so many Ethiopians due to the fact that TPLF is fully driven by Tigrians. Regardless, it is very important as well as timely issue as most of us have a lack of considerate deficiency to separate the TPLF Tigrian rulers from the vast majority of poor and devastated Tigrians, which is absurd and painful.
Apparently, some irrational non-Tigrian Ethiopians and their naive blind followers from Diaspora who are living in fantasy world are deliberately inflicting hate among Ethiopian tribes in order to misinform citizens using social Medias. They are portraying the entire Tigrians as a beneficiaries of the regime and branding them as if they are racist while the fact shows contrary to their unjustified rhetoric where there are a number of individuals from every tribe who are not only prejudiced and beneficiary but also responsible for the crimes that have been committed for over two decades along the TPLF members.
As a result, innocent Tigrians are being targeted and become venerable and sandwiches by both TPLF savage group and their servants as well as by the wild arrogant few self-claimed non-Tigrian politicians and their false political icons in particular in Diaspora. These few irresponsible non-Tigrian individuals accuses TPLF for its ethnic politics while the fact shows that they are obsessed to one tribe and can’t think beyond their tribal dogma and spreading hate among us.
Indeed, the self-interested worthless individuals who are still fixated with baseless tribal filthy game are very dangerous and diverting the struggle to advance their hatred agenda as their mind is twisted by tribal virus as same as the regime gangs. They are making nonsense loud noise and wanted to intimidate others whenever they lack of points. For example, they denunciate Tigrians didn’t have adequate participation in various opposition activities against the regime in Diaspora. However, when the Tigrians attempt to show their solidarity, they perceiving them as if they are spies of the TPLF. Let alone the participation of other non-Tigrians is also undeniably very low.
Seemingly, these narrow individual’s barley active in practical struggle against the regime while their singular purpose is to ruin the struggle as they are mind-capped and incapable to provide tangible solution for the tribe and society they’re claiming to defend. That is why they are continuously writing the most obnoxious statements on social media & making illogical nonsense noise to portray themselves as if they are the sole cause of this turbulence while they have nothing contributed to the struggle.
Their reaction towards Tigrians is simply with furious hate, distortion and unjustified accusation. They are unable to see the reality behind the curtain and identify the sheep in wolves clothing character of TPLF gangs. They are driven by emotion and falsified stories as they are using this consequence to advance their tiny hatred against innocent Tigrians that has nothing to do with the crime that is being committed by TPLF. Apparently, some of them are not going to be different from TPLF if they attained power and would kill and torture anyone who doesn’t belong to their tribe.

In addition, they are also partisan, hateful and show respect to the former Derg criminal members including Mengistu Hailemariam who should be in the international court of justice for their crime of genocide. On the other side they are not only disparaging the former TPLF members who wanted to utilize their struggle against TPLF even paying the ultimate sacrifice, but also irrationally labeling them as if they are TPLF sympathizers. However, the accusers have never provided any substantial justification to convince their subjects, but simple allegation and blackmailing.
These few egotistic individuals also utter creating solidarity among us and supporting inclusive organization would be better than having tribal one, but unfortunately the truth shows that most of them are not blessed to think beyond their own tribal line and regrouping themselves based on their tribal connection. In general, these individuals have a tendency to lean towards quick generalization and labeling and mocking everyone who doesn’t buy their filthy idea. Sadly, they have cultivated enormous naïve followers who are misled by their forked tongues and crocodile tears and take their word gullibly. Therefore, we have to admit the truth that the problem lies on both sides.
On the other side; the TPLF gangs and their affiliates also dig every hole and climb every mountain to prevent the establishment of the solidarity from both sides. Because, TPLF presents itself as the sole representative of Tigrians and use them to advance its plundering activities while millions of Tigrians with their fellow Ethiopians are facing endless misery and wretched poverty.
It’s understandable that most of the Tigrians are either supporting TPLF or remain silent not because they are benefiting from the apartheid regime but they are misled by TPLF as if their life would be in danger if TPLF removed from power. Plus they are brainwashed by the propaganda that non-Tigrian Ethiopians have a deep rooted hate towards them. You may have witnessed that when a non-Tigrian Ethiopians either condemn or reject TPLF’s crime, TPLF zealous supporters describe as if Ethiopians are snubbing the entire Tigrians, which is creating more confusion among gullible Tigrians.
Regardless, TPLF puts Tigrians in more dangerous situation by using their name, and of course non-Tigrian Ethiopians are seen Tigrians as archenemy, since unimaginable number of Ethiopians are killed, imprisoned and raped by TPLF. Anyhow, although it should be the responsibility of Tigrians to delineate the line between TPLF and non-TPLF Tigrians and challenge the TPLF’s foxy schema of using Tigrians to advance its mafia kind of rule; on the other side non-Tigrian Ethiopians have also an obligation to remove their obsessed attitude towards Tigrians.
I understand the Ethiopian current politics is very complicated but what is important is that every one of us should open relationship based on mutual respect, and embrace inclusive idea in order to establish solidarity. Unfortunately, we do not have that much free thinker citizens who are dedicated to enlighten our citizen, but most of us have either prefer to remain silent or trapped in the same empty can to play the filthy tribal labeling game which has given a green light to hate baiting narcissist who are using the name Amhara, Oromo and others to advance their animosity among us.
The truth is the entire Tigrians have not either shared or even seen the benefit collected in their name, however it may be difficult for a lot of ordinary citizens to separate innocent Tigrians and identify TPLF Tigrians. Because, for the last two decades alone aside from the divide and rule filthy politics; there is no question that being a Tigrian seems a license to do everything in the country. A license to kill, rob, etc. We have observed that the entire high rank commanding military, government, intelligence, foreign services, security services and other top major key roles all the way down to Kebele level are dominated by TPLF Tigrians.
We also have seen few TPLF members are milking the country and accumulate immeasurable wealth inside as well as outside the country while other Ethiopians live under endless poverty. Ethiopians have seen enough, and of course we have witnessed that yesterday’s guerilla fighter become millionaires, and adopt extravagant life style while million Ethiopians are scavenging in the trash can to fill their growling stomach. Most cars and buildings in Addis Ababa and other cities exclusively owned by TPLF members and their affiliated groups, and most Ethiopians would have such privilege unless he/she has TPLF God father protecting him/her.
I admit denying the obvious problem could not help anyone of us, but taking us toward fragmentation and breed hostility among us. Especially, Tigrians should not misled by TPLF propaganda as if the fate of Ethiopia would be like Somalia and Syria instead they should be able to see Ethiopia beyond TPLF philosophy and embrace alternative methods to save the long term generation of Tigrians among other Ethiopians.
Thus, irrespective of unending complicated circumstances the first step is to avoid “Us versus Them” thinking from both sides, instead we should see each other as fellow human being and judge each other based on our merit instead of tribal origin, of political affiliation. Plus we should continue to reject any deliberate disseminating hate among us from both sides and promoting to create autonomous (self-directed) citizens or groups and creating animosity among us.

Nevertheless, I’ve been closing watching the recent turbulence by various courageous Ethiopians who came out to challenge the regime gangs for the last few months. Their voice is loud and clear as Ethiopians need a system of law not tribal chiefs and leaders who appreciate and prize pluralism and able to tolerate different ideas. Therefore, every one of us should reach each other and coordinate our struggle. Because, Ethiopia could not feasible without Gambela, Oromo, Ogden, Tigre, Gurage, Amhara & so on. And we should not be fooled any longer by those who use tribe to advance their hatred ago.
Apparently, weather you believe it or not the ethnic tribal virus and hatred among various tribes is spreading throughout the current Ethiopia and affected many people from every ethnic group. So it needs to be addressed and handled appropriately, instead of pretending as if there is no one. However, at the same time the problem in Ethiopia is not also superficial as most of us assumed, but it is deep and needs clear understanding and tangible solution. Despite having deep problems there is always a possibility to establish democratic Ethiopia, where every citizen have judged based on his/her merit, not tribal origin, gender, religion or political belief.
Thus we should not be discouraged with point fingering and irrelevant labeling filthy game but instead what should be more important is the nature of our common enemy (Luck of rule of Law). So it would be very helpful for all non-TPLF Tigrians and non-Tigrians to focus on the enemy instead of wasting time with name calling or dominated by some tribal gullible subjects. Apparently, we have spent so much time degrading each other as ANTE AMAHRA…ANTE OROMO…ANTE TIGRE & other similar type of irrelevant slurs. It would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us who are using divide and rule as the main political instrument.
Therefore, weather you are a Tigrian or non-Tigrian every Ethiopians should focus on the big problem which makes us to bleed inside and destroy our identity and country. Undeniably, there is no any individuals or group who is not affected directly or indirectly by the TPLF ethno-fascist rulers’ tribally prejudiced agenda, so instead of splitting words and spend our valuable energy to repair our minor difference it would be advisable to focus toward the common enemy which is killing us as we speak. 
Ethiopia shall prevail! 
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  1. I don’t think non-Tegrian Ethiopians are narrow minded regarding TPLF and the people of Tigray. Other Ethiopians are rather tolerant to the deeds and talks of the majority of Tigrians who equate themselves with TPLF.

    To me TPLF is rather enemy to the Tigrians too.

    But you need to have clear thoughts: For instance:-
    Why Tigrians are silent to all genocidal oratories and deeds of TPLF?
    Why they keep silent to the declarations of TPLF that TPLF = Tegrians?

  2. You say millions of tigrians are facing endless misery. Pls Mister Belay don’t cheat us. Millions of tigreans love their fascist organaisation TPLF. In the last 25 years we have seen people of amara and people of oromo are prisoned, tortured and killed by the tigreans organisation called tplf. We didn’t see any tigreans mother who schould cry like amharan and oromo mother due to the atrosity of tplf. We didn’t see any oromo or amhara person who are going to republic of tigray and try to influenc the people of tigray. In this time every action what the people of amara and oromo take is justifabel. For this two great people and other oppressed people every action is a matter of survival. In this stage of the struggel no body has any interest to leave together with the tigreans.

  3. great article and very timely that holds a balanced idea. every ethiopians should read this to save our country. thank you mr belay berhe

  4. Dear Belay Berhe,
    Your command of the language is so poor you have ended up making a bad problem worse. Ask someone to edit for you or else write in simple Amharic and be sure to answer these questions.
    1/ Why are people in Tigrai Region NOT publicly supporting their brothers in Oromiya and Amhara Regions as the latter are being massacred?
    2/ Why lie Tigrayans in Amhara and Oromiya regions are being persecuted when the reality is that it is Tplf moving them out of the regions to make it they are ? 3/ Do you think it is ok for Tigrayans to UNFAIRLY benefit from the system? Why should Tigrayans be the major owners of businesses in Gumuz or in Addis or Jimma than the locals? There are virtually no one from other regions owning business in Tigray.

  5. This is what we want our tigrean brethren should do if they want to enter the big Ethiopian tent

    1. condemn without equivocation the tplf thugs for the bloodshed and egregious abuse of the rights of all Ethiopians that do not subscribe to their racist and kleptomaniac philosophy.

    2. fight the tplf machinery inside tigray in whatever way possible

    3. acknowledge the injustice that many innocent citizens have been displaced from their ancestral homes and lands. Acknowledge adjoining lands have been forcibly incorporated into the so called greater tigray (wolkite, tsegede, telemt, alamata, kobo, humera etc). Acknowledge that tigray or tigreans have no right of possession west of atbara and south of tekeze rivers, especially by the use of force of the state apparatus.

    4. support the anti tplf revolt throughout the country

    5. attend anti woyane meetings, rallies, protests, workshops….. wherever you are. Don’t be scared of other Ethiopians if you are not a a blood thirsty woyane cadre or official

    6. start proclaiming your freedom from woyane stranglehold and join the fight for freeedom, justice and democracy etc.

    ……………….then and only then would your actions match your rhetoric of grievances and being among the oppressed masses.

  6. Be honest to yourself, Sir! Tegrians have identified themselves with TPLF. Other Ethiopians have rather tolerated the Trgrians for more than 25 years.

    Your account lacks facts. It is just like the propoganda and bogus talks of TPLF. Your account may serve TPLF. TPLF is using this kind of cooling mechanisms after declaring the kill all who are against me period.

    I think TPLF is effectively using the State of Emergency (SoE) to contain the public upraising and the force/ for change. Primarily SoE has infused unprecedented fear among the people. This has given the following opportunities to TPLF:
    – Brainwashing the general public using the so called religious leaders and elders
    – To search and find the leadership, network and leaders of the nationwide movement
    – In due time it will air another fake documentary claiming the movement has no public root.
    – To silently kill/imprison all those against it.
    Hence, TPLF which prime goal is Self-indulgence through demolishing Ethiopia and Ethiopians is not on the wrong side of history. It is maintaining its status que and agenda.

    The problem is this: we try to see TPLF gang as government. No, the gang is not a government. It is a killer given all the state power to kill, steal, and destroy. TPLF is messanger of the evil, agent of our enemies (the neocolonisers).

    If TPLF manages to cool down the uprising, it will renew its friendship to our enemies (USA, UK and EU). It will again win every power of us and enslave Ethiopians for another decades.

    The upraising should be speaded up!!!!!!!!!!! Organized asasnation of TPLF officials and their cronies should be inplace. Don’t give time to the TPLF gang!

  7. I think, the website is not any more free. Anti TPLF thoughts/openions are not accepted.

    Mr. Belay A. Berhe, YOU KNOW WHAT, you are TPLF. Look it the picture you chose. You have given the Tigrians a TPLF face. That was the demonstration in Tigray in support of TPLF’S MASSACARE in Gondar/Gojam.

    Blame yourself not other Ethiopians. You are part of TPLF which produced a fiction that Amharas are enemies of Tigrians, Ethiopian history is fiction, Amhara and Tewahdo should be destroyed, etc.

    Go to hell, man.

  8. Please,stop crying loud without a rational thinking.When did tigrians come out in mass inthe last 25 years oppose the killing,displacement and of the ethiopian people.
    You guys start speaking out when a few thousand of your people leave in fear of from gonder.
    The tplf was displacing people (amharas) in 100’s of thousands silently for years.
    We did not hear a person of tigrean origin talk.if you call yourself an ethiopian when an ethiopian civil right is violated you have to open up tack about it.
    Your article is to start with racist and untimely.please stay away care in a different way for your people.

  9. those of you who are driven by emotion and insulting the writer and branding the writer as weyane are idiots who cant even read and understand the whole content except driven by emotion to insult the writer without having enough understanding. this is a typical problem among diaspora ethiopians as most of us wouldnot take our time to evaluate issues except listening, and reading what our ear wants to hear and what our mind wants to read.

    anyway the writer clearly indicated the problem from both weyane and so called oppostions and we need to stop whining against innocent tigrians and begin to do our own homework first.

    lets be honest, how many of us finacially supporting any oppostion group except writing and talking restlessly against weyane? how many of us go out to demo and other anti weyane practical movements except whining against tigrians? having said that i admit the fact that there are only a few dedicated ethiopians who are doing thier part practically against weyane unlike to most of you.

    anyway i recommend all of you to go back and read to understand the entire content and message before you run into insult.

  10. I think he tried to be fare and show the missgivings of both sides. But, the respond is not encoursging . How is it then to keep our country moving forward? Some of you who comment you don’t want to live 28th Tigreans. So, what will be the solution?

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