Robert Mugabe Elected African Union Chairman

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe has been named as chairman of the African Union.
The 90-year-old was elected by his fellow heads of state to replace Mauritania’s Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz in the role, which rotates between the the continent’s five regions.
robert mugabe
“By electing me to preside over this august body, with full knowledge of the onerous responsibility that lies ahead, I humbly accept your collective decision,” Mugabe said as he was appointed at the AU summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Africa’s longest-serving leader is still viewed with respect by many of the continent after he led Zimbabwe to independence, however he is subject to travel bans in the European Union and US.
He was given a rare invitation to an EU-Africa summit in Brussels last year, but boycotted after his wife was refused a visa.
When he initially took power he was seen as promoting reconciliation, but controversial land reforms which forced out white farmers from 2000 onwards drew ire in the West.
Since then, he has increasing been accused of human rights abuses and vote-rigging as his ZANU-PF party has clung on to power.

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  1. The global center of power is definitely shifting.
    Are we seeing a new direction of African foreign policy directions ?
    China is certainly playing a major role in Africa not only in economy and trade, but also participating militarily in Africa’s peace keeping efforts in South Sudan where it has major economic projects.

  2. By having Mugabe as Chairman, the message sent from the Union of African dictators is clear. None of them is any better than him for that matter. You can obviously see his performance in the Union meetings from the picture above.

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