Revisiting contemporary Ethiopian ‘Media’

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Revisiting contemporary Ethiopian ‘Media’, civic and Political groups in the mist of TPLF’s agony to stick around through mass atrocities

All Ethiopians must demand from one-and-all to shape up or ship out. The truth is; Woyane refused to ship out because there are too many dysfunctional elites distracting the democratic struggle from shipping it out.

by Teshome Debalke

It is feels great to start an article with good news for a change. The recent announcement the Ethiopian National Movement formation by four political groups that declared; the people of Ethiopia’s interest come first before anything else is historic that calls for celebration. It should make Ethiopians proud to see we have political leaders with the backbones to say the people than the elites come first for real than the usual slogan. It is a giant step in the right direction.

In all honesty, it is like the second coming of Kinjit and the best thing that happened to Ethiopians in the political stage and since the Ethiopian Satellite Television came on air six years ago in the Media stage. Though the detail is not out yet to say one way or the other, for the first time in a political dialog of Ethiopians; it drew a solid line on the establishment of the rule of law supreme as the foundation of democracy for the people, by the people to the people of Ethiopia as oppose to, by, for the dysfunctional elites and their opportunists’ surrogates that sustained anarchy Ethiopians lived under for as long as we can remember.

Special thanks to the Honorable Andargachew Teige that is held hostage by the TPLF led terrorist regime and his families that sacrificed and suffered so much to see this day come through. Moreover, his partners that carry on his vision to bear fruit, particularly the Honorable Professor Berhanu Nega that absorbed so much assault and insult from cowards of all kinds throwing mud at him from their hidings. After all, honor is earned by good deeds not by slander of the fainthearted on the Honorable children of Ethiopia as the rogue regime does.

For sure, this great news is a day of grief for TPLF apologists and the fainthearted dysfunctional elites and opportunists that see the people of Ethiopia in the prism of their unchecked lust for illegitimate power and unlimited appetite to fill their pocket books with blood money that comes with it. After all, lawless regimes like Woyane on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia is the best thing that happened to dysfunctional elites.

Therefore, the Ethiopian National Movement must be supported and protected by-all-means necessary; not only from the TPLF make-believe regime and its clandestine operatives but, all other make-believe political parties, civic organizations, Media… that exist by slogan to undermine others than doing the right things for the people.

Looking at Media’ coverage of this important historical development can tell you who-is-who the in contemporary Ethiopian Media. Some ‘Media’ are obvious showing their disapproval of the formation of the Ethiopian National Movement by ignoring the most relevant opposition political development news of the in a long time – proving they are make-believe Media.

As the dead-and-deadly rogue Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) led Apartheid regime reached its final stage of survival, Ethiopians that hoped it would have any decency to know right-from-wrong and surrender its illegitimate power peacefully is as dead as the fairytale that created it along the fake Revolutionary Democracy that kept its apologist hoping and barking on the ‘wrong tree’ to justify its occupation all these years. But, watching opportunists elites of one kind or another coming out of the woodworks to look holier than their victims to make the best out of the State of Emergency to  revive a dead regime reinforces; dysfunctional elites still remain the source of the problem of Ethiopians in sustaining dictatorship.

Now Ethiopians are officially under the rogue mercenary group led regime occupation, it is a matter of time before the regime bites dust or the dust bit it, whichever comes first. But, what remained for the rest of Ethiopians is defending our people by all-means necessary from its terror and preventing the operatives/assassins from committing more atrocities and division against our people.

Make no mistake, the challenge is real multiplied by the international community collaboration with the Apartheid regime and the dysfunctional elites’ created confusion to the benefit of the rogue regime. If history is a lesson; the international community has always been the same — on the wrong side of history. What is different this time around is the large number of dysfunctional elites on the wrong side of history embracing ethnic Apartheid to get what they want on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia.

Therefore, once again; it falls on the old good ingenuity and bravery of Ethiopians to fight back and pick up the pieces to move on in democracy and nation building regardless of what others do.  In that regard, the Ethiopian National Movement can’t come at a better time to bring our people together for Ethiopians.

Regardless, the make-believe political, civic and Media organizations that have agenda other than the freedom and democratic rights of our people and the rule of law to govern Ethiopians continue to play hide-and seek to undermine the democratic struggle. In fact, more than we would like to admit; they are increasingly becoming a nuisance to the struggle than the rogue TPLF led regime and its enablers combined.

As the saying goes; some things are more important than others. It means prioritizing is key to success. If the political elites can’t collectively set their PRIORITIES right i.e. democracy and the rule of law to govern; more chaos is inevitable as the rogue regime and dysfunctional elites wanted it to be relevant.

For instance, it is well established fact, Apartheid in any form-or-shape is incompatible with freedom, and democracy and the rule of law of society thus, the security and stability of any people.  No one proved that reality than the rogue Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) that instituted it since the last South African Apartheid regime was discarded as uncivilized barbaric regime and ever since Fascist used it to subdue Ethiopians to accept its occupation. Therefore, if freedom and democracy to our people is the goal of contemporary political elites as it should; the colonialists’ concept of ethnic Apartheid must be scraped from its roots along with the rogue TPLF led regime that implemented it for all the reasons our people experienced in the last 25 years that need no repeating here.

Therefore, anyone that can’t accept the reality of what TPLF ethnic Apartheid did to our peoples’ democratic struggle not only should be considered hostile to the freedom and rights of our people but, he or she must be seen as dysfunctional operating in a fairytale bubble created by none other than TPLF and its enablers as it was intended.

There is also a saying; ‘decision-indecision; isn’t that the problem?’ What it means is; noting moves an inch from its present position without decisive decisions for action. Therefore, decision or indecision makes or breaks society and the indecision of the silent majority elites to stand on the side of freedom, democracy and the rule of law thus, accountability from one-and-all of their peers brought Ethiopians where we are today as people.

Thus, bold decisions are necessary when it comes to the people’s rights and interest. Among them; noting is acceptable from anyone but, the submission for democracy and the rule of law no matter how much noise or drama one make for whatever reasons that suite him or her.

Finally, there is a saying; ‘if you make the bed sleep in it’. There is two ways to look at the saying. The first is the same as saying ‘if you break it you own it’. And, the second and most important one is if you are not ACCOUNTABILE for your actions-inactions and take no responsibility for it; you are no good for anyone including yourself and no different than the rogue regime. After all, without accountability; nothing worth talking, bragging, screaming, writing … about anything let alone democratic governance.

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Therefore, the struggle is about the freedom and the rights of the people of Ethiopia for good governance not a popularity contest or job opportunity of the elites for dictatorship position. Likewise, Ethiopians didn’t vote on their free will for anyone to speak on their behalf but, demanding to speak for themselves by democratic means. If the vast majority of the contemporary elites can’t speak up to make our people democratic right respected to choose their leaders in their free will; the dysfunctional elites rule and anarchy will continue so uncivilized regime rule forever.

PRIORITY – DECISION – ACCOUNTABILITY or the 3 BBS (building block of society) as I like to call them are not choices but necessities for freedom and democracy thus, a civilized regime to come. Unfortunately, for the most part they are all missing in our contemporary society; thanks for the dysfunctional political elites that make too much noises and the indifference of the vast majority of their peers failing to make them accountable.

Therefore, our people are literally forced in a goose chase to figure out who-is-who responsible for 3 BBS and paying the ultimate price for it abandoned to a minority ethnic Apartheid dictatorship as they were under the Marxist military junta before it.

There is also a saying; ‘there is a time for everything; a time to protest… and a time for actions…’. In a deliberately disfranchised society like ours (thanks again to the dysfunctional contemporary elites’ lust for illegitimate power) in the mist of getting rid of a minority ethnic Apartheid dictatorship on a steroid, it is important to do less and less of talking and more and more of doing on the most important institutions that undermine the democratic struggle.   So far, with few exceptions, the majority of political and civic groups and Media, don’t know their PRIORITIES, can’t make decisive DECISIONS and have no ACCOUNTABILITY to anyone to match our people’s struggle for freedom and democracy. The question is; who, what, why… are their priorities, decisions and accountability missing?

The only method known in human civilization to evaluate institutions is to demand ACCOUNTABILITY. If there is no accountability; anarchy is the rule not the exception as Ethiopians experienced it for decades.

If we really think about it, the one-and-only reason Ethiopian despise the rogue ethnic Apartheid regime led by the self-proclaimed mercenary group known as TPLF is because it is not ACCOUNTABLE to the people it occupied in anything it does. If it was; it wouldn’t be committing the massive crimes it committed and continue to commit against humanity, racketeering and treason and institutionalize duplicity to put our people and nation in crises as it did.  Better yet, its dysfunctional elites wouldn’t be barking on the wrong tree and biting the wrong people like derange mob to justify TPLF’s rule.

We witnessed when the dysfunctional members of the so called ‘Federal Election Board’ made a mockery of election by 100% to legitimize illegitimate regime and got away with it. We observed when the dysfunctional judges in mock ‘Federal’ Kangaroo Courts make travesty of justice by sending off the best and the brightest innocent Ethiopians to the dungeon of Woyane. We saw in horror when dysfunctional member of the fake ‘Federal Police’ unleash their Agazi assassins to terrorize innocent Ethiopians in broad daylight to subdue them into submission for rogue regime.  We watched in amusement when dysfunctional elites turn economic institutions of the public in to auction houses of TPLF cronies to robe our people and nation blind. We followed dysfunctional ‘journalsts’ made a circus out of public ‘Media’ — manufacturing fairytales overnight to divide and subdue Ethiopians and cover up the crimes of TPLF’s cronies, on and on.

The million dollar question is, why is the dysfunctional elites’ instigated anarchy tolerated by the vast majority of their peers?

When Ethiopians finally said enough of TPLF Apartheid rule, the best the rogue regime’s dysfunctional elites can come up with short of surrender is declaring State of Emergency to sustain a criminal enterprise of Woyane. Whether we like to admit it or not, all the anarchy that happened in our society is because the dysfunctional elites are left alone with no consequences whatsoever due to the indifference of the rest from policing their criminality and making them accountable accordingly.

But, we can blame dysfunctional elites of Woyane’s all we want except, there is whole other problem with others. Do you know how many political, civic, Media… institutions lack accountability to the public in what they say and do in the name of the people of Ethiopia or Nation and Nationalities as the self-declared ethnic minority Apartheid regime like to refer Ethiopians? Unfortunately, the majority are embarrassingly lack basic accountability on the expenses of those that do the right things.

Speaking of ‘Nation and Nationalities’, why do you think a rogue group known as TPLF that proclaimed to represent a minority ‘ethnic’ group of Ethiopians instituted Apartheid rule in the most diverse and one of the oldest Nations on earth against the interest of the very people it claims to represent by 100% of their vote? Was it love of ‘the golden people’ in a nation that ‘never existed’ or love of the rest of ‘non Ethiopians’ to free them from ethnic oppression of Ethiopians?

If anyone is stupid enough to believe TPLF and its enablers’ fairytale about Ethiopians and couldn’t figure out what the rogue group is up to against our people by now; he or she must be a closet Woyane or replica with the same mission or he or she is in it for the lucrative opportunity TPLF anarchy offers on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia. There is no any other explanation for it.

Our wise people say; ሊበሏት ያሰብቧትን አሞራ ጅግራ አሏት. They were referring to dysfunctional elites that kept eating their own roots while they pretend to love our people more than the people themselves.

They say ‘think globally act locally’. Unfortunately our contemporary dysfunctional elites reversed it to think locally and act globally. In fact, that is the classic definition of dysfunctional behavior.

Therefore, the struggle boils down riding dysfunctional elites from the affair of the people of Ethiopia for good starting with TPLF dysfunctional elites. Once again, the only method known in the human experience to do that is to make each and everyone accountable for their individual crimes personally.  Again, following the primitive Woyane footstep of guilty by ethnic or religious associations on the civilized people of Ethiopia is not an insult to our people but, hide out from personal accountability for one action-inaction.

Naturally, Woyane dysfunctional elites made their bed drainage in blood and sleeping in it. They know it and every Ethiopian know it and each will be accountable for it eventually. Their empty bravado and rants to avoid accountability hiding behind ethnicity and behind the defunct Revolutionary Democracy is self-delusion and expected. After all, does anyone really expect not to get involved in crimes by joining TPLF ethnic gang in the first place?

The recent Woyane gangs’ drama (conference) in Addis Ababa after declaring State of Emergency (official license to kill) illustrate the attempt to avoid accountability by the dysfunctional elites. Quite frankly, it was more hilarious than the last drama about good governance. But, this time around, there were invited guest actors from the official (registered) ‘oppositions’ led by the infamous Lidetu Ayalew of Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP). To put the icing on the drama, the daughter of the late infamous mastermind of the Apartheid regime Melse Zenawi showed up in what appears representing her late father’s ghost that still rules by proxy of his patriot Hailimariam D.  It is not clear whether she was invited to represent the children of TPLF dysfunctional elites, her corrupt mother or to remind the attendees he father’s legacy still rules.


But, the irony the ‘oppositions’ that are not allowed to rent a conference room for their own official party meetings willing to participate in TPLF drama (conference) while TPLF Agazi assassins slaughter our people under state of emergency is a tragedy by its own and speaks volumes there are more dysfunctional elites than we would like to admit. Personally, I can’t think of the worst example of a dysfunctional elite among the attendees next to Halimariam D than Lidetu Ayalew.

At present, the biggest obstacle facing Ethiopians is not TPLF’s dysfunctional elites that officially declared to stick with the criminal enterprise of Woyane against the people of Ethiopia but, the rest that refuse to be accountable from undermining the democratic struggle to end the rogue gang’s rule sooner. Also, the silent majority elites’ indifference from demanding accountability from one-and-all left the field wide open for the dysfunctional elites to literally dance on the heads of the people of Ethiopia.

It is obvious to one-and-all by now most Media, political groups and civic organizations are not transparent and accountable like TPLF to the people of Ethiopia. The majority of them don’t even revile who is running their organizations on their official website if they do have one to begin with. Nor do they revile the responsible person[s] on official Press Releases they put out occasionally — mostly in reaction to the rogue regime’s crimes. Some individual that come out on ‘Media’ for interviews or comments representing one-or-another political or civic organizations are nowhere to be found on the official website of the organization they claim to represent.

When it come to ‘Media’ that are supposedly entrusted to make one-and-all organizations accountable on behalf of the public; they are the worst offenders.  It is mindboggling to find the majority are in sorry state of self-denial of who they are and what they represent. Most don’t even revile the identity of their reporters, editors or owners — playing hide-and-seek with the public not to be identified and accountable on the unverifiable information they provide let alone to make others including the rogue regime accountable. Majority don’t seem to understand the difference between the Free Press, entertainment and propaganda Media nor between a forum or a personal blog — mixing their political, social, religious and economic interest with the public interest and welfare. Likewise, they put out articles from pseudo intellectuals with no verifiable names or credentials in what appears to confuse the public and discourage people from getting involved.

I have written many articles regarding make-believe Media that promote one-thing-or-another or accuse on individual or group without providing the evidence and the identity of the accuser and escape accountability. It is disheartening to observe how little transparency exist in the Ethiopian Media operating in the free world as it is the case with TPLF operatives infested Media at home.

More perplexing is; most if not all claim to be independent, impartial, nonpartisan, nonpolitical…Media to earn creditability but yet hide the identity of the responsible person[s], editor[s] and reporter[s]. When you explore their legal status as required by law for any profit-making or fund soliciting entity to find out their credibility in most cases they operate without.

Sadly to say, if one put up a website and provide any news and video clip sourced from anywhere, it calls itself a Media organization licensed to throw mud on anyone it feels like it and get away with it. After all, no one makes make the operators legally or morally accountable even in the free world.

Therfore, the most important public institution — the Media is in a state of anarchy like everything else, a sign; dysfunctional elites led by TPLF elites created anarchy in the airwave at home and abroad is rampant like everything else.   No wonder our people are suffering under rouge dictatorship and operatives made possible by off the wall propaganda.

Naturally, the ring leaders are the well-financed and trained TPLF run bogus Media with empty slogans and propaganda in the name of Media to create enough confusion, diversion and division to sustain the rouge regime rule indefinitely.

But, others Media that claim to be for freedom and democracy of our people are not forthcoming with what they claim to do either. Some are so obviously dysfunctional they consistently contradict themselves with what they say and do. The savvier Media’ very existence appears to be to create enough confusion among Ethiopians to sustain the status qua or to promote their undisclosed agenda out of the anarchy TPLF created. A few seem to exist for sole purpose of reacting to the crimes of the Woyane regime noting more. But, many more are in it to undermining their political reveries than to address the fundamental truth of the lack of freedom and democracy and the rule of law and accountability on behalf of the people.

Take for instance the relatively new outlet (2012) by the name Berekha Broadcasting Network (BBN) that claims to be a ‘news organization’. It appears it was created in reaction to Woyane regime’s takeover of the Ethiopian Muslim religious institutions under government sanctioned cadres posed as religious leaders and the protest that followed by Ethiopian Muslims and the subsequent arrest of the committee leaders for simply advocating  the regime to stay away from their religious affairs. Though BNN rightly don’t officially claim it has any affiliation with the movement for freedom of religion as the committee leaders clearly articulated, it wouldn’t disclose; whose voice it is broadcasting to be heard as a news organization.

Its official website broadly says;

“As a news organization we are always testing and questioning the credibility of others.

We have to stand that test ourselves.

The purpose of having a code of ethics and practices is to protect the credibility of BBN Our Voice by ensuring high standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality.”

Unfortunately, with no person[s] identified and the credential of the ‘journalists’ on BBN’s official website; the credibility of BBN as a Media organization is questionable.   Abdurahim Ahimed is the only person identified as the Editor and Producer on most of the public Videos BBN put out. Another person affiliated with BNN is the website domain name registrant by the name Ismael Abdulkadir of Lawrenceville, Georgia with a phone # 678-740-7701, according to Source.

Recently, BBN leveled accusation on Vision Ethiopia organizers and the Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) that sponsored the recent and the past events alleging lacking of diversity in Vision Ethiopia Forum that prompted a public response from Vision Ethiopia Chairman Dr.  Getachew Begashaw and the Editor-in- Chief of ESAT, Sisay Agina.

Weather it was out of ignorance or deliberate, the individuals that created BNN wouldn’t be violating their own ‘high standard of honesty’ if they say BNN isn’t a ‘news organization’ but, religion or ethnic group advocacy group. Moreover, BNN as ‘a news organization’ it clams publicly accusing another news organization (ESAT) and a public Forum ( Vision Ethiopia) that calls for Ethiopian intellectuals to present their recommendations on the future of Ethiopia not only violated its own stated ‘high standard, integrity and impartiality’ but, its legal obligation to disclose the evidence publicly.  In fact, it raises more questions than answers whether BBN is what it claims to be in many fronts. First, no Media accuse anyone let alone publicly without formally notifying the accused privately for explanation of the alleged violation, the victim[s] of the violation and the evidence of the alleged offence.

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Unfortunately, in contemporary Ethiopia; shoot first and ask question later is the norm not the exception as we witnessed with the more established Media. In fact, most throw mud on anyone — violating the very basic principle of journalism and justice (innocence until proven otherwise) and get away with it time-and-time again with no consequences.

When that wasn’t enough, a Media by the name of The Voice of Amhara Radio with faceless and nameless peopleEthiopian Media, who is accountable came out of nowhere recently. First another nameless and faceless Media by the name Satenaw is the first that posted the official Press Release of the Voice of Amhara followed by Medrek online and a handful of Media including Ethiopia Review’s Merja Forum started positing its broadcasting along the ZeHabisha and a few others. A search for Voice of Amhara official website found none but, a Facebook page with no content or name of the broadcasters but few images including the old Ethiopia map with the old embalm is presented, claiming;

“To express choice of the Amhara people for full independence through the peaceful and armed struggle that they waged for Ethiopian freedom.”

But, every Voice of Amhara video broadcasting posted with the emblem of Tena Adam ( a website associated with the Registrant Name: Alyou Tebeje Registrant Organization: ANDINET. Registrant Street: 15839 FOLIAGE AVE Registrant City: APPLE VALLEY MINNESOTA Phone # 612-986-0557 and the emblem of Ze Habesha. The same Alyou Tebeje also works at Ze Habesha Media as a journalist, according to his Face book page. The same Alyou Tebeje also is the Managing Editor of  Ze-Habesha Websites, according to Satenaw Blog Post  and list and  At the mean time SATENAW.COM is under NS1.ZEHABESHA.COM server and claims;  “Satenaw is an editorially-independent, a nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to provide fair and unbiased information to the Ethiopian community and is committed to separating news and views, while covering broad areas of different issues”

Likewise, Ze Habesh that privately registered its domain name claims;

“We’re here for one reason to provide fair and unbiased information to the community and is committed to separating news and views, while covering broad areas of health, education, politics and sports. pages are dedicated to informing its readers, and its editorial section is committed to advocating various philosophies and positions regarding the community. As the motto succinctly describes it, “Truth is the winner!”

No one knows if the person who runs Satenaw, Ze Habesha, Tena Adam and Mahedere tena is one and the same Alyou Tebeje or multiple individuals undisclosed on all the websites they run.  Nor, if he is affiliated with the newly established Voice of Amahra Radio that doesn’t revile the identities of the people involved or the need to promote the Voice of Amhara Radio in the last hour of the struggle to end TPLF led ethnic Apartheid regime.

According to the Voice of Amhara Press Release on Satenaw with Moresh Wegenie letterhead with privately registered domain name provide no identifiable person responsible for the organization or the Radio Station.  The privately registered Moresh Wegenie website describing about the organization;

“Moresh Wegene Amara Organization (MWAO)

All Ethiopians who are proud of our long national history and particularly all who consider themselves Amara are urged to spare a short time get to know why MWAO was established and what it stands for by reading the following article.  After…” without providing the article.

The only person identified as the Chairman of “Moresh Wegene Amara Organization (MWAO) in the public Media interview or occasional news is Mr. Tekle Yeshaw (አቶ ተክሌ የሻው). There is no explanation why the organization or the Radio Station doesn’t revile the identity of the people that run them.

When that is not enough, Medrek, a collation of 4 ethnic parties’ interest to promote Voice of Amhara Radio on its website is not clear. Could it be an attempt to promote ethnic Amhara party to justify the desire of Medrek in ethnic Apartheid Ethiopia no one knows?

Either way, what could be the possible reasons so many political, civic, Media …institutions hide the identity of the people behind their operations?  Isn’t hide-and-seek of the elites behind one-or-another institution, particularly the Media organizations where the problem of Ethiopians began and must end? More questions but no answer.

The only good news is all the crises facing our people is the establishment of ESAT that set the standard of Media transparency and accountability higher than anyone can match yet. Likewise, Patriotic-Ginbot 7 setting the higher standard of democratic movements’ transparency and accountability than anyone ever did in the history of Ethiopia is a good development. Now the Ethiopian National Movement is setting the standard of collaboration of various political groups in building democracy and the rule of law to govern Ethiopians is a great development to watch.  No hiding their identity and credential would help other organizations and Media to be relevant or from being accountable to the people of Ethiopia sooner than later.

If one can’t understand what transparency and accountability is all about; they should either get their head examined or admit they are dysfunctional that don’t know what they are doing and learn how or disclose their real agenda to stand the test of public accountability.

As they say; you can run but you can’t hide from the eventual accountability for your actions or inaction.

For those dysfunctional elites that engage in an elaborate confusion as a strategy to undermine the democratic struggle of our people, be warned. You may have confused many Ethiopians for too long to discourage us from getting involved in the democratic movement to end Apartheid rule. But, at the end of the day, as long as you choose not to stand by the institutions you run or the information you provide and refuse to identify yourself for whatever reasons; you are not who you said you are, have no right to accuse, slander or give opinion on anyone and expect not to be caught to pay the consequences of your actions.

As they say ‘do it right or don’t do it at all’. The era of throwing mud or propaganda and hiding like a coward is fast ending and Ethiopians are watching those making a jackass out of themselves playing hide-and-seek on the expenses of our people’s struggle and against the rights of the people to know the truth and liberties to be free and will make them accountable in due time.

Like the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’ so civilization. Therefore, the reason the civilized people of Ethiopia are under the uncivilized regime of Woyane regime is simply because contemporary dysfunctional elites are not civilized enough to understand the difference between their private interests from the public interests or private institution from public institution and fail to be accountable. Unfortunately, the vast majority of their counterparts are not brave enough to challenge them.

It is time to stand for our people by cleaning up dysfunctional elites that commit crimes against our people or others that undermine the democratic movements achieving its goal from their hiding.

All Ethiopians must demand from one-and-all to shape up or ship out. The truth is; Woyane refused to ship out because there are too many dysfunctional elites distracting the democratic struggle from shipping it out.

This article is dedicated to Ethiopians that made history again by making the Ethiopian National Movement for democracy, justice and freedom possible and proving the naysayers what Ethiopians can do when they come together and be accountable to defend our people. Undermining these great and farsighted children of Ethiopia is a crime against Ethiopians as equal if not worse than Woyane’s crimes.   

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