Exactly forty-five years after the last emperor of Ethiopia was deposed by lawless criminals who went on to commit a genocide against our people, Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy’s website was indexed (included) in Google News. This is a big development, one that confers an additional layer of legitimacy to our initiatives while expanding the global reach of our communications. In the age of information overload, it is vital to be seen as a fair and unbiased source of knowledge; being included in Google News is another step in this direction and demonstrates the continuous growth of our organization.

Though we are not a media company, the analysis and solutions that we present requires a media footprint in order to reach the broader public in Ethiopia and throughout the world. Not only is our reach magnified by being included in Google News, it is an significant step in our efforts to rebuild and restore an institution that served Ethiopia well for more than 3,000 years. The Solomonic Crown is not about one person or about personalities, it is a governmental body that is mandated to look out for the long term interests of Ethiopia and advocate on behalf of all Ethiopians.

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There are many hurdles ahead of us as we continue the work of restoring the Ethiopian monarchy; if we are to succeed in our efforts, it will not be out of decree or through a radical revolution but through incremental steps built on the foundation of hard work. Our interest is not politics—we have zero desire of being a political party—our aim is to rise above politics and be a source of hope and solutions for the people. We believe in the empowerment of Ethiopians; give the people the means and they will feed themselves.

Ethiopians are hard working, honest and an industrious lot, we don’t need aid and charity, we just need leadership that is smart enough to directly invest in the people.

It is for this reason that our core message is about empowerment rooted in Ethiopiawinet. Given the dearth of media sources in Ethiopia advocating this message and given that most political parties are interested in fostering ethnocentrism more than they are in national unity, we have made it our core mission to speak on behalf of economic reforms that better the lives of Ethiopians and creates ownership society. Only by improving the lives of everyday Ethiopians and giving people hope for the future can the sense of lawlessness and zeregnenet (tribalism) that is metastasizing like cancer be lessened.

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This is why our inclusion in Google News is such an important development. We will use our platform to speak on behalf of unity and speak against those who incite ethnic resentment and stoke tribal hatred. Even before our inclusion in Google News, the number of Ethiopians and people who have a passion for Ethiopia who visit our website has grown exponentially over the past couple of months. Instead of piling on top of outrage and trafficking in sensationalism, our objective analysis inspires people to think critically and seek answers instead of ruminating in negativity.

Last month we hosted an event centered on mental wellness in the Ethiopian community, last week we worked with the Alexandria City Mayor to declare September 12th “Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year) Day”. Our objective is simple, don’t complain and swim in the swamp of victimization, rise up from despair and lead by inspiring people with ideas and a vision of success. Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy is not a talking society, we are intent on being a bridge for our communities and country through action.

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Lji Teodrose Fikremariam and his wife Bethlehem Bekele led a delegation of Ethiopian business owners and civic leaders to accept the proclamation from the Mayor Justin Wilson.

Going forward into the new year, as we continue to host events, put forward viable solutions and build platforms that will encourage collaborative efforts, we will also dedicate resources to enhance our media arm by creating Ethiopian Crown Media that will incorporate video streaming, podcasts and invite innovative thinkers to take part in fostering dialogues that is rooted in inclusiveness and values Ethiopiawinet. We understand that restoring the Ethiopian monarchy in a constitutional framework requires us to earn the trust of the people, we are dedicated to doing just that.

If you are interested in being a part of our ongoing endeavor and if you have a passion for media (content creation), email us at info@ethiopians4cm.org with a subject header “Ethiopia Crown Media”. Enamesegenalen.

This video is a dedication to the Ethiopian Crown but more importantly an homage to the Ethiopian people who are the crown jewels of our nation.