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Reverand General Barack Obama !!! (Tedla Asfaw)

obama2-720x399Ethiopia and Ethiopians the symbol of Africa and Black Race are blessed by God on the Holy Bible and HolyQuran. “Reverend” Obama who was “ordained” yesterday in Charleston, South Carolina memorial service for  nine devoted Christians who were murdered by a young White Terrorist on June 19 2015 is known for his oratory skill but not for his sermon until yesterday.

His Africa Democracy and Freedom ‘”Sermon” begun as a president in 2009 at Cairo University .The crowd was euphoric about this Black man a friend of Islam. They were happy to see someone understand the aspirations of Muslims for  Freedom, Democracy and Justice in Egypt and in the wider Arab world.
The people of Egypt are now far worst than they were under Mubarak, a USA financed and supported tyranny for thirty years that ended by the Egyptian Revolution of January 2011. Reverend Obama has changed his sermon from Freedom and Democracy to stability and the war against extremists and aligned himself with General Sisi the current dictator of Egypt. The Egyptian people lost their revolution !!!
Reverend Obama   preached Freedom, Democracy, Accountability and Justice on his famous sermon at Ghanaian Parliament in 2009. He hailed Ghana as a “Model of Democracy” in Africa. Africans were elated to find a preacher ally against African  tyrants.
Reverend Obama is not only talking he Walks the Talk !!! He, his French and British buddies stood with the people of Libya and killed Mohamed Gadaffi in 2011. Since Gadaffi brutal death Libya has no government and it is now a home of ISIS where many lives lost among them the thirty Ethiopian Christians who were beheaded and gunned down on April 19, 2015.
On his late July trip this year to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at African Union ( AU) the main focus is fighting extremists. The ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Shabab. The success story of driving Al Shabab from most of Somalia with AU forces and American Drones will be sold to the African and American audiences.
Ethiopia and Kenya are picked as countries who are on the forefront battling Al Shabab. The Democracy, Freedom and Accountability Sermon of Reverend Obama is now replaced  with General Obama led war fighting extremists in America. Amen !!!!!!
General Obama main mission in Africa is to secure stability for western corporation to exploit Africans. China is ahead of this game. Security for its business is secured by the African tyrants. West and China have same interest in Africa. Exploitation of African resources !!!
The double digit economic growth in Ethiopia for the last decade is due to the alliance of these foreign forces with the regime in power. Reverend Obama has turned General Obama. His travel to Ethiopia and Kenya is  not for interest of the people of Ethiopia/Africa rather part of his legacy as a man who eradicated extremism in Africa and secured huge expansion for foreign business.
Since his failure in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen as a commander in chief he needs Africa as a showcase. The Reverend General Barack Obama is not A Friend of the People of Africa. He is  not for Freedom, Justice and Accountability. He is an ally of African thugs, tyrants and foreign companies to exploit Africa bone dry sending its educated forces and youth Out of Africa !!!!!! Africans should say No loud and clear  to Reverend General Barack Obama !!!!!
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  1. You are ilitrate moron ! You don’t even know how to write leave alone criticize Obama ! Grow up hater !

  2. You are ilitrate moron ! You don’t even know how to write leave alone criticize Obama ! Grow up hater !

  3. A rubbish and nonsense article. Do you expect America have to do your revolution? You and the people of that country have to free them selves from their oppressor. YES OBAM IS EVERTHING FOR AMERICA NOT FOR YOUR COUNTRY SIR.

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