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Resolutions of Ethiopian Communities’ Discussion Forum in Minnesota

The Minnesota Ethiopian Communities Discussion Forum is a group formed by individuals from various ethnic (Oromos, Amaras, Sidamas, Kembatas, etc.), religious (Protestants, Orthodox, Muslims, etc.) and civic communities living in Minnesota. The Forum is not a political organization. It is, rather, a civic organization that advocates for reconciliation, peace, justice and equality for all Ethiopians.

The forum held a public gathering on October 7, 2017, in which Abagedas, priests, pastors, elders and members of the different ethnic, religious and civic communities mentioned above met to discuss the current volatile situation in Ethiopia. The gathering also discussed the state of relations among Ethiopians residing in Minnesota.
Attendees noted that while the gathering was taking place, Ethiopians at home were suffering from manmade starvation, repression of democratic and civil rights, jailing, merciless killings of thousands and displacement of tens of thousands of civilians in the country, all of which was orchestrated by the very government which is supposed to prevent such acts. The brutality of government forces is nowhere more vivid than in the eastern part of the country where the government deliberately instigated ethnic clashes between the Oromo and Ethiopian Somali peoples resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives and the displacement of tens of thousands.

It is with this background that we, the representatives of the various communities in the Twin Cities, agreed to pass the following resolutions. We, the participants of this gathering, resolve:

1. To gather together to express our concerns and restlessness, regarding the atrocities being committed by the EPRDF government against all Ethiopians, particularly the deliberate promotion of conflicts between the Oromo and Somali people and to give our unconditional support for all Ethiopians struggling for democracy and justice.

2. To express our dismay at the EPRDF’s displacement of the people in Gondar and southern Ethiopia as well as its policies that discourage age-old inter-ethnic marriages and friendships.

3. To show solidarity by providing material support and advocating for the release of jailed political leaders, journalists and thousands of activists who did nothing unlawful besides calling for justice and freedom.

4. To stay together and show our solidarity with our people as they endure suffering while seeking peace, justice and equality. We express our condolences for those who lost their lives while seeking justice and democracy and ask that justice be served against the perpetrators of the crimes.

5. To identify and then narrow down our differences through dialogue, and whenever possible, to put aside our irreconcilable differences and focus on issues that are reconcilable and unifying.

6. To condemn the government’s violations of human rights, its encouragement of ethnic clashes and the brutality of the army against the civilians.

7. To call upon all our compatriots across the world to follow in our footsteps and start dialogues on how to get rid of this undemocratic government as well as on how to transition to democracy peacefully and live together in peace and harmony.

8. To call upon our people at home to recognize that the animosity is between the Ethiopian peoples and the oppressive government, but not among the peoples themselves, and to condemn and defuse EPRDF’s repugnant attempt to create hatred and animosity among people of different ethnic groups.

Let’s do all that we can to unite our people so that they might live together in peace, equality, fraternity and prosperity.


  1. This gathering is the greatest idea I have ever seen so long. All Ethiopians must support it. Unity is the means of the survival of all Ethiopians. Specially the Ethiopian intellectuals have responsiblity to support such movement instead of dividing the people who have been living peacefuuly together for centuries. The diaspora intellectuals must liberate their mind from the tplf/woyane brain washing. Unity is the only means of survival.

  2. Knowingly or un knowingly we gave chance to the messenger of demise Wayane to destroy our country by aggrandizing the minor differences that is even normal in the West for lts own power.Most of us though ewre against but were overwhelmed by fast talkers and short sighted group and as the result many lives have been lost,displaced and jailed for demanding the rights of Ethiopians be respected and Ethiopia shouldn’t be cathagorized ethnically.Yes it played for the enemy wayane’s advantage and our people suffered a lot.
    Since I was from the very beginning against how Wayane developed frictions and hate among Ethiopians’I hope such discussion will help us to heal the wounds and frictions Wayane introduced to Ethiopia.If we are together we all have a country and if not non of us will.Let the talk keep on and animosity is backwardness or call it uncivilized.

  3. Great job Minnesotans from the home of THE GREATEST ETHIOPIAN OPPOSITION WEBSITE AND NIGHTMARE OF TYRANNICAL TERRORIST TPLF/EPRDF, ZEHABASHA. All cites and towns throughout the land of he free and home of the brave, USA, should be holding similar meeting and coming up with their own resolutions. BEING BRAVE MEANS SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, FEARLESSLY FIGHTING AGAINST INJUSTICE DIRECTED AT INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS, WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE ONCE LIFE FOR EQUAL JUSTICE, FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF TRUE AND JUST DEMOCRACY, FOR FREEDOM TO EXPRESS ONCE OPINION WITHOUT FEAR OF PROSECUTION FOR ALL ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE ALL. Without unity of not only Ethiopians but also eventually the whole east Africans there is no long lasting solution to our never ending problems such as poverty, lack of quality education, lack of peace, extermination of weaker ethnic groups for economic advantage. lack of economic and social/cultural progress, corruption, lack of rule of law, arbitrary killing, looting and starvation of millions of people, internal displacement of people due to their ethnicity, epidemic homelessness, the exploding numbers of beggars and astronomical numbers of our people, from the very poor to the very rich from the illiterate to the well educated, seeking refugee status over all the globe.

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