Residents of Addis Rally to Condemn TPLF, Shine, and Express Support for Gov’t Call to Defend Nation

Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa today staged a rally in support of the national call made by the government to defend the country from the heinous acts of the terrorist TPLF being orchestrated in collaboration with internal and external allies.

It is to be recalled that the government of Ethiopia has called all Ethiopians to participate in the ongoing fight to save the nation from disintegration conspired by some foreign forces using the terrorist TPLF and its allies.

A huge number of residents of Addis gathered at Meskel Square to denounce the acts of terrorist TPLF and Shen as well as respond to the national call to ensure the survival of the nation.

Demonstrators chanted slogans protesting foreign interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, the inhuman acts being orchestrated by the terrorist TPLF and its allies on innocent Ethiopians.

They have also expressed readiness to pay the utmost sacrifices to protect the sovereignty and unity of Ethiopia by fighting the terrorist groups TPLF and Shine, according to ENA.

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All Ethiopians including contending political parties have been vowing to stand together to protect the nation from the conspiracy being attempted by TPLF, Shine, and their foreign allies.

Similar demonstrations have been staged across the country for the last few days.



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  1. Well, it is the right thing to do everything and anything against any evil-driven political and social force or entity that poses a very deadly threat to any section of the country leave alone the whole the country!
    It is absolutely the right thing to rally behind and legitimate cause and strongly fight back any evil-driven political idea and action of any force or entity!
    I am afraid the rally in Addis does not look the reflection of this very critical way of doing politics! It looks the reflection of the political game of the politics of a very criminal political system of ethnocentrism. This kind of political game will never bring the ongoing dirty and brutal civil war to its end because of the two factions of the same criminal political system which are making the people kill each other for the sake of their own political power struggle. I know that we are victims of distancing ourselves from this very huge and bitter realty for so long and so painfully. But that is the very hard reality we keep facing on the ground without doing the right and effective political and social work!
    It is absolutely the right thing to stand together and courageously let those two factions of the same evil-driven political system (TPLF and so-called Prosperity) know that as they are the very root causes of the unbelievable devastation for a very long period of time and continued to be without any effective and better way out, they must either use the very common sense of humanity and do what is good for the country and for themselves or else must be defeated by hook or crook for the sake of preventing a very sad bloodshed of brothers against brothers or sisters against sisters .
    Yes, if the rally we are talking about should be meaningful and fruitful, facing this very huge and bitter realty is necessary! Does the rally held in Addis Ababa reflect this kind of very tough reality? I am afraid the answer is not positive as it is designed and organized to blame or condemn one faction of the same criminal poetical system (TPLF) but to praise the other faction (so -called Prosperity) which controls the Arat Kilo palace politics and give it a chance to maintain the same deadly and criminal political system in a much more miserable manner. As the two factions are the two sides of a the very evil-driven or deadly monstrous political system, it is a very foolish and self-defeating political mentality to believe that one is better than the other as far as the real sense of bringing about meaningful and long-lasting peace and stability is concerned! That is why the so-called peoples’ rally in Addis is nothing but the political orchestration of Adanech Abebe and her very foolish if not stupid associates and members of so-called opposition political parties such as Girma Seifu ! Alas! what a very dirty and dangerous political game!

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