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Remembering the King of Ethiopian Music

Tilahun Gessese
By Mesfin Bezu

Washington, D.C. – The untimely death of Tilahun Gessesse has set off an unprecedented surge in interest in his musical legacy. The King of Ethiopian Music Artist Dr. Tilahun Gessesse certainly ruled the Ethiopian music until his death and beyond.

It’s been five years since Tilahun Gessesse died on April 19, 2009, from cardiac arrest. His sudden death shocked Ethiopians across the world. Tilahun Gessesse rose to fame as the youngest member of the Hager Fiker Theatre, and continued to dominate the Ethiopian Music.

We will always remember him for the love he gave us. We will do everything to keep his legacy alive. A legend can’t die, and there will never be anyone as amazing as Tilahun Gessesse. Amazing is not even a word to describe him with. He was truly the most fascinating musician, and most talented star Ethiopia will ever see. Everybody loves him, how can you not. He definitely changed Ethiopia through his music.

Saturday, April 19, 2014, marks the 5th anniversary of our beloved, Tilahun Gessesse’s death. Website editors, Radio show hosts, Newspaper publishers and most importantly Tilahun Gessesse’s fans, please join Tilahun Gessesse’s family in remembering the King of Ethiopian Music Artist Dr. Tilahun Gessesse on the fifth anniversary of his death.

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