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Release of Journalist and Human Rights Champion Eskinder Nega

I was shocked to learn that Eskinder Nega, who had decided not to speak up, was arrested and jailed in the Amhara region.

I know Eskinder very well and he deserves support from all of us who believe in justice and the rule of law. Sadly, Ethiopia has reverted to the TPLF days of arresting critics.
I am delighted to report that Eskinder has been released. This is due to the outrage expressed by thousands across the globe.
Attached is the video of Eskinder Nega’s release.

3 thoughts on “Release of Journalist and Human Rights Champion Eskinder Nega”

  1. በክህደት ካቴና
    ወንድሙን ጠፍሮ ትናንት ባመሻሹ
    እጅ መንሻ ላከው ላለቃው ሹምባሹ
    እንደዚህ ነበረ ያኔም በግራዚያኒ
    ባንዳው ባራት ኪሎ አርበኛው በወህኒ

  2. አክሎ ቢራራ said “I know Eskinder very well”

    ድንቄም! ብታውቀውማ አሳዳጆቹን በድሪቶ ጥሑፍህ በካድሬነት ማገልገሉን ትተህ አስቀድሞ ያወቃቸውን ብሩክ በተከትልክ ነበር። ማፈር የምትባል ነገር ቀርታለች መቼም።

  3. Be careful what you wish for: Do you want to hand Ethiopia to the White Supremacist West’s Dogs to later CRY “Black Lives Matter!” in your Non-Colonial Ancestral Land?

    ጃል Eskinder [አማራ ሸ ኔ] is a Media Businessman running his business via proxies [like planes flying on autopilot]. His family lives abroad out of harm’s way while he stirs trouble in Ethiopia.

    ጃል Eskinder returned from the US with ≈$460,000 raised for ‘Balderas.’ Did he deposit it in that account? Ex-Balderas say, “Millions missing from Balderas’ account in his absence!”

    ጃል Eskinder & ጃል Jawar: Both are Ethiopia’s Enemies [Two sides of same coin]! They use their media to spew Amara-Oromo enmity! ጃል Eskinder is the worse of the two evils since he promotes Amara Supremacy draped in the Ethiopian flag & wearing the General Asaminew Fanno Hat – [አማራ ሸ ኔ].

    ከኢትዮጵያ ችግሮች የባሰ ችግር የሆኑት እኮ – የዘራቸውን ተቆርቋሪ ካባ ለብሶ ለመጣ ሁሉ – እንደ ከበሮ የሚደለቁት፣ አንደ ከብት መንጋ እየተንጋጉ የሚነዱት ፣ እና ዘርን ከዘር የማጋደል ድግስ ለሚደግሱት ደግሞ የመድፍ መኖ ለመሆን [cannon fodder] የሚሽቀዳደሙት ደሐዎች ናቸው!

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