Regional power grab attempt causes rare discord in Ethiopia coalition


  1. Ethiopia is a place where each person is able to do good . Unlike other countries Ethiopia is especially unique country only because of the TPLF’s visionary leadership.

    TPLF’s vision is bearing fruit now with too many societal advancements being achieved as we see it. Ethiopia is good just the way it is, no matter what anyone says we are witnessing Meles Zenawi’s vision becoming more and more of a reality each day.

  2. The nature of the current Ethiopian government and the so called constitution is the primary reason fro all the conflicts in various regions of the country.The structures are based on ethnic or tribal boundaries that is hostile always among various ethnic gropus that makes the displacement of people the highest in Ethiopia according to UN recent report.The continuation is fabricated by the Marxist Tegray minority ethnic group former Marxist party that exploited the nation for twenty seven years with the Tegray TPLF party hegemony with massive human right violations including severe tortures resulted in the death of many activists and journalists by removal of nails and hurting the testicles and the breast and the womb of women.The corruption gone to the level of stealing Ethiopian ships that was coordinated by an endowment fund established by TPLF party. The recent deaths in the Amhra region was a continuation of the human crime agnst the Amahra people group began by TPLF and continued by another puppet party of TPLF which called Oromo people democratic party just a mercenary for the TPLF pasrty. General Asamnew was a hero organizing the security of the Amhara region that was targeted by the other anti Ethiopian rebel group OLF and Asamnew defended to the last blood the sovereignty of his Amhara people and the nation Ethiopia in ereal.Thate are a lot oc communities and international and local agencies asking a neutral body to investigate the June plot of hijacking the power of the security head ,Asamnew by the current regime led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed who was director of the most heinous intelligence criminal agency of TPLF that is responsible for the spy and murder of thousands.

  3. Mr Getachew Reda, the mouth piece of Weyane , thinks spinning would get his criminal enterprise TPLF out of the hook of accountability. The TPLF criminals who have committed gruesome human right abuse against Ethiopian , those who plunder Ethiopia to benefit their gangster families , are hunkered down in Mekele for a year and half. The person who conspired and coordinated to kill Abey, the spy muster -the other Getchew , is ruining from the law , and protected by TPLF honchos, and lives in plane sight in Mekele. So the TPLF hustler,Getachew Reda, coming out equivocating , wondering how his “pristine ” organization is going to work with ADP is laughable. Actually ADP is brining a semblance of justice by putting ,his buddy, Bereket in jail.. Also For the First time ADP has stood on its ground and grew spine to tell weyane by its true name, conspiratorial , unpatriotic , an enemy within.

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