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Regime forces continue to harass, detain in Konso

At least 170 people have been detained at the premise of a technical school in Konso, south Ethiopia while 80 others have left their villages to escape persecution by Ethiopian regime forces who have been crushing protests by the people who demanded for the Konso to be upgraded to a zonal administration status.

Some of the people who are now in hiding told ESAT that the federal and regional forces have been deployed in four directions of the town and harassment, torture and killings have continued in Konso. The sources said those who campaign for zonal administration status have been imprisoned.

The people of Konso have been protesting for several weeks now and the tyrannical government has ignored their demand for a zonal self-administration and responded with brute force.

Regime’s forces shot and killed two people last week. Konso’s traditional king, Kala Gezahegn, still remain in detention.
ESAT News (March 22, 2016)

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