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Reaching out to the People of Tigray !

The People of Tigray these days is being a scapegoat for the evils done by few in the ruling party. Many says that the People of Tigray has benefited from this regime. It is right there are few buildings built in mekelle. It is right some people from that region are in key positions in Ethiopia. However, we need to look at the other side. The people of Tigray is being ruled harshly and with an iron fist by the regime. Millions are still in terrible poverty. Only a group of families have benefited.

It is a mistake to associate the whole people with the very few.

The people of Tigray need to be engaged and reached out. We need to bring them to us away from the TPLF. The TPLF rulers are playing with the mind of many innocent Tigryans by spreading false and deceptive information about Kinijit. They have been frightening the people by presenting Kinijit as a monster that is coming to devour them.

Ladies and gentlemen, these lies has to be dealt with. We need to go to the People of Tigray, streach our brotherly hands to them and show them with love and respect that we care for them. We should start a heavy public relation campaign to undo the work of the TPLF cadres. They need KINIJIT. KINIJIT is their only hope. KINIJIT is love. KINIJIT is Ethiopiawinet.

Below is a message to the people of Tigray from Dr Getachew Abera.

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