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Rally against Obama’s scheduled visit to the despotic Ethiopian regime

Rally to demand President Obama cancel the planed visit to Ethiopia.
President Obama, your plan to shake hands and wine / dine with the Ethiopian dictators / TPLF rules confirms that you only support democracy in words, not in your actions. Many local and international institutions including your own government’s state department report confirm that Ethiopia is one of the worst countries when it comes to human rights. The TPLF regime is one of the highest jailer of journalists, the most fake election with 100% claims, corrupt and crony oligarchy system which deprives its citizens of economic opportunities, forces its people to migration and expose them for human trafficking, humanitarian disaster, and slavery, jails and murders opposition members and commits many more atrocities. To bless such a totalitarian regime with official state visit would be showing no regard to the values and principles you and the USA stand for, freedom and liberty of humanity.
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Honor your own words and cancel your trip to Ethiopia. “Africa does not need strong dictators rather strong democratic institutions”
Date: Firday July 3rd
Time: 9 AM
Place: White House



  1. Aha my dear Ethiopians, what about your stolen election? does it not merit a massive demonstration?
    You lot just talk to much but do little!!!!!
    wake up guys stop loving your self to the max..

  2. we are your brothers and sisters if you couldnt help us why are you trying to stand in our in our enjera may be you are in good condition or atlest you eat better than my people so why who ever come why dont you stand and help the people anyway use your mind belive or not we donnot need your help anymore even your presidant OBAMA these day the most important THING TO AVOID YOU AND POVERTY .we are not like you we still loves we wish you to stay where you are

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