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Protests Erupt Across Gonder [Updated]

The latest photograph above shows a huge smoke in the city center area of Gonder city.
The latest photograph above shows a huge smoke in the city center area of Gonder city.

by De Birhan

Residents of Gonder town, 732km from the capital Addis Abeba, are now protesting against the Ethiopian government. The protest, which has been violent in some places has so far claimed the lives of seven people and police officers, accoridng to some trusted Ethiopian social media netizens.
Roads have been blocked, vehicles belonging to police and business magnets of the ruling Front have been gutted by fire.

The protest started after government intelligence officers attempted to detain a member of the Welkait Amhara Identity Committee member earlier today, Diaspora based Ethiopia media, ESAT reported.
The Committee is composed of people, who advance the voice of Welkait people, who claim that they are members of the Amhara ethnic group, when the government and the Tigre Region Administration says they belong to Tigre region.

Ethiopia Admits Death Of Its 3 Key Officers In Gonder

In a statement read on State Television, the Ethiopian government has today announced that three key officers of the The Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal Police Counter-Terrorism Joint Taskforce, have been killed and five more wounded in North Gonder, Ethiopia last week when they attempted to arrest the suspected members of, what it called, “a terrorist and anti-peace organisation that is backed by the Eritrean government and a third country.”

The so called killers have not yet been apprehended except some suspects, the statement added.
The statement did not mention the name of the organisation it claimed was behind executing its members. The Force added that the suspected individuals have been receiving financial and weapon assistance from “terrorist and anti-peace forces based in Eritrea and a third country.”

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