Protesting Against NYT Pro TPLF Biased Journalism !!!!!!

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For all who believe in “independent” journalism for sorting out the facts from fiction, the election of Trump in 2016 has ended that kind of journalism and the era of “fake news” and biased journalIsm has begun.
For the 4 year of Trump’s presidency the NYT wrote stories based on leaked information from its planted sources.The attack on Trump was daily for four years.
NYT has been doing the same thing for the last three years after TPLF leadership lost power in Addis Ababa and camped in Mekelle, Tigray reporting based on TPLF unsubstantiated allegations and fabricated stories.
Their doomsday reports for the last 3 years were the end of Ethiopia as a country. Extremists like Jawar Mohammed were portrayed as a leader of Oromo ignoring the hundreds victims and huge property damage caused by his followers.
The last four months of NYT reporting on the war in Tigray is based on known TPLF mouthpieces like Martin Plaut, Van De Waal, William Davison, Kjetil Tronvoll etc.
The Nov 2020 massacre of more than 1000 Amharas was reported by NYT from witnesses in Sudan refugee camp most of them suspected of the Maikadra crime themselves.
The Ethio Eritrean protesters at NYT HQ this afternoon is the first of its kind accusing NYT as pro TPLF what Trump called it as Fake News and Fox accused it as “New York Trash”.
For the protesters NYT is New York TPLF
based  on the last four months of misleading anti Ethiopia reports.
NYT ignored all the letters sent to counter the stories it printed on the situation in Tigray. Only pro TPLF and pro OLF stories of Tsedale Lemma were printed and the rest including the Ethiopian Ambassador letter was thrown into trash.
Therefore NYT first protest today is a timely protest which should continue on CNN, Al Jazeera etc.
We should not let this self made  “people of truth”  for what they have been four years of “fake news” in the USA and now as the mouthpiece of TPLF and the enemy of Ethiopia and Eritrea !
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  1. JOHAR is not Extremists hence portrayed him as a leader of Oromo absolutely correct and fact. Its shameful the hate you demonistrated toward Tigrai and Oromo. Hence your stupidity costs the country that on the paths of disintegration.

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