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Protest in Washington DC: US STOP SUPPORTING TPLF

Protest in Washington DC: US STOP SUPPORTING TPLF

3 thoughts on “Protest in Washington DC: US STOP SUPPORTING TPLF”

  1. You abiy ahmed Paid agents,
    WHAT “DEMOCRACY” ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The ethnofascist ideology brought about by TPLF and adopted by abiy ahmed and his fascist oromo comrades should be abolished for Ethiopia to have peace with itself.
    Denouncing the TPLF warmongers and the massacre of poor amharas and afaris is one thing, but defending oromouma is different. therefore ethiopians with common sense should not participate in this demonstration.
    Unless both TPLF, OLF and other ethnofascists are demolished and we are governed by a new democratic constitution acceptable by all ethiopians, this cycle of war will continue.

  2. I think the better or best way to send a message would be to approach high level officials and those with those the ability to influence policies and have a civilized discussion. Individuals who are always composed and eloquent should be carefully selected for the task. They should not be selected on the basis that they have been posting numerous articles on this or other websites. I had seen some of them giving interviews or participating in round table discussions. They are in totally different scale in their oratory skills from their writing capabilities. I find them to be incoherent and having difficulties in finding the right words in their utterances. This defect also exists among those who I have designated as bigots. I remember one of them who had the audacity to travel all the way to the congress just to end up mumbling and jumbling. I felt sorry for the listening members of the Congress. They might be wondering if that person was speaking in the English language or some kind of a new Creole dialect. So was I! Remember English is not phonetic.

    The other widely held opinion that has to be dealt head on is this misconception about the Oromos, Amharas and Tigres. I strongly believe that some officials and those in influencing capabilities might have bought this notion that Tigres are all Semitic group of people and the other two have a deep seated hatred for all Tigres just for that reason. They use racist remarks by bigoted individuals among Oromos and Amharas to enforce that misconception. As long as this misconception persists and not effectively dealt with we gonna keep dealing with one-sided policies and unfair news/articles on major media outlets. Queen of Sheba eloping with King Solomon still rings a loud ring bell that sends some into quivering trance even though there is no hard evidence that Debre and his cabals have been confirmed for having the same DNA attributes with those during Queen of Sheba’s time. If there is one in the DNA database I never heard anyone talking about it. And don’t even think about telling that Yemeni scholar/historian that Queen of Sheba was based in Axum. Please don’t. Otherwise you gonna start doubting everything about yourself! Everybody has a role in dismantling this misconception. Bigots should never be provided platforms on this or other websites. Well read and composed historians among us and there in the old country have critical roles in this. Nuff said for now.

  3. The reported victories and advances of the Ethiopian forces are creating and causing panic and nervousness in the rank and file of the TPLF. I notice distressed faces of the TPLF members and supporters where i Live.

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