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Prosecutors to Charge Ermias Amelga for Deceit, Fraud

ermias_amlega-1Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge Ermias T. Amlega, a troubled businessman behind Access Real Estate, with breach of trust and aggravated fraud, citing provisions 675 and 696 of Ethiopia’s Criminal Code.
If found guilty, he may face the risk of serving a jail sentence of up to 15 years, and paying a fine of 50,000 Br.
Ermias is appearing before judges at the Federal First Instance Court in Addis Abeba today, January 22, 2016. Federal investigators are to lodge letter of submission, appealing for an extension to keep the suspect under custody for further investigation. He was arrested early last week, after shareholders and homebuyers decried their losses.
Source:: addisfortune


  1. Where is the money Mr ermias Amelga collected from his clients? Who took the money and hide it? Is this a drama of tplf criminal cone artists playing games to collaborate with thier cousins on the expense of the public. The truth will be published soon. Where is the money? It tplf arresting ermias to save the corrupt tplf business agents?

    • Ermias wiped out the life savings of over 2000 unsuspecting innocent individuals. He can hide the money in Europe, America , Dubai banks or under his mother’s mattress. The fact of the matter is Ermias is a fraudulent, greedy, unethical, liar, business man who would like to amass wealth at the expense of other people. Just because you have issues against the current government does not make Ermias an innocent person. He is the worst white collar criminal Ethipia has ever seen. He deserves more severe punishment than the prosecuters are proposing.

  2. Ermias is innocent,he went back home to work hard and help his motherland Ethiopia otherwise he could have been living like a king here in the United States . He is a victim of corruption . The truth will come out and set him free.

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