Prof.Getachew Haile's Speech at Vigil for Ethiopian Victims in New York

NY3Martyrdom is not new for Ethiopian Christians. We have endured the lion’s share of suffering throughout history. But what happened in Libya this month is even more painful because we did not read it as an event of a distant past. It is so painful because it happened in the twenty-first century, today, when we thought the age of enlightenment had tamed the beast in us. Human beasts are still among us, enjoying their sports of beheading innocent people. Their trophies are heads of Christians. They show their trophies with pride to the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, and fellow citizens of their victims. If what these terrorists did is in the name of God, as they claim, then the Devil has beguiled them in Allah’s clothing. God wants us to die for his children, as his Son did, not to kill them.-–Read More ——

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