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Prof. Getachew Begashaw addressing the ENU Convention in Seattle

SEATTLE – Prof. Getachew Begashaw shares his optimism with the audience of Seattle that the coming together of various political, civic and religious organizations of Ethiopia augurs well for a united, democratic post-TPLF Ethiopia. He made the remark on May 28, 2017 at the Ethiopian National Unity Convention here in this Northwest American city.

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  1. This is fresh news from the field.

    Our indomitable freedom fighters of the Oromo Liberation Army had just captured all the vicinity of Ambo and the entire area leading to the Nile gorge. The OLA and our gallant liberation partners the Gojjamia Liberation Force had made an emotional rendezvous at the banks of the Blue Nile River just outside the town called Dejen. Now the GLF has liberated the entire Gojjamia except the city of Bahr Daar. The other fantastic news that just reached our desk is the defection of our Oromo men and women from the Raya grand clan who were serving in the armed forces of the neftegna Tigray regime. It is said that they had brought huge quantities of weapons including the latest tanks, ammos and communication equipment. The other great news we just received is about numerous victories by our gallant brothers of Ogadenia. It has been confirmed that their heroic fighters are poised at the gates of Jigjiga and Dire Dawa awaiting orders from their high command to deal the final blow to the neftegna Tigray army. I told you more than a million times before that my Oromia will be an independent republic this coming August and you can mark my word for it that it Shall happen.

    One of the most gruesome news that reached our desk is about one of the TPLF soldiers who were captured in one of the recent engagement. Our OLA fighter had found him eating a slice of dry bread spread with something resembling a red marmalade but that smells very bad. After a lengthy questioning and extensive investigation it was revealed that the spread he was using was a blend of human blood and peanut paste. The human blood was from those who were martyred in the battles both in Oromia and Gojjamia. It was decided that this demon will be arraigned at an open court after the total liberation of Oromia this coming August. In the meantime I have asked the OLA to file this case at The Hague as crime against humanity.

    My Oromia is Coming!!! My Beautiful Oromia Shall Be a Freshly Minted Independent Republic After Just Two Months!!! You can take that straight to the bank

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