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Prof Dr Costantinos Berhe talks about his dubious degrees

Dr. Constantinos Berhe, a professor of public policy at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) and a key operative of the ruling TPLF-led regime, obtained two fake degrees from a bogus university. After claiming for many years to have earned an MA degree from Oxford University and a PhD from University of California (?), the “professor” finally admitted to AV that he got a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a PhD from American Century “University” (ACU).
Prof Dr Costantinos

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  1. You have to give credit to Prof Dr.Constantinos Berhe(?) for his cool and calm response to your interview. I also admire his admission of a probable mistake in his Linked in profile and the will to share further information on his achievements and experience. If we are cool like Dr. Berhe in answering accusatory questions, I believe we can achieve a lot together.

    • Dear Tesfa,
      I appreciate your positive thinking and sympathy but do you think that a secretary manages or fills in the profile of her boss? Do you think that he hasn’t seen his profile so far? Well, he may be polite but that doesn’t make excuse of the mistake. He has to take the responsibility in stead of committing another mistake (make the secretary responsible). He has to admit his mistake or cheating_period.

  2. bravooooo. detective abebe, you just lowering your self who cares either this man is educated or not any way 99% of generals are illiterate 50% higher officials are under educated.serafet

  3. My appreciation to Abebe Gelaw for his well founded
    investigative report on the so called professor cotse.This character
    was known to be a pathological lair and kleptomania, in our university days.
    He tried to tell Abebe that he was an official (SIRA ASKIAG) ,in wongi and metehara sugar corporation. As a matter of fact he was not even in the middle management. All I now is that he was a pay role clerk. In his capacity coste was assigned to pay wages to the laborers. He was using his motor bike to distribute the money from plant to plant. However,coste, instead reported that he was robed by the laborers. Following his report, investigation was carried out by the police and as a result found costentinosberhe.as the culprit and led him to prison for some time. Following his release coste joined the forestry department of the ministry of agriculture.
    After that he managed to maneuver the minster and got the manger ship of Etanena Mucha corporation, a gold mine for corrupt managers.Unfortunately this post did not accommodate him, for the simple reason that he was caught red handed stealing money from the corporation. The funny part was that he was arrested on the fifth day of his appointment as the manager of the company,which led him to prison for over five years.Last but not least COSTENTINOS BERHE must be ashamed of himself for trying to associate himself with the political groups of those days. The last remark is that coste being a tigrai is exploiting his ethnicity and let us not forget that he is the brother of the first wife of Seyom mesfn.What made me amazed is that samuel zemicael and coste were born in adigrat could these two cheats be blood related or it is a coincidence? Finally I would advise
    the investigators to verify the chronology of events since it is absurd to believe that he could be in two or three place in the years he stated.
    Wodi Bashai
    Sent while mobile. Please excuse typos and brevity.

    • Thank you Wodi Basha for verifying facts. I am very much surprised and wonder whom shall we trust? Specially those ‘educated authorities’ related to the current regime?

    • Dear all! I was devastated by the news that the above mentioned person was a fraud! I personally related to the event in that, recently , an acquaintance & myself applied for the same vacancy & the acquaintance was chosen for the position. All was calm until I learned that some of the components of the resume of my competition were fabricated ( probably by a local printing agency that charges money). Luckily, I have been brought up by my loving parents in way that, above all I should guard my integrity so I was not at all affected by the outcome of the job application ( which by the way took me days to compose, costed me money to mail .. Etc ..).As one can imagine the magnitude problems that arise from any form of ethical violation is enormous. What left me awestruck was one issue, the more I discussed the topic regarding factious professional achievements -( which is how I came to learn about the situation of the ‘professor’ under discussion)- I learned the bitter truth that it has become a norm, a ”harmless way’ to earn oneself a promotion, a fancy job, ergo a better life. Have we lost our minds?? The hub of professionalism is integrity & honesty. It is a painful fact that one has to realize that majority of the ‘modern-day’ society has become well accustomed to categorizing lies into different piles .. (White lie & the like ). It should be noted that no matter how insignificant it may seem a lie is a lie.
      Unfortunately jus like any other bad habit a lie needs another lie to assure it’s existence, a vicious cycle is created that demolishes the truth ( only for the time being though). The reason why I chose to reply to Wedi Basha is that, it appears u are familiar with the person of current interest from a long time ago. I would like to appreciate the detailed exposure of the mans pathology.. I jus have one question; could u have kept this to ur self had the truth remained hidden .. & provided the person took it to his grave .. Or could u have spoken it in the form of a sugar coated eulogy ( that would probably go like.. ‘ he was a good man, a man determined to get his hands on whatever he desired .. Blah.. Blah ‘ – including the long awaited salary that reimbursed the sweat & blood of those poor daily laborers..). There’s an old Ethiopian saying .. The thief who stole the oxen & got caught blamed his mother for not punishing him during the time which he stole eggs from her kitchen. I grossly assume that you should have been one of those people who could have done him a favor by exposing his wrongdoing in a timely manner.. Like I said I compare lying to cancer .. Early screening & treatment does the both the victim & others involved a favor .. Rather than late advanced stage diagnosis that only leaves the victim hopeless & a desolated soul. So to finalize, we as humans are born to forgive, as long as one comes forward with their wrong doings .. I defame the ‘professor’ for blaming it on the poor secretory , forgiveness shall only be granted once he admits to his bare faced lie. And let’s make a habit of early confrontation whenever we catch those who lie. I will confess that I am a hypocrite in that I haven’t yet confronted the person I mentioned early on in my comment but since I am an intellectual I am trying to device a proper plan that doesn’t end up being an impudent feedback.

  4. Abbay Dam is being built by fake engineers turned qualified politicians.
    We are going to have worst soil erosion in history of the world when this dam breaks.
    Sudan and Egypt will take our fertile soil washed away in the water leaving us dry stone land like Tigray all over Abay area districts.

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