Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is safe : PM Office

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Office of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Sunday dismissed rumors circulating on social media that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is in critical condition after he was wounded by gun bullets.

“Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is on duty, safe and healthy,” the office said in a statement. Since early last week, however, the premier is not seen and many people have been expressing real concern over his disappearance on TV.

There is a mixed reaction to the rumor on social media and majority users wished the rumor be false.

“We would like to request the public to remain vigilant about fake news circulating about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s well being on social media,” the office added.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was active on social media; he regularly shares and updates to his fans but not these days.

Abiy Ahmed is serving as the 4th Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia since 2 April 2018.



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  1. He was ashamed of himself for telling the Sudanese military to secure the border between Ethiopia and Sudan he couldn’t bring himself to forgive himself, he was in so much remorse to continue doing what he do. He felt so bad about telling the Sudanese Government that the Ethiopian border protection defence forces are going to Mekele to fight the junta by abandoning the border giving the Sudanese government the responsibility to secure the border.


    1. Sudanese military needed to prove to Ethiopia that they don’t receive orders from Ethiopia about securing borders.

    2. Sudanese miltary felt like they could secure the Sudanese border where they felt to secure it after they were told it was up to the Sudanese military to secure the border by PM Abiy of Ethiopia.

  2. Hi Tulu,
    Are you an Ethiopian or Just a Tultula who barks blindly for the sake of Tultula politics?
    Sad that people like you live in this time and century with such unimaginable ignorance

  3. Hi Ethiohero,

    I am not sad you live in this century but will not be sad if you and your husband along with your stinking attitudes get exteminated from the face of this earth , it will be one less hypocrite couple who both are currently mad at this world while also are currently mad at everyone. I know I am not the only person who get you this ticked off. You are ticked off at all Ethiopians for not worshiping you and your good for nothing “nobel laurette” , the Egypt’s errand boy currently scrambling to fetch water for Egypt from Congo.

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