Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: All Talk No Substance!! “An Existential Danger to Real Change in Ethiopia"

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By Belay Zeleke April 15th 2018
This is an urgent call to all who have been calling for and want real transformational change to happen in Ethiopia. I urge you all to go back to the unity you have had for the past several years and not split between saying give Abiy a chance or not. There is nothing to give a chance to, as he has done absolutely nothing except speeches. He will do nothing because he doesn’t have any power. How dare he lecture Dr. Merrara and Bekele Gerba when he should have engaged them in meaningful dialogue. How dare he say that the issue of Welqait is about development and clean water. How dare he co-opt the querro movement. This is a head fake by the TPLF machinery to stop the movement for change dead in it’s tracks. The strategy that all power structures have used when they are in danger of loosing, is to co-opt the movement by putting to the forefront someone who is merely a figurehead, while in the back the real power brokers are doing their work and guaranteeing that the status quo remains relevant.
Enough is enough; we don’t need to hear our history and the bravery of Ethiopians from the EPRDF cadre PM Abiy Ahmed. It should not make us cheer in the streets incessantly because he said what our leaders should have said for the past 27 years. What the roving PM is doing is some kind of tour of a country and a people he should already know. Who else is he going to meet with over the next months, mothers, fathers, students, nurses, doctors, pharamcists…. Who else. It is clear what Ethiopians want and need. The downfall of TPLF, the removal of the SOE, a transitional structure to include all political parties and the repeal of all laws that hinder basic freedoms of speech and media. What we are seeing on the other hand is an empty public relations campaign by an empty prime minister who is a tool of the TPLF deep state. Abiy Ahmed has DONE NOTHING!!!!!
The reality however his every move is coordinated by the TPLF secret service. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep his handlers are by his side. His handlers are all TPLF loyalists, agents, and bodyguards. His speeches are may be written by him but they are empty words. His phone calls are probably monitored by INSA and the various security services all run by the TPLF. So does one really think that he is going to bring about any sort of meaningful change? His coming to power is solely to paralyze the people’s movement, to paralyze the querro, fano, zerma and other groups that the deep state was not able to control.
Like any deep state if he starts to get out of control they will do what is needed to make sure the status quo continues. This is quite clear when you look at politics in the US in the early 1960s. When it was deemed that there was a threat to the deep state measures were taken to ensure that dissent was quelled even when that dissent was at the highest level of the Executive branch.
Back to Ethiopia: what are we to do when you have a charismatic leader who says all the right things and may be well intentioned but us merely a tool (perhaps unwittingly) of the unseen state. Does this remind you of another charismatic leader of America who was elected in 2008 and in my opinion did little to nothing for the average American, which allowed a demagogue to hold that post now. Need I remind you of the eloquent speeches, which made all of us swoon but had little substance in the end. Need I remind you of who was bailed out and who wasn’t. Need I remind you of the job killing policies like APAC which would have caused many middle class Americans to loose their jobs that this charismatic leaders supported. Need I remind you that the illegal drone wars increased dramatically under the leadership of this “hope and change” bringer. Need I remind you of the health care system that was put in place, but which in reality was a system promoted by conservative think tanks like the heritage foundation.
Back to our Ethiopia: It was obvious during PM Debre Abiy’s umpteenth speech in Mekelle where he stood. His true cadre persona came out as he drooled over his masters. I say enough is enough the struggle and resistance by all means must continue.
There is a concept called “manufactured consent”, which the renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky has been writing about for the past 20 years. This concept talks about how powerful structures will use mass media to lull people into complacency thereby allowing these same powerful institutions to carry out propaganda to control the masses. The TPLF machinery is carrying out this type of strategy to ensure it’s survival, because it was plain that a majority of Ethiopians had clearly rejected the TPLF ideology and fake ethnic federalism. The only way to ensure survival of the TPLF control of the economy, military and all other aspects of life in Ethiopia is to appear to change it’s color and continue to work in the shadows like it always has.
So to all activists, politicians and all Ethiopians who want real change let’s unite behind what has united us over these many years: DOWN DOWN WOYANE!!!! DOWN DOWN WOYANE!!!! PM Debre Abiy is WOYANE until a democratically elected person comes to power. He was not elected by the people, and I argue that he is merely a convenient tool to paralyze the movement to bring down WOYANE. Before the TPLF beats us with this public relations campaign we should all unite and say to the outside world :Until real change starts happening we will not give a non-elected leader of the TPLF/EPRDF any chance at all.
The struggle continues.
Belay Zeleke

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  1. Belay Zeleke, what a disgusting trash is your comment. PM Dr Abiy has just started his term of office less than a fortnight ago. Here you are writing such scurrilous comment insulting a man who has just saved Ethiopia from disastrous civil war through the sheer force of his intelligence and humane and hope filled vision of a united Ethiopia. His eloquent presentations of a vision of a peaceful and harmonious Ethiopia, his genuine respect of the people of Ethiopia, his personal charm and devotion to his Family et cetera has won him millions of admirers and supporters. He has presented very many new ideas and uplifting and unifying goals.
    Moreover, his great command of Ethiopia’s major languages is unique and endearing to many. Here is a great leader in the making. And you by contrast hiding behind a fake name, a subversive coward, throw mud at this gifted man. Shouting left-over leftist slogans from bygone era and claiming the mantel of progressives from safe distance in the Diaspora will not advance democracy or development in Ethiopia an inch. People in Ethiopia are faced with real problems, daily grinding life threatening situation, and if you want to help pack your things and move to Ethiopia right away. At the very least, allow People like Dr Abiy work to help our People/Ethiopians solve some of the problems facing them in Ethiopia. Belay Zeleke,Shame on You, for writing such trash. Tecola

    • Ayrt Tecola W. Hagos Soft heart or simple person in the mind is easy to appease, how? just throw sugar at his/her mouth and the rest is history!!
      Hope you are not the one called facilitators in Addis? Hagosians and co.

  2. I am sorry to say that you garbage analysis of Dr Abiy, the Prime Minister, is a foolish and self defeating narration.Let alone a prime minister a kebele chairman requires time and space to start work and make sure people who are supposed to work with him/her are on board. Abiy is not a dictator nor an authoritarian who over night orders his subordinates to jail some and even kill other, like what Mengistu did to Hailesselase’s cabinet members. i wonder how some Ethiopians never get educated always try to diminish others work when they themselves are unable to produce a tangible result. some are failed individuals and could not even manage family let alone a country.
    you hide yourself under the name of a well known and respected patriot Belay Zeleke. Belay was a man of action and had demonstrated his words with action. you are someone who is suffering with verbal diarrhea and mental constipation.

  3. Well, Aboye Sebehat said it all in his resent sarcastic notation…”…we have never known Ethiopia..”. So why did Sibhat took power? it was just by mistake or merely by getting a chance and support from US and UK, then took it to at last learn that he can’t run the country that he didn’t know. Now the unknowing EPRDF has chosen Colonel Dr. Abey to seat for a chance to find out how to run the country harmoniously in the EPRDF atmosphere and context only. As a party member of EPRDF Abey has to think and work according to his party’s rules and disciplines, but if someone says he is doing a good job or give him time, they should show why he should be given time and provide reasons that Abye can be out of his party’s policy and discipline. Instead of giving a wishful argument and unrealistic opportunist commentary to Belay Zeleke’s opinion a purposeful person should come out with guts to tell him that Abye is over the party and TPLF. There is no way to any progressive individual to believe that Abey can supersede his party rules and regulations and create his own lead over the outrageous EPRDF/TPLF super-chair of Debretsion or mega-chair of Sebehat. Believe it or not Abeye cannot change EPRDF/TPLF and unless they cannot be changed there is no change at all, Abey’s sugar-coated speech has already fallen apart, Agazis killed many after his inauguration and the emergency proclamation still not removed. The struggle continues and marches forward with vigor violence and more to come.

  4. Belay Zeleke wrote an opinion, a well articulated opinion, of course, anyone could agree or disagree with this opinion but the way some of those writing here going about it makes you a bit sick. Have you heard the expression you can disagree without being disagreeable! It is much better to think why he is not right and write about it and to do it respectfully . . .

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