An Open Letter to US Special Envoy Jeffrey Feltman

NOVEMBER 8, 2021 BY FREE PLANET PUBLISHING  MONEY, BLOOD, AND CONSCIENCE Your Excellency: I am a US citizen who has advised Ethiopia’s anti-TPLF opposition on an unpaid basis since 1991 and am probably the…


An Open Letter to H.E. Antonio Guterres

October 14, 2021 H.E. Antonio Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations RE:The Discriminatory and Unfair Treatment of Black Female Whistleblowers Dear Secretary-General Guterres, We the undersigned civic society and professional associations are…


Cold War Redux: The West Loses Africa’s Horn 

Extracts from Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis 3 August 6, 2021 GIS Confidential © 2021 Global Information System, ISSA Founded in 1972. Formerly Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily Volume XXXIX, No.…

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