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Press Release on the outcome of IOLA organized Oromo Conference for National Consensus

International Oromo Lawyers Association – IOLA – organized in London, UK, a two day “Oromo Conference for National Consensus” from 22 – 23 October 2016 in which all Oromo political organizations, members of major Civic Society, the Media and Human Rights activists took part.

oromoThe objective of the Conference was to contribute to the ongoing efforts of different organizations and groups to bring the Oromo political organizations much closer than ever before to subsequently ensure that the much desired unified leadership is delivered to the ongoing Oromo uprising in Ethiopia. The unified body of Oromo political organizations, once formed, is also expected to further engage representatives of other Ethiopian people, nations and nationalities to work together not only to remove the TPLF regime from power but also to jointly design the future of post-TPLF Ethiopia.
An un-expected number of Oromos from different cities of Europe and America attended the Conference and took active part in the sometimes heated debates and discussions following presentations by the participating political organizations and invited individual experts. 

Following the unanimous demand from the public, which coincided with the ongoing undertakings by some of the participating political organizations to forge coalition to achieve the above objectives, the seven Oromo political organizations (which took part in the Conference) agreed to a Conclusion containing sets of commitments and ways forward.

Given the high demand for further discussion on the ongoing Oromo resistance and to map out their vision for the future of Oromia, IOLA is entrusted to continue with its efforts to organize similar forums in the near future whereby Oromo political organizations, scholars and activists shall take part.

October 25, 2016
London, UK
Executive Board of International Oromo Lawyers Association – IOLA


  1. Thank you IOLA for for bringing together organizations whose blind vision is to plot the disintegration of Ethiopia and usher the oromiya republic. There is nothing new in terms of the madness of it all. It is also true that the so called intellectuals have always been the enemies of unity and nationhood.

    I can’t wait to hear what is going to come of out of your “further discussions that your organization is entrusted to continue”?

    Allow me to suggest that Ethiopians in Ethiopia want to build a strong, just and democratic Ethiopia. iola is not listening to these clear and unambiguous voices of unity and fraternity in Gondar, Bahr Dar, Debre Tabor, Debre Markos, Ambo, Dire Dawa, Jimma etc etc. The cappuccino crowd in London and wherever you are plotting this heinous act can go to hell.

  2. These lawyers are not funny. They are trying to cover up their scandal. They are violating the basic principles of law which is the search and dispensation of justice, fairness and inclusiveness FOR ALL who live in a given land. By excluding non Oromos from their discussion the group is advocating the rights of specific population groups when the repression and the resistance are across cultures. What the lawyers of apartheid did was exactly that. What the lawyers of KK did is exactly that. They advocated for the rights of certain races, colors or linguistic groups. They are not talking about everyone who is living in Oromia when they know that at least 25% of the people who live in Oromia are non-Oromos. They gave legal backing to exclusionists. It is a misguided dispensation of justice! The freedom charter they are talking about has nothing to do whatsoever with the freedom charter of South Africa.

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