President of the Somali Region refuses Addis’ call

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September 17, 2014

Abdi Mohammed, the President of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia

Abdi Mohammed, the President of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, who was given an “urgent call” by the Federal government in Addis Abeba to come and explain why he fired seven of his executive members of the regional Party, has failed to travel to Addis.
Although some Generals of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, who are believed to be close friends of Abdi, attempted to convince him to travel to Addis Abeba, he refused to do so. He was even heard asking “Are there 30 governments in Ethiopia?”
Meanwhile, the seven members of the Executive that had fired Abdi in a Dire Dawa meeting are currently in Addis Abeba after they were called by the Federal government.
The Federal government has reportedly told Abdi that he cannot fire the executive members. At the moment, when the internal wrangle among the officials of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia is rising, Abdi is releasing people that he had detained previously due to different reasons.
Seventeen elders, who have been among the 19 elders that were detained in relation to the killing of 50 people by the Leyu militia during the Yerer Bari protests this year, have been released at 9 pm on August 24, 2014 by the special orders of Abdi.
The elders have expressed their gratitude to ESAT for following their cases. Reports coming out of the Regional State note that the human rights violations in the region have been on the rise.
ESAT had released a special reportage yesterday which showed an exclusive video evidence of the Oganden massacre


  1. somali ethiopian regional authority are out of the justice and not national but tribalism , can one tribe claim all the teritory of somali in ethiopia and using the power of the government to punish the inocent citizen to revenge for their pubose. i am informing the central government of ethiopia to make this state in order and make backup court for justice in this region, otherwise this bloodyfucckin disease would spread to whole of ethiopia.this region is where there is no law function and constitution. they jus emprison the inocent citizen to take bribe.

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